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After Show: I’ll See You in September!


School’s Out!

It was the last day of season 5 and Wendy thanks her staff and tells us why this season was the best one yet!

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After Show: Wig Talk



Wendy’s mouth was watering after today’s cooking segment with Pappy’s Smokehouse and she had a special delivery waiting for her in her dressing room after the show.

Then, find out why Wendy’s Glam Squad wants her to retire the wig that she wore on today’s show.

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After Show: Walk & Talk


30 Seconds.

Wendy ran off stage and into her Sr. Supervising Producer, Suzanne Bass, aka “the clapper,” outside her dressing room.

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After Show: Think Outside the Box!



Wendy loved the yellow Betsey Johnson dress that she wore on today’s show. Find out when she was originally supposed to wear it.

Then, Wendy consults with her Glams about the movie she’s taping later this week!

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After Show: Birthday Gifts!


It’s good to be 50.

Wendy tells us what she did for her birthday weekend and shows us what her Hot Topics team gave her for turning 50 & Fabulous!

Then, Wendy reveals what her plans are for the summer hiatus and how she came up with the phrase “friend in my head.”

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After Show: Thank You



Wendy walked off stage with her parents and back to her dressing room to find more birthday gifts!

Find out what her executive producer gave her that she’s always wanted and what Wendy’s going to do when she visits the street she grew up on, Wendy Williams Way.

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After Show: It Looks Easy!


I have to run!

Wendy addresses the viewer comments from yesterday’s after show.

Then, Wendy tells us how long she’s had the skirt that she wore on today’s show.

Plus, find out why Wendy needs to run out the door and get back to her house in Jersey.

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After Show: Never Let Go of the Girl in You


Sin City.

Wendy walked off stage and is heading back to Jersey for a long afternoon nap, but first tells us about her weekend in Las Vegas!

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After Show: I’ll See You in Las Vegas!


Jet Plane.

Wendy makes a special announcement about her comedy show and reveals how many outfit changes she’ll make during her 48-hour trip to sin city!

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After Show: I’ll Show ‘Em


Ask Wendy.

What does Wendy wish she knew when she was younger, that she knows now?

Should you stay in a relationship if you don’t feel the same passion as your mate after 5 months of dating?

Plus, what motto does Wendy live by?

Find out when Wendy answers some viewer mail in a special edition of the “After Show.”

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