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After Show: Deep Dish Pizza!


What’s for lunch?!

Wendy’s still thinking about her Chicago deep dish pizza! Find out what measures she took to try and have the leftovers for lunch.

Then, Wendy tells us why she always loves her conversation with Donald Trump and what jacket from today’s fashion show she wants to add to her wardrobe!

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After Show: Gene Simmons



Wendy loved her conversation with rock legend Gene Simmons and tells us what she wished she had more time to talk with him about.

Then, Wendy’s rushing out the door to tape an interview with ABC!

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After Show: Holiday Cookies!



Wendy isn’t a baker, but she can’t stop talking about Carla Hall’s cookies.

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After Show: Alex is Here!



Wendy was in her office with her niece, Alex, after the show and tells us about her experience filming “The Santa Con” on Lifetime.

Then, Wendy shares a list of celebrities who never graduated from High School.

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After Show: The Santa Con


TV Snack!

It’s the weekend and Wendy’s preparing her TV snack for when she watches #TheSantaCon on Lifetime!

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After Show: Alex is Back!



Wendy dishes about her interview with K. Michelle and tells us why she’s so excited for her niece to come to town.

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After Show: Kitchen Table Talk



It’s after the show and Wendy’s still talking about Puffy’s fight with Drake.

Find out why she says some things are meant for kitchen table talk.

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After Show: Mom Duties



Wendy’s rushing out the door so she can drop off a science book for Kevin at school!

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After Show: Dancing Grandma!



Wendy skipped off staged and tells us about the dancing grandma in today’s studio audience.

Then, Wendy reminisces about taking Little Kev to see the Rockettes at the Radio City Christmas Specatular.

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After Show: Wardrobe Closet!


Fashion 101.

Wendy and her stylist Memsor reveal the newly designed wardrobe closet and answer viewer fashion questions!

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