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After Show: Cheap and Cheerful!



Wendy dishes about her cheap and cheerful outfit before heading back to Jersey.

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After Show: First Comes Love, Then Comes…


Ask Wendy.

Should you confront your cousin at Thanksgiving after seeing her working at a strip club?

What should you do if your boyfriend of 5 years always avoids the marriage “talk” and should you wait for a guy who says he needs time to “think” after learning that you once had sex with his friend?

Find out Wendy’s advice in an “Ask Wendy” edition of the After Show.

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After Show: It’s Cold Outside



Wendy shows us her new robe before heading back out in the NYC cold.

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After Show: A Messy Breakup


Ask Wendy.

How can you move on after your boyfriend’s family made some hurtful comments about you during a brief breakup?

Should you be in your friend’s wedding party if you don’t think her fiancé is good enough for her?

Find out Wendy’s advice in an “Ask Wendy” edition of the After Show.

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After Show: Soul Cycle


Going for a spin!

Wendy’s finished with today’s show, but has a long day of press ahead for the Soul Train Awards.

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After Show: Beyond the Lights



Wendy’s kicking off her weekend with an afternoon showing of “Beyond the Lights.”

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After Show: Breaking Up with a Friend


Ask Wendy.

What should you do if your best friend and husband don’t get along?

How can you get your husband of 15 years to pay more attention to you and what are some ways to save money when you just graduated college?

Find out Wendy’s advice in a special “Ask Wendy” edition of the After Show.

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After Show: Santa Con



Wendy dishes about her interview with Alicia Keys and tells us why she admires how Alicia and Swizz have managed to blend their family.

Then, Wendy talks about the character she’s playing in Melissa Joan Hart’s new holiday Lifetime movie.

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Couples Fashion Show!


‘Tis the season!

We’re looking for fun and fabulous couples to be in our next fashion show!

Click here to send us an email and photo and tell us why you want to be in our upcoming holiday fashion segment.

After Show: The Chew


How you eatin’?

It’s after the show and Wendy’s only talking about food!

She’s rushing out the door to tape an episode of “The Chew” and then has to stop by the grocery store and write a few more jokes for her comedy show at NJ Pac.

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