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After Show: Glam Squad Recap!

WORK! Wendy's Glam Squad recaps her look from head-to-toe! Find out what lip color Wendy wore on today's show and what Antwon did to spice up the controversy wig!

Jerry Ferrara Knocks Out Robert DeNiro!

LOL! Jerry Ferra talks about his new movie "Last Vegas" and reveals if the "Entourage" movie will ever happen. Then, Wendy gives Jerry the chance to knock out Robert DeNiro!

Diane von Furstenberg

What Wendy’s Wearing: • Tanzanite blue “New Julian Two Mini” jersey wrap dress by Diane von Furstenberg • Caramel fishnet tights by Nude Barre • Silver diamond drop earrings by Robert Lee Morris • Silver studded bracelet...

Dog House!

Doggy Fashion Show! Can you spot the difference? For Wendy’s Halloween Dog Fashion Show, we came up with an idea to have an abandoned dog catcher truck as our background. The original stock image (top), needed a little sprucing up, so...

After Show: Cheap & Cheerful!

Fashion Talk! Wendy loved the outfit she wore on today's show. Find out where she got her sweater from. Then, Wendy shows us some of the other bargain buys she picked up recently!

Catherine Malandrino & Tracy Reese

What Wendy’s Wearing: • Black long sleeve “Heart-Face” sweater by Catherine Malandrino for Kohl’s • Black and white printed skirt by Tracy Reese • Caramel fishnet tights by Nude Barre • Black sparkle drop earrings by...

After Show: A Wig Project!

Cut and Dye. Wendy shows us the new wig that she's working on. Find out how she plans on styling it over the weekend. Then, Wendy reveals why she used to hate taking Little Kev to the pumpkin patch and why she loves their car rides and...

Angela Dean

What Wendy’s Wearing: • Slate grey long sleeve v-neck jersey dress by Angela Dean • Caramel fishnet tights by Nude Barre • Silver drop hoop earrings by Ben Amun by Isaac Manevitz • Silver marquee stone cuff by Kenneth...