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Kim Fields Eliminated from Dancing with the Stars!


Hot Topics.

Kerry Washington debuted her new baby bump on the Met Gala red carpet!

Then, Kim Fields was booted off “Dancing with the Stars” last night and there are rumors that she may return to “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Should she go back to the drama in the ATL?

Plus, Khloe Kardashian has stopped paying Joe Odom’s rent and he was evicted from his apartment.

Wendy has the details in Hot Topics.

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Beyoncé Accused of Stealing


Hot Topics.

Beyoncé was accused of stealing dance moves for her Formation tour from another show. Is Queen B or her choreographer to blame?

Then, “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Kim Richards may be facing jail time after allegedly failing to complete court ordered community service. Does she deserve it?

Plus, Prince’s siblings are already fighting over his estate and a love-child is getting a DNA test.

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Melania Trump’s GQ Profile


Inside Scoop.

GQ magazine just released a profile on Melania Trump, the wife of GOP Presidential front-runner, Donald Trump.

Melania blasted the article after it was published and it revealed a lot about the past of the potential next First Lady.

Are spouses of politicians fair game?

Then, Gigi Hadid turned 21 and it was a star-studded affair!

“The Insider’s” Michael Yo gives us the inside scoop.

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Keith Urban is in Hot Water


Hot Topics.

Nicole Kidman is reportedly furious that her husband, Keith Urban, forgot their 10-year wedding anniversary.

He’ll be on tour with an younger country music star. Should Nicole be worried?

Then, Teresa Giudice and Phaedra Parks are visiting their respective husbands in the same prison. Should they bring the TV cameras?

Plus, find out who is starring in the “New Edition” biopic on BET!

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Prince’s Estate Drama


Hot Topics.

Prince’s sister will reportedly be named executor of his estate and now there are reports coming out about her past alleged drug abuse.

Then, the Beyhive is now swawrming on Iggy Azalea and she’s bringing Wendy into the fight.

Plus, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are having their second child and Ryan reportedly wants to get married, but Eva doesn’t believe in marriage.

Will marriage be antiquated in 20 years?

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The Beyhive Attacks


Hot Topics.

The Beyhive has swarmed and are cyber bullying Rita Ora, Rachel Roy and even Rachel’s daughter.

Should Beyoncé tell her Beyhive to stop bullying?

Then, Michael Strahan was supposed to stay on “Live” until August, but is now leaving the show on Friday, May 13.

Find out why Wendy says he needs to hold out at least until Monday, May 16.

Then, there are new reports about Prince’s alleged drug abuse.

Wendy has all the details in Hot Topics.

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Is Jessica Simpson’s Marriage in Trouble?


Inside Scoop.

Jessica Simpson’s husband has been spotted spending a lot of time with the nanny. Are they getting too close?

Then, Kaley Cuoco is recently divorced and in a new relationship, but is reportedly already rushing down the aisle again.

Shady Shallon Lester from Star magazine gives us the inside scoop.

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Is Rita Ora the Real “Becky”?!


Hot Topics.

The Beyhive has turned their focus now on Rita Ora after she posted some suspicious Instagram photos implying that she may be the “Becky” that Beyonce is referring to.

Plus, Rachel Roy is denying she is “Becky,” but canceled a speaking appearance at the last minute, citing a “personal emergency.”

Then, Kelly Ripa returned to “LIVE” this morning, a week after being blindsided by Michael Strahan’s decision to leave the show for “GMA.” Find out what Wendy thought about her on-air comments.

Plus, Prince reportedly didn’t have a will and Zac Efron and his girlfriend of 2 years have called it quits.

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Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” Causes Quite the Stir


Hot Topics.

Wendy reflects on the passing of Prince and tells us how she once caught the holy spirit in his presence.

Then, Beyoncé dropped her new album, “Lemonade” after her HBO special where she implied that Jay Z cheated on her.

Fashion designer, Rachel Roy, then posted a not so subtle Instagram photo and the Beyhive swarmed.

Find out Wendy’s take on today’s Hot Topics.

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Backstage Drama at LIVE!


Inside Scoop.

Kelly Ripa announced that she’s returning to “LIVE” on Tuesday for the first time after being blindsided about Michael Strahan’s decision to join “GMA” full-time.

Plus, Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna have put their feud behind them and are now reportedly besties.

Entertainment reporter Shae Wilbur gives us the inside scoop on all the juicy drama.

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