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Paula Abdul


So You Think You Can Dance?

Paula Abdul dishes about the kid edition of “So You Think You Can Dance?” and tells us the backstory about getting Simon Cowell to appear on the last episode of “American Idol”.

Then, are Paula and John Stamos reuniting their romance?

Plus, Paula tells us what it was like working with Prince and how she was discovered by the Jacksons!

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Joe Giudice Prison Update


Inside Scoop.

Joe Giudice has been in prison for over 100 days. How is he handling life behind bars? How is Teresa doing on her own? Has it dampened their sex life? Is he friendly with fellow reality star, Apollo Nida?

Then, One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson is in a nasty custody battle with his son’s mother, Briana Jungwirth, because she is allegedly not allowing him to visit.

Plus, Johnny Depp is changing his tattoos in the wake of his breakup with Amber Heard. Entertainment reporter AJ Gibson gives us the inside scoop.

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Exclusive: Peter Thomas on His Divorce


Real Life Hot Topic.

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Peter Thomas speaks exclusively to Wendy about his divorce from Cynthia Bailey.

How did he find out about the divorce? Did he steal money from Cynthia?

Who is his least favorite “Housewife”?

Peter Thomas says it like he means it.

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Leslie Jones Fans Out!



The hilarious “Saturday Night Live” star Leslie Jones dishes about her Summer blockbuster, “Ghostbusters.”

Then, Leslie tells us about her odd jobs before making it big, her dating life and gets a special gift from Wendy!

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Pat Cleveland



Supermodel Pat Cleveland tells us how she was discovered and got her start walking runways in Europe.

Was her family supportive? What was her relationship like with Warren Beatty?

Pat says it like she means it.

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Fat Joe and Remy Ma Perform “All the Way Up”


Hip Hop.

Hip Hop royalty Fat Joe and Remy Ma perform their smash hit, “All the Way Up”.

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Fat Joe and Remy Ma


All the Way Up.

Fat Joe tells us about his falling out with Remy Ma and how they mended their relationship.

Plus, will Remy Ma return to reality TV? Is she pregnant?

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Roland S. Martin & Wendy Talk Race in America


Race in America.

“News One Now” host Roland S. Martin sits down with Wendy to talk about her remarks about Historically Black Colleges and the NAACP.

Then, Roland weighs in on race in America, police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Plus, Roland weighs in on how to talk to our kids about these issues.

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Eve on Tour, Marriage and the Hip Hop Honors


Summer Tour.

Hip Hop star Eve dishes about her Summer tour with Gwen Stefani.

Then, Eve tells us about married life and what it’s like having 4 step children.

Does Eve want kids of her own? Find out what she only tells Wendy.

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Summer Love



Which celebrity do you want to be your Summer love?

What star would you invite to your slumber party? What celeb do you want to join on tour?

“Wendy” watchers sound off when we hit the streets with Metro PCS.

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