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After Show: The Holy Ghost

Wendy dishes about her interview with Theresa Caputo and reveals the family members she feels are always present with her. Then, Wendy reveals why she got emotional at the end of today's show and tells us about the first time she appeared on...

Spring Fashion Show

We’re looking for a fun family and some single ladies to be in our Spring fashion show! Send us an email and photo of you (and your family) using the form below, and tell us why you want to be in our fashion show this March!

Kanye West’s Fashion Show

Kanye West debuted his new collection at New York Fashion Week and it went a lot better than it did last year. Then, Justin Bieber is being accused of assault stemming from a fight caught on camera by TMZ last Summer. Plus, Howard Stern is...

After Show: A Snack with Memsor

Wendy and Memsor have a snack in between shows! Then, if you're adopting a baby, when is the appropriate time to tell your boss? Find out Wendy's advice when she answers your Ask Wendy questions.

After Show: Blizzard

It's snowing in NYC and Wendy gives us an inside look at what it was like getting ready for today's show.

After Show: Wigs, Interviews and Ask Wendy!

The show is over and Wendy's day is just getting started! Find out Wendy's plans for the afternoon and what late night talk show she's appearing on. Then, should you get married again after two divorces if it's really important to your man?...

Our Favorite Halftime Shows of All Time

By Joanne Rosa Aside from the snacks, the halftime show is the best part about Super Bowl Sunday. Here are our Top 5 Fave Halftime Shows! Michael Jackson, 1993 You knew it was gonna be a legendary halftime show when the King of Pop...

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