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Teresa Giudice Is a Changed Woman!


Hot Topics.

It seems that prison has mellowed Teresa Giudice and the producers at Bravo are worried.

Then, Paris Hilton’s boyfriend wants her to stop her lucrative DJing career. Should you ever give up your job for a man?

Plus, Iggy Azalea went on a Twitter rant about her record label and former Zayn Malik says he hasn’t heard from his former One Direction bandmates.

Should he be surprised?

Find out Wendy’s take in Hot Topics.

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Stacey Dash’s FOX News Comments


Hot Topics.

“Clueless” star and FOX News commentator, Stacey Dash, weighs in on the lack of black actors being nominated for an Oscar this year and calls for the elimination of black award shows and Black History Month.

Find out what Wendy thinks about Stacey’s controversial remarks.

Then, Candy Spelling is refusing to pay Tori Spelling’s late credit card bill.

Plus, R. Kelly comes to Bill Cosby’s defense and Chelsea Handler fires back at her former writer, Heather McDonald.

And, Mo’Nique defends her open marriage and makes a surprising confession.

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J. Cole’s Secret Revealed!


Hot Topics.

“Creed” director Ryan Coogler outed rapper J. Cole for being married to his longtime girlfriend, Melissa Heholt.

Should J. have revealed this news himself or was he playing the single card to help his career?

Then, country music star Reba McEntire isn’t pleased with Madonna after the material girl made fans wait over 2 hours for her concert to begin.

Plus, Lamar Odom is reportedly angry that Khloe is speaking about his condition in the press.

Wendy weighs in on today’s Hot Topics.

Chris Rock Pressured to Step Down as Oscar Host


Hot Topics.

Chris Rock is being pressured to step down as host of the Academy Awards due to the lack of diversity in this year’s acting categories.

Find out why Wendy says Chris needs to stay and the issue is much larger than him hosting.

Then, Miley Cyrus is wearing her old engagement ring from Liam Hemsworth and has moved into his house. Is she moving too fast?

Plus, Common was spotted out with actress Laura Dern and Boris Kodjoe joins Wendy’s Fall of Shame!

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Teresa Giudice’s Close Call with the Law


Hot Topics.

Tereesa Giudice has been out of prison for 26 days and made her first red carpet appearance, but almost missed her curfew after her Uber driver was pulled over for speeding.

Then, actress Tichina Arnold reportedly discovered that her husband was cheating with multiple women and even found a sex tape, which she texted to her friends. Should she keep the details of her split private?

Plus, Rihanna was named the most marketable celebrity and Rick Ross reignited his feud with 50 Cent.

And, Wendy weighs in on “The Real Housewives of Potomac” premiere.

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Iggy’s Wedding Planning Drama


Hot Topics.

Nick Young confessed that wedding planning with Iggy Azalea has been a nightmare.

Should men be involved or let the woman take the lead?

Then, Ben Affleck is reportedly still living with Jen Garner and is jealous that she’s starting to date.

Plus, Mike Epps reveals why his character was killed off of “Survivors Remorse” and a new study will change the way you look at shoes forever!

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Patti LaBelle’s Younger Man!


Hot Topics.

Patti LaBelle is 71-years-old and is reportedly dating her 41-year-old drummer and her son isn’t happy.

Is he too young for Patti?

Then, Victoria Beckham rules out a Spice Girls reunion citing her family responsibilities and fashion career.

Plus, JETS player Antonio Cromartie and his wife are expecting their 12th child despite his vasectomy.

Find out Wendy’s take on today’s Hot Topics.

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Amy Schumer’s Mystery Man


Romance Report.

Amy Schumer is one of Hollywood’s fastest rising stars and has hooked up with a mystery man.

Plus, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps love life is heating up!

Relationship expert Siggy Flicker gives us all the details in the Romance Report.

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Nick Cannon Swears Off Marriage


Hot Topics.

Nick Cannon tells DuJuor magazine that he’ll never get married again. Is he too young to swear off marriage?

Then, Bethenny Frankel is locked in a ugly divorce battle over the $5 million NYC apartment that she shared with Jason Hoppy.

Should she walk away from the apartment so she can finally move on with her life?

Plus, Katy Perry and Orlando Blook were spotted getting close at the Golden Globes and Katie Holmes is denying that she’s engaged to Jamie Foxx.

Wendy weighs in on today’s Hot Topics!

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Ciara’s Inappropriate Dress


Hot Topics.

Ciara performed the National Anthem last night at the College Football Championship and the Twitterverse went crazy over her dress.

Was it too revealing?

Then, Jennifer Lawrence won a Golden Globe on Sunday night and went off at a reporter backstage for looking at his phone. Is she becoming the mean girl in Hollywood?

Plus, Nicki Minaj and “Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham got into a Twitter war. Who won?

Wendy weighs in.

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