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After Show: NBA All-Star Weekend!


Slam Dunk.

Wendy reveals what surprised her the most about Ricky Martin and tells us about her plans for the NBA All-Star weekend.

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After Show: Vivica A. Fox



Wendy dishes about her interviews with Dr. Phil and Vivica A. Fox and shows us her new winter boots!

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After Show: What’s for Dinner?!



Wendy’s leaving work and heading to the grocery store. Find out what she’s making for her Kevin’s tonight!

Then, Wendy shows us the new work of art that she received from an “After Show” viewer.

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After Show: Kenya Moore



Wendy dishes about her interview with Kenya Moore and answers viewer Ask Wendy questions.

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After Show: No Sick Days!



Wendy dishes about her revealing conversation with Jennifer Lopez before heading home to crawl back in bed.

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After Show: Fun in the Sun!



Wendy tells us what she’s doing on her upcoming vacation and why she no longer lays out in the sun!

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After Show: Meet and Greet



Wendy dishes about her interview with Piers Morgan and meets some special guests from Miami Beach!

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After Show: New Phone!


Ring, Ring.

Wendy dishes about her interview with Tony Danza and shows us her new cell phone!

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After Show: Long Distance Relationship


Relationship Advice.

Can long distance relationships work? Is sex a good reason to stay in a relationship? How can you resolve a college roommate conflict?

Find out Wendy’s advice in an “Ask Wendy” edition of the After Show!

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After Show: Dating Your Ex’s Brother


Ask Wendy.

It’s Friday and Wendy’s ready to start the weekend, but first answers After Show viewer Ask Wendy questions.

Should you pass up an opportunity to appear on a singing competition show so you can finish college?

Is it ok to date your ex’s brother? What should you do if your boyfriend always flirts with other girls?

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