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Elmo and Ramona Singer

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No Blurred Lines!


Hot Topics.

A jury found Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams guilty of copying a Marvin Gaye song and awarded the singer’s late family nearly $7.4 million.

Then, Iggy Azalea’s upcoming tour is only a few weeks away, but has been delayed and Wendy gives us a sneak peek at Dr. Phil’s interview with Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon

Plus, Angie Stone was arrested for beating up her 30-year-old daughter.

Find out Wendy’s take on today’s Hot Topics.

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Wendy’s 1,000th Show Celebration!


Hot Topics.

Britney Spears is desperate for her new boyfriend’s mom to like her. Find out what advice Wendy has if you’re trying to win over your boyfriend’s mom.

Plus, singer Sam Smith says if he beats Beyonce at the Grammy Awards this year in the Album of the Year category, he’ll give his award to Queen B.

Then, Wendy takes a look back at some of her favorite moments from the past 999 shows!

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Monica’s New Job!


Hot Topics.

Corey Gamble’s ex-girlfriend is speaking out and says he’s only about power and money and that he’s using Kris Jenner.
Should Kris be wary of Corey?

Then, R&B artist Monica is working as a nurse, but would Wendy want the singer to take her vitals?

Plus, Taylor Swift’s friends want her to be in a relationship and comedian Dave Chappelle is back in the spotlight and reveals his entertainment bucket list.

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Renee Zellweger’s New Look


Hot Talk.

Renee Zellweger caused an internet firestorm when she stepped out with a dramatic new look.

Has plastic surgery gone too far?

Then, singer Annie Lennox says Beyoncé is “feminist lite” and “not empowering” to women.

Plus, find out what Wendy, entertainment reporter Segun Oduolowu, Yahoo’s Ali Wentworth and lifestyle expert Sabrina Soto have to say about the video produced by a women’s rights organization of young girls using the F-word.

Did they get their message across or was it lost in translation?

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Wednesday, October 1


Daytime Exclusive.

Grammy-nominated singer and actress Jordin Sparks sits down for a daytime exclusive interview to talk about her recent breakup from Jason Derulo and tells Wendy about her new movie, “Left Behind.”

Then, a breast cancer survivor gets a fabulous “Wendy” makeover and In Touch Weekly’s Jordi Lippe gives us the inside scoop on the latest Hot Topics.

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Trending Topic: Robin Thicke


Hot Talk.

#AskThicke went viral on Twitter when a VH1 sponsored Q&A resulted in critics unleashing their strong dislike for the “Blurred Lines” singer.

Are we being too hard on Robin Thicke?

Then, is it reasonable for brides and grooms to ban their guests from posting photos of their special day on social media?

Plus, find out what Wendy, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, “Inside Editions” Megan Alexander and “Untying the Knot’s” Vikki Ziegler think about an Oregon school district handing out condoms to middle school students.

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Tank Performs “You’re My Star”


New Music.

R&B singer Tank performs his new single “You’re My Star” and tells Wendy why he canceled his performance at the L.A. Clippers game.

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R&B singer Tank performs his new single “You’re My Star” and tells Wendy why he canceled his performance at the L.A. Clippers game.

Nadine Ellis on the Last Time She Saw Aaliyah


Girl Talk.

Nadine Ellis gives us the inside scoop about the new season of “Let’s Stay Together” on BET and dishes about her dating life.

Find out what type of men Nadine likes to date.

Then, Nadine tells Wendy about the last time she saw singer Aaliyah before she died tragically in a plane crash.

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