Angela Dean

Wendy is wearing a fuchsia long sleeve jersey dress by Angela Dean.

Wendy’s caramel fishnet tights are by Nude Barre.

Wendy’s crystal bangles are by RichRocks.

She is wearing her own watch by Cartier and her own diamond hoop earrings.

Her tort pink “Jodie” reading glasses by Kate Spade.

Wendy’s nude “Pigalle Spike Patent” pumps are by Christian Louboutin.

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Wendy, How You Doin’?

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After Show: How You Doin’ Seattle?

Leaving on a jet plane!

Wendy finished taping the show and had to rush out to catch a flight to Seattle for a local station visit, and she already knows what she’s eating for lunch!

Plus, Wendy tells us what she likes to wear when traveling and why she always loves when her Glam Squad comes along with her!

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Marlon Wayans on ‘A Haunted House’


The hilarious Marlon Wayans tells Wendy how he celebrated New Year’s Eve. Plus, Marlon tells us what it’s like having a teen daughter and why he doesn’t live with his girlfriend.

Then, Marlon sets the record straight about why he doesn’t appear in the “Scary Movie” franchise anymore and tells us what he knows about “In Living Color” coming back to television.

Marlon Wayans and Sabrina Soto

Marlon Wayans: “A Haunted House” is in theaters Friday, January 11th. Visit Facebook for more details.

Sabrina Soto: “High/Low Projects” airs Saturdays at 9:30/8:30c on HGTV.

Log onto to buy a copy of “Sabrina Soto Home Design: A Layer-by-Layer Approach to Turning Your Ideas into the Home of Your Dreams.”

Victoria’s Secret

Wendy is wearing a black v-neck jersey dress by Moda International, available at Victoria’s Secret.

Her black leather belt is by Yevs Saint Laurent.

Wendy’s black opaque tights is by Hue.

Her rhodium “Pyramid Spike” hoops are by Noir Jewelry.

Wendy’s rhinestone heart necklace and silver cuff is by Claire’s.

Her black and sliver “Lend” bracelet is by Amrita Singh.

Wendy’s wearing her own watch by Rolex and her own platinum bracelets.

Her reading glasses crystallized with Swarovski elements are by Jimmy Crystal.

Wendy’s black “Pigalle Spikes” flats are by Christian Louboutin.

A special thank you to Shapeez.

Tell Us: What do you think about Wendy’s look?

After Show: I’m Gonna Fix Me!

Diet Girl.

Wendy dreamt about her outfit today and Memsor was able to make it a reality. Find out why she’s glad she and Memsor can collaborate on her looks each day.

Plus, Wendy reveals how much she weighed this time last year and how she managed to reach her ideal weight.

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Hot Talk and Laz Alonso

Hot Talk: Special thanks to our Hot Talk panel, Loni Love, Style for Hire’s Stacy London and Fox 5’s Steve Lacy.

Laz Alonso: “Deception” airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

Pure Collection

Wendy is wearing a black “Boyfriend” cashmere cardigan by Pure Collection.

Her acid “Oka” dress is by Diane von Furstenberg.

Wendy’s black leather belt is by Yves Saint Laurent.

Her black opaque tights are by Hue.

Wendy’s silver hoop earrings are Ben-Amun by Isaac Manevitz.

Her silver hinge bracelet is by R.J. Graziano. (212.685.1248)

Wendy’s wearing her own platinum and diamond bracelets.

Her reading glasses crystallized with Swarovski elements are by Jimmy Crystal.

Wendy’s black “Miss Clichy Nappa” pumps are by Christian Louboutin.

Tell Us: What do you think of Wendy’s look?

After Show: You Asked, I Answered

Viewer Questions!

We followed Wendy off set today into the audio room where she record PSAs for Black History. Afterwards in her office, Wendy shows us the gifts she received for being part of the Super Bowl Host Committee.

Then, find out what Wendy has to say about the red wig she wore today and what she wanted to do with it in the middle of the show.

Plus, Wendy answers your viewer questions. What is her workout routine? Where did she get her new bag from? What does she carry inside it?

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