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Ask Wendy: Plastic Surgery Edition!



Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow from E!’s “Botched” will be here on April 14th and are answering your plastic surgery questions.

Do you want to get plastic surgery but need advice first?

Did you get plastic surgery and it went wrong and now need advice on how to fix it?

Do you have plastic surgery regret and need advice on what to do now?

Click here to send us an email and your photo now.

You must be available on Tuesday, April 14, 2015 to ask your question.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: If you are seeking immediate assistance on a matter involving urgent health care, the safety of others or any other issue requiring immediate attention, please do not use this e-mail or website. Instead, IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING OR KNOW OF AN EMERGENCY INVOLVING IMMEDIATE DANGER OR PHYSICAL HARM TO YOU OR TO ANOTHER, PLEASE CALL 911 OR YOUR LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITIES. Please note that we cannot reply to all e-mails sent to us or guarantee that your e-mail will be immediately read.

Get a Make-Under!


Make-Under Makeovers!

Do you or someone you know always OVERDRESS for every occasion?

Too Gaudy? Too Sexy? Too punk rock?

If so, let our celebrity fashion expert give you a MAKE-UNDER on Wednesday, March 25th.

Click here to send us an email now and tell us why you want a make-under.

Do You Look Like a Celebrity?


What Famous Person Do You Look Like?

Do you think you look like a celebrity? Do people always stop you on the street or in the store and think you’re someone famous?

If you think you look like a celebrity, click here to upload your picture and send us an email.

Fan Out! Send Us Your Celebrity Encounter Pics!


Tell Us about Your Celebrity Encounters!

Do you have a story about meeting one of your favorite celebrities?

Do you have a picture with someone famous that Wendy has to see?

Did something funny or unbelievable happen when you met a celeb?

If you have a funny or unique story about a celeb encounter, click here.

Remember, all submissions MUST include of photo of you with the celeb.

How To Get Hollywood Hair


New Year. New You.

Do you want Hollywood hair?

Do you want shiny, silky and manageable hair?

If you wear your hair natural and need a new style, “The Wendy Williams Show” is here to help!

We’re giving some lucky viewers hair makeovers from Johnny Wright, celebrity hair stylist to First Lady, Michelle Obama, and Artistic Style Director for SoftSheen-Carson.

Click here to send us an email and tell us why you need a hair makeover.


End Zone Dance Competition


The Super Bowl is right around the corner, which means it’s time for Wendy’s annual “End Zone Dance Contest”!

If you want to compete for the ultimate game day prize then submit a video with your most entertaining, jaw dropping and energetic dance to Jessie J’s “Bang Bang.”

Click here to send us your End Zone dance now!

Where Are They Now?

Ask Wendy!

Over the past 4 seasons, Wendy’s answered thousands of your “Ask Wendy” questions.

Viewers from across the country turned to Wendy for advice on everything from how to spice up their marriage, to whether or not they should break up with their boyfriend or their friend and even how to handle a difficult mother-in-law.

If you or someone you know attended the show and participated in Ask Wendy, we want to hear from you!

Tell us what happened after you left the show for your chance to share your story on the air this May.

Wendy, How You Doin’?

Sound Off! Send Wendy Your Comments or Questions!

If you have a general comment or question about the show, or have a inspirational, funny or unique story that you want to share, Wendy wants to hear from YOU!

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Be in a “Wendy” Fashion Segment!

Strut Your Stuff!

Calling all curvy women!

If you live in the NYC area and want to be in a “Wendy” fashion segment showing off the hottest trends for curvy women, click here to send us an email now!

Celebrity Look-a-Likes: Kid Edition

Does your kid look like a celebrity?

Are people always stopping you and commenting that your son or daughter looks like a mini-Hollywood star or politician?

If your child looks like a celebrity, we want to see their picture!

Click here to send us an email and upload your child’s picture.