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After Show: Aloha!


Got a question?

Wendy shows us the special delivery she received from Jennifer Lopez and the gift of snacks from a viewer in Hawaii!

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After Show: The Crew


Elevator Ride.

Wendy shows us a belt that she’s had since college and tells us about the jumpsuit she wore on today’s show.

Then, Wendy introduces us to some members of the crew.

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After Show: Exhausted


It’s the weekend.

Wendy’s exhausted after a week of shows. Find out why she was up so late last night.

Then, Wendy tells us about her Soul Train Awards promo shoot and how DSW is celebrating National Shoe Lover Day on October 25, 2014.

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After Show: I Adore, Judge Judy



We found Wendy in her office after the show reading Judge Judy’s new book. Find out why Wendy simply adores the Judge.

Then, Wendy shows us the Nine West shoes that she wore on today’s show and tells us how we can help support the fight against breast cancer.

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After Show: Childhood Friend!



Wendy introduces us to one of her oldest friends from growing up in New Jersey before she rushes off to a meeting with her producers.

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After Show: Sequins



Wendy has a wardrobe consultation with Memsor for her upcoming comedy shows in Vegas and New Jersey.

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After Show: How You Laughin’?



Wendy announces that she’s performing at NJ Pac on Saturday, November 15 with Luenell!

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After Show: Flying to Orlando


Jet Plane.

Wendy’s flying to Orlando to hang out with her FOX family!

Find out what she plans on doing while she’s in town.

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After Show: Old Friends!


Getting to know you.

Wendy loved her conversation with Boris Kodjoe. Find out why she always loves whenever he stops by.

Then, Wendy reveals what she and Dr. Oz talked about during the commercial break on yesterday’s show.

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After Show: Strike a Pose



It’s a short after show, after yesterday’s long pre show, so all Wendy can do is strike a pose.

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