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After Show: Don’t Give Up on Love!



Wendy dishes about her interview with Fran Drescher and tells us the one question she forgot to ask her.

Then, find out what Wendy’s getting her dad for lunch and where Wendy first met today’s breast cancer survivor makeover guest.

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After Show: Fear of Failure


Ask Wendy.

What should you do if you want to pursue a career in television, but were told to lose weight?

How can you overcome your fear of failing in your career? Is it necessary to get a college degree?

Find out Wendy’s advice in a special “Ask Wendy” edition of the After Show.

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After Show: Don’t Hit Snooze!


Pre Show!

Wendy hit the snooze button one too many times this morning and was late for work!

Go behind the scenes as Wendy rushes to get ready for today’s LIVE show.

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After Show: Back from L.A.



Wendy and the Glam Squad are back from Los Angeles, but are headed back west on Thursday afternoon.

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After Show: Relationship Material


Ask Wendy.

Wendy answers some “Ask Wendy” questions before jetting off to Los Angeles for work.

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After Show: Ask Wendy


Got a problem?

What should you do if you’re in a relationship, but in love with your ex?

Is it ever ok to break up with your friends because of a man? Should you make your man get a second job so you can continue to stay home with your young child?

Find out the advice Wendy offers in a special edition of the After Show.

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After Show: The Cross Roads



Wendy tells us why her heart skipped a beat during today’s Halloween costume segment.

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After Show: Aloha!


Got a question?

Wendy shows us the special delivery she received from Jennifer Lopez and the gift of snacks from a viewer in Hawaii!

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After Show: The Crew


Elevator Ride.

Wendy shows us a belt that she’s had since college and tells us about the jumpsuit she wore on today’s show.

Then, Wendy introduces us to some members of the crew.

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After Show: Exhausted


It’s the weekend.

Wendy’s exhausted after a week of shows. Find out why she was up so late last night.

Then, Wendy tells us about her Soul Train Awards promo shoot and how DSW is celebrating National Shoe Lover Day on October 25, 2014.

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