What Wendy’s Wearing: Norma Kamali

Wendy Williams is wearing a black long jersey shirtdress by Norma Kamali.

Wendy is wearing her own brown leather belt.

Wendy’s black fishnet tights are by Capezio.

Her gold circular drop earrings with auburn stone are by R.J. Graziano. (212.685.1248)

Wendy’s wooden wave stretch bracelet is Ben-Amun by Isaac Manevitz.

Rose tone Multi Stone Paw Hammered Ring Adorn by Wendy Williams, available at

Wendy’s tan leather boots with chain and buckle details are by Gianmarco Lorenzi, available at Je T’aime.

Tell Us: What do you think of Wendy’s look?



It was a day of relaxation around the “Wendy” offices today!

Special thanks for Stressbusters who stopped by to give “Wendy” staffers complimentary massages.

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How You Datin’?: Rob and Courtney

The Morning After.

He Said: I highly enjoyed myself with the beautiful Courtney. We had a great time on the show, and we had a great time at dinner. We talked, we laughed, and we enjoyed each others conversation. I’m looking forward to taking Courtney out again.

She Said: Rob is an outstanding individual! Definitely a gentleman. Great
conversation, we learned tons about one another & really had a lot in common. Rob has made me add a lot to my bucket list and we might even cross a few things off together. I had a blast & I am looking forward to the next time Robert and I go out. Thanks to “The Wendy Williams Show” and NIVEA for giving me this fantastic opportunity!

Doug Savant

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What Wendy’s Wearing: J. Crew

Wendy is wearing a black flared knit dress with cut out hem detail by Shoshanna, available at Lord & Taylor department stores.

Her black featherweight cashmere cardigan and sahara brown leopard print wide calf hair belt is by J.Crew.

Wendy’s honey fishnet tights are by Wolford.

Her brown teardrop crystal & draped chain earrings and rose tone multi stone paw hammered ring are all Adorn by Wendy Williams, available at

Wendy’s camel patent “BB” pumps are by Manolo Blahnik.

Wendy’s reading glasses crystallized with Swarovski elements are by Jimmy Crystal.

Tell Us: What do you think of Wendy’s look?

How You Datin’?: Rob and Ellen

The Morning After.

He Said: A note of thanks to you and the entire Wendy Williams Production Crew. A day filled with 100% pure positive ENERGY! Ellen and I had a great time at dinner where the ENERGY continued to flow.

She Said: Rob and I had such a great day today beginning with the fun on the Dating Game and ending with an incredible dinner at TAO. We had no problem keeping the conversation going and the energy was great . We are thinking of doing it again real soon. Robert was a real gentleman (so refreshing) and a pleasure to spend an evening with. Good job Wendy team!

Thanks to Nivea and once again to an outstanding staff. I really had a good time today.

Taylor Armstrong

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What Wendy’s Wearing: Lord & Taylor

Wendy’s wearing a purple royale cashmere v-neck sweater by Lord & Taylor with a cherry “Kimmie Skirt” by Diane von Furstenberg.

Her Honey fishnet tights are by Wolford and her black with red peep toe “Hyper Prive Patent Calf” pumps are by Christian Louboutin.

All of Wendy’s jewelry is from her accessory line, Adorn by Wendy Williams, available at

Wendy’s reading glasses crystallized with Swarovski elements are by Jimmy Crystal.

Tell Us: What do you think of Wendy’s look?

How You Datin’?: Noelle and Pete

The Morning After.

He Said/She Said: Pete and I had a fabulous dinner. I found out he is not too handy with chop sticks and he is just glad that my false eyelashes made it through the evening without falling in our dessert plate.

The show was fun which lead to an even better date. Thanks again for having us – we’ll keep you posted!

Noelle & Pete ;)

Busy Phillips

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