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After Show: Shoe Game


Crow Cake.

Wendy got a delivery of new shoes to try on and shows us some of her faves.

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After Show: From the Audience to the Couch!



Wendy tells us why “Orange is the New Black” star Danielle Brooks almost brought her to tears during the commercial break.

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After Show: Bag Lady Chic



Wendy shows us the eye-popping gift she received from a “Wendy Watcher” and the new shoes and dresses that she has to try on!

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After Show: Swoop There It Is!


Behind the Scenes.

Wendy has a kiki with her Glam Squad.

Find out what she thought about the wig and outfit that she wore on today’s show.

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After Show: A Delightful Time!


Now. Here’s Wendy!

Wendy tells us why she had to sit down right away when she walked through the double doors!

Then, Wendy explains how her TV watching has changed over the years. Find out what shows she likes to watch during the week and which shows she saves for the weekends.

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After Show: Hot Topic Mondays!



Wendy’s back with all new shows and tells us what she thought about eating crow.

Then, find out why Mondays will be different this season!

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After Show: Thank You



Wendy walked off stage with her parents and back to her dressing room to find more birthday gifts!

Find out what her executive producer gave her that she’s always wanted and what Wendy’s going to do when she visits the street she grew up on, Wendy Williams Way.

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After Show: Winter Blues


A case of the Mondays.

Mondays are always the hardest shows for Wendy.

Find out how Marc Anthony snapped her out of the winter blues.

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After Show: Meeting SJP


Fan Out!

Wendy loved meeting Sarah Jessica Parker for the first time on today’s show!

Find out what Wendy forgot to ask SJP and which “Sex and the City” character Wendy most identifies with.

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After Show: I Love Doing This Show!


I gotta run!

Wendy dishes about her interview with Chris Rock and tells us why she could never do a late night talk show.

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