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Paula Abdul


So You Think You Can Dance?

Paula Abdul dishes about the kid edition of “So You Think You Can Dance?” and tells us the backstory about getting Simon Cowell to appear on the last episode of “American Idol”.

Then, are Paula and John Stamos reuniting their romance?

Plus, Paula tells us what it was like working with Prince and how she was discovered by the Jacksons!

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André Leon Talley


Wendy Williams Day.

Fashion icon André Leon Talley tells us about his new documentary about the Met Gala, “The First Monday in May” and his Vogue podcast.

Then, André reveals what fashion trend he wishes would go away and what show he loves to watch!

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Desiigner Performs “Panda”


Wendy Williams Day!

Hip Hop rising star Desiigner performs his #1 hit, “Panda” on The Wendy Williams Show.

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Loni Love Keeps It Real



The hilarious Loni Love tells us about her new movie, “Mother’s Day.”

Then, Loni weighs in on the latest Hot Topics from plus-size model Ashley Graham appearing in Joe Jonas’ music video to Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna.

Plus, Loni tells us about her visit to the White House. Was there a dress code?

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Ambush Makeovers!


Magnificent Makeover Week!

Stylist Melissa Garcia ambushed 3 viewers who have an event to attend this evening! See how she upgraded their looks in minutes!

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Lamar Invited Back to the Love Ranch


Inside Scoop.

Kesha was originally scheduled to perform at the Billboard Music Awards, but Dr. Luk pulled the plug on her comeback.

Find out why Dr. Luk was worried.

Then, Lamar Odom was invited back to the Las Vegas brothel where he had a drug overdose last year. Is he going?’s Chloe Melas gives us the inside scoop.

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Katie Couric Weighs in on the Latest Hot Topics


Smart Talk.

Katie Couric weighs in on the race for the White House and tells us what she thinks about Donald Trump becoming the presumptive Republican nominee.

Then, Katie tells us about her important new documentary, “Under the Gun.”

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Sherri’s New View


Girl Chat.

Sherri Shepherd tells us about her new We TV show, “Match Made in Heaven” and what she thinks about the rumors that Whoopi is leaving “The View.”

Then, Sherri opens up about her love life and reveals what happened when she dated a younger man.

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Celebrity Blind Date


Street Talk.

Which two celebrities should go on a blind date? What star would you want to take to prom?

Find out what “Wendy” watchers said when we hit the streets with Metro PCS.

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Maxwell Making Music



R&B star Maxwell tells us about his new album, the Essence Music Festival and reveals if he’s in love.

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