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Seth Meyers



The hilarious Seth Meyers tells Wendy how he met his wife and how he’s getting ready for their first child.

Then, Seth reveals what happened when he ate dinner next to the First Lady at the White House Correspondence Dinner and weighs in on the Presidential primary.

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Marla Maples


Real Life Hot Topic.

Marla Maples tells us about her experience on “Dancing with the Stars” and opens up about her relationship with her ex-husband, Presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

Was she offered a lot of money to write a tell-all? Did she get a small divorce settlement? Is she dating?

Find out what Marla only tells Wendy.

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Zachary Levi



Zachary Levi tells us about starring in “She Loves Me” on Broadway and why he stocked up on nonperishable food.

Then, Zachary weighs in on the race for the White House!

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Boy George


Music Legend.

Boy George tells us about his new world tour and gives us the inside scoop on his upcoming role on “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Then, when did he start experimenting with his style? How did his family deal with his sexuality?

Plus, Boy George opens up about his sobriety and love life.

And, Boy George reveals his favorite song to get in the mood and favorite new music act in a game of Fave 5.

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Miley & Liam’s Prenup


Inside Scoop.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are back together and already talking marriage.

Miley is worth over $200 million and says she’ll get married with or without a prenup.

Do prenups take the romance out of marriage? Should Miley demand Liam sign one before they take a walk down the aisle?

Then, Peter Facinelli and Jaimie Alexander called off their engagement. Are their rising careers to blame?

Entertainment journalist Ellie Lee gives us the inside scoop.

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Joseline Hernandez


Real Life Hot Topic.

“Love & Hip Hop” star Joseline Hernandez makes her “Wendy” debut and sets the record straight about her relationship with Stevie J, her sexuality and plastic surgery.

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French Montana


Hip Hip.

French Montana tells us about his new album “MC4”, which drops in August, and one-of-a-kind YEEZYs.

Then, French dishes about his new house, his monkey who only flies private and addresses the comments Chinx’s mother made on the one-year anniversary of her son’s death.

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Four Things Women Want From a Man


Ask Wendy.

Pastor A.R. Bernard tells us how he went from a banking career to leading a church with a congregation of 40,000 people.

Then, Pastor A.R. Bernard dishes about his new book, “Four Things Women Want From a Man” and answers viewer Ask Wendy questions.

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K. Michelle on Plastic Surgery and Love & Hop Hop



K. Michelle opens up about her plastic surgery and why she decided to return to “Love & Hip Hop.”

Plus, K. Michelle performs “Not a Little Bit” off her new album, More Issues Than Vogue.

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Can Moms be Sexy?


Hot Talk.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and Hillary Clinton are under fire for a “CP Joke” they made. Should they get a pass?

Then, Coco was caught on camera twerking in a bikini pushing her daughter in a stroller. Is it ok for moms to be sexy?

Plus, Japan has developed a virtual reality sex suit. Is it cheating?

CNN’s Don Lemon, FOX 5’s Lisa Evers and comedienne Jen Kirkman join Wendy to debate these Hot Talk headlines.

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