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Anderson Cooper and Dave Mizejewski

Anderson Cooper: Log onto to find out when “Anderson Live” airs in your area.

Dave Mizejewski: For more information about the National Wildlife Federation, visit

Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby: “Dredd 3D” is in theaters Friday, September 21st. Visit for more information.

After Show: Wendy’s Beauty Routine

The pink elephant in the room!

Wendy wore a new designer on today’s show and you’ll be shocked when you find out how much her Donna Morgan dress cost.

Plus, Wendy shows us some of her favorite beauty products that keep her skin looking so good.

Then, Wendy is attending a party for Joy Behar in the Hamptons this weekend and heads to her wardrobe closet to find something to wear!

Wyclef Jean Opens Up about His Affair with Lauryn Hill

It Only Happens Here.

Singer Wyclef Jean wrote a revealing new memoir and no topic was off limits.

Wyclef tells Wendy about his affair with his fellow Fugees band member Lauryn Hill. Did Wyclef tell Lauryn Hill about his book before it came out?

How was Wyclef able to save his marriage after his affair with Lauryn?

Is Wyclef working on new music?

Find out what he only told Wendy!

The Inside Scoop with Perez Hilton

Hot Topics!

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton made his first in-studio appearance on today’s show and dished on the latest Hot Topics.

Find out the latest on Amanda Bynes’ recent behavior and what the former teen star told Perez.

Then, Perez has new details about the lavish party Kanye West is throwing for Kim Kardashian.

Plus, Perez tells us about his new role in the off-Broadway musical, “Newsical the Musical.”
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Free Stuff: Nelly Furtado’s New CD

Wyclef Jean, Nelly Furtado and
Perez Hilton

Wyclef Jean: To buy a copy of Wyclef’s memoir, “Purpose: An Immigrant’s Story,” log onto

Nelly Furtado: Download a copy of Nelly Furtado’s new CD, The Spirit Indestructible, on iTunes today.

Perez Hilton: For the inside scoop on the latest Hot Topics, visit

For tickets to see Perez in “Newsical the Musical,” log onto

After Show: I Don’t Have to Smile All the Time!


We walked Wendy to her dressing room after the show today and Wendy told us why she likes to lead with her smile.

When Wendy got back to her dressing room, her Glams were waiting! Find out what Wendy thought about her red dress and the fashion backstory behind her YSL belt.

Plus, Wendy has a special invitation for the “After Show” audience and it involves lunch and her Glam Squad!

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How to Look Hot in a Minivan!

Post Baby Makeover!

Let’s face it! Getting back to your pre-baby body after giving birth isn’t easy.

We’ve all seen our favorite celebrity moms bounce back quickly after childbirth, and you can too!

Here are some tips on how moms everywhere can look like a star!

Free Stuff: FDNY Calendar

Free Stuff: “How to Look Hot
in a Minivan”