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After Show: Relationship Deal Breaker

Wendy dishes about her interview with Meagan Good and chef Judy Joo. Then, how can you tell your mother-in-law what to do if she's the one watching your baby when you return to work? Should you continue dating a really great guy if he says...

Lady Gaga’s Halftime Show Antics

The Super Bowl is a few weeks away and Lady Gaga reportedly wants to take her performance to new heights by performing on the roof. Then, Prince Harry brought Meghan Markle to the palace to meet Kate Middleton, but will Meghan's family railroad...

After Show: Mom Down

Wendy caught a cold, but the show must go on! Then, can you set rules for a "friends with benefits" relationship? Wendy answers your Ask Wendy questions.

Craig Robinson’s Caraoke Showdown

The hilarious Craig Robinson tells us about his new Spike reality show, Caraoke Showdown. Plus, Craig reveals the difference about dating women in L.A. and Chicago.

After Show: Jersey Hair

Wendy dishes about her Maggie London dress and hair emergency. Then, find out what Wendy thought about the 19-year-old guy dating a 24-year-old girl from today's Ask Wendy segment.

After Show: Generous Gifts

Wendy shows us some of the generous gifts that she received for Christmas and debuts her Janet Jackson poncho!

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