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Bruce Jenner in a Dress


Hot Topics.

Photos of Bruce Jenner dressed in a dress standing outside of his Malibu house hit the internet. Was it an invasion of privacy or a stunt to drive ratings for his interview with Diane Sawyer?

Then, a judge ruled that Sherri Shepherd is the MOTHER and she now has to pay child support for the child she had via a surrogate with her ex-husband.

Find out Wendy’s take on today’s Hot Topics.

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Big Sean and Ariana Grande Split


Hot Topics.

Big Sean and Ariana Grande have called it quits citing their busy tour schedules as the reason why.

Then, DWTS’ Erin Andrews’ boyfriend was arrested for drug possession and Madonna texted her way through a Broadway show.

Plus, Wendy has the latest details on Bobbi Kristina’s medical condition amid conflicting reports from her family.

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Apollo Nida Says He Hasn’t Seen His Kids


Hot Topics.

Sofía Vergara denies that she’s planning to destroy the embryos she made with her ex-fiancé.

New footage of Bruce Jenner’s sit down interview with Diane Sawyer has hit the internet. Find out why Wendy thinks Bruce should be going through his reported transition in private and not on television.

Plus, Apollo Nida reportedly hasn’t seen his sons since going to prison. Should Phaedra bring the kids to see their father?

Find out Wendy’s take in Hot Topics.

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Vivica A. Fox Returning to Reality TV


Hot Topics.

Vivica A. Fox went head-to-head with Kenya Moore on “The Celebrity Apprentice” and now she is reportedly joining the cast of “Hollywood Divas.”

Then, actress Kristen Bell says she’s been in couples therapy with her now husband, Dax Shepard, since the beginning of their relationship.

Find out why Wendy thinks couples should only be in therapy during the bad times.

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Bruce Jenner Sits Down with Diane Sawyer


Hot Topics.

Bruce Jenner sits down with Diane Sawyer to talk about his reported transition. Find out what snack Wendy will be eating when she watches.

Then, Nick Cannon says he and Mariah could get back together in the future, but Wendy doesn’t buy it.

Plus, Lindsay Lohan doesn’t want her mom moving to London and Taylor Swift’s new boyfriend, Calvin Harris, has reportedly made a surprising demand.

Find out Wendy’s take on the latest Hot Topics.

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Rumer vs. Demi


Hot Topics.

Demi Moore and her daughter Rumer are reportedly crushing on the same guy.

A feud is brewing between Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman on the set of their new movie.

Plus, Taylor Swift’s famous neighbors is sick of all the paparazzi outside of their apartment building and is moving out. Find out Wendy’s take on the latest Hot Topics.

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Iggy Azalea’s Plastic Surgery Confession


Hot Topics.

Iggy Azalea confessed to having breast implants in the new issue of Vogue magazine. Find out what Wendy thinks about Iggy’s revelation.

Then, Jason Hoppy is reportedly “exploring legal options” after Bethenny’s sit down interview with Andy Cohen.

Plus, two “Empire” co-stars might be dating in real life! Is it ever a good idea to date your co-worker?

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Fashion Police Face Off!


Hot Topics.

The feud is heating up again between Khloe Kardashian and Amber Rose over joining “Fashion Police.”

Find out who Wendy thinks should join the show.

Then, Naomi Campbell reportedly got into a fight with up-and-coming model Cara Delevingne over Rihanna.

Plus, Madonna finally reveals why she likes to date younger men and Shia LaBeouf may be off the market for good!

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Michael Strahan & Taraji P. Henson


Hot Topics.

Britney Spears sent Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel a baby gift.

Was it inappropriate? Should Justin and Jessica send the gift back?

Then, Michael Strahan reportedly has his eye on Taraji P. Henson. Would they make a good match?

Plus, the rapper Tyga just got served and Wendy has the video!

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Chris Brown Settling Down!


Hot Topics.

Chris Brown is kicking off a mini-residency in Las Vegas later this spring. Will it keep Chris out of trouble?

Then, Teresa Giudice opens up about life behind bars and Tom Hanks’ son Chet Haze has launched a feud with Howard Stern.

Plus, Lawrence Fishburn’s mom claims that she’s about to be evicted from her $1,500/month rental and that she can’t get in touch with her son to help her with her financial situation.

Is it Lawrence’s responsibility to take care of his mother?

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