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After Show: Ageless


Fashion Talk.

Wendy tells us about her affordable and ageless dress that she wore on today’s show.

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After Show: Wedding Registries



Wendy dishes about her interview with Anthony Mackie and today’s Ask Wendy questions.

Plus, Wendy doesn’t like attending wedding, but she’ll send a gift. Find out why she prefers to not shop on a registry.

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After Show: No Sick Days!



Wendy dishes about her revealing conversation with Jennifer Lopez before heading home to crawl back in bed.

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After Show: The Show Must Go On!


Flu Season.

Wendy’s cold is getting worse, but the show must go on.

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After Show: Good Teeth


Teeth Cleaning.

Wendy tells us about her recent trip to the dentist.

Did she have any cavities?

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After Show: Wardrobe Credits!



Wendy loved her look from head-to-toe.

Find out why she takes a photo everyday after the show and who designed the jewelry that she wore.

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After Show: One of My Faves



Wendy tells us why Christina Milian has always been one of her favorite guests, ever since her days on the radio.

Plus, find out why Wendy is upset about the reports that Rosie Perez is exiting “The View.”

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After Show: A Kiki!



Wendy was laughing when she walked off stage today! Find out why she says her show is turning into “The Gong Show,” more and more.

Then, Wendy and her Glams have an epic kiki before heading out for the day!

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After Show: Spice it Up!


Ask Wendy.

Wendy tells us why she always loves when Patricia Heaton stops by the show.

Then, Wendy has a lunch meeting, but answers viewer “Ask Wendy” questions before she goes!

What does Wendy use to get the perfect nude lip? Should you go away for college, even if your family doesn’t want you to?

How can you spice things up in the bedroom?

Find out what Wendy and her Glams have to say in a special “Ask Wendy” edition of the After Show.

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After Show: Wardrobe Malfunction



Wendy had a wardrobe malfunction just minutes before today’s live show! Find out why she had to quickly change dresses before walking through the double doors!

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