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After Show: Sister Sister


What is a kitchen without a rooster?

Wendy got a special delivery from her art director, Michael Lee!

Then, find out why Wendy loves Mary Mary’s relationship and what primetime TV star she would be friends with if she lived in Los Angeles.

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After Show: Spread Sunshine


Hold Me in Contempt!

Wendy was in her office after the show and tells us about her book signing tonight at Barnes & Noble.

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After Show: Season 6 Photo Shoot!



Wendy takes the “After Show” behind the scenes at her photo shoot.

The new season of “The Wendy Williams Show” starts Monday, September 15th.

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After Show: A Dramatic Read


Hold Me in Contempt.

Wendy tells us about her book signing at Barnes & Noble and does a dramatic read from her new romance novel, “Hold Me in Contempt.”

Watch her dramatic read from one of the first conversations Kim Kind has with the sexy bad boy named King!

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After Show: A Dramatic Reading!



Wendy does a dramatic reading of a passage from her new romance novel, “Hold Me in Contempt,” which hits stores April 15th.

Then, find out why Naomi Campbell is the type of girl Wendy wishes she had time to hang out with!

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After Show: Afternoon Meeting


Spring Day!

We found Wendy in her office after the show before she rushed off to a meeting.

Wendy tells us why she will always love Rosie Perez and what she thinks about sexting a co-worker.

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After Show: Sandwich Gate!


Wendy’s still on the search for the perfect sandwich! Find out what she’s eating for lunch and what dress she’s wearing on the show tomorrow!

Then, Wendy reveals why she can’t wait for Little Kev’s 13th birthday party.

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After Show: Red, White & How You Doin’?


First Pitch.

Wendy dishes about her wardrobe from today’s show and tells us what she decided to order for lunch during a commercial break.

Then, find out where Wendy’s heading later this afternoon and why it involves a lot of red, white and blue.

After Show: Meetings about Meetings


What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!

Spring has sprung and Wendy tells us why she loved her outfit today from head to toe!

Then, Wendy tells us why she adores Joy Behar and dishes about her comedy show at The Venetian in Las Vegas on July 11th!

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After Show: Short on Words



Wendy dishes about her interview with Hip Hop artist, Future.

Then, find out what Wendy thought about the new wig that she wore on today’s show!

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