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After Show: Dabbin & Chilli



Wendy dishes about her interview with Dr. Phil and his special invitation behind the scenes.

Plus, find out how Brendan is celebrating Super Bowl Sunday and what Wendy’s name was when she would talk to her father on the CB radio.

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After Show: PhD or Baby?


Ask Wendy.

What should you do if you want to get your PhD, but your husband wants to start a family? Wendy shares her advice in an Ask Wendy edition of the After Show.

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After Show: Report Card



Little Kev’s report card came in and Wendy tells us how he did last marking period! Plus, Wendy and the Glams discuss her looks for a day of press.

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After Show: Shaq’s TV Debut



Wendy tells us why she changed into sneakers for the Cesar Milan segment and how Shaq behaved behind the scenes.

Plus, find out how you can help women who are victims of domestic violence.

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After Show: The Genie!


Going up.

Wendy finally visits the audio loft and takes a ride in the genie!

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After Show: Under the Weather


The show must go on.

Wendy explains why there was no After Show yesterday and gets a special delivery for her weekend!

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After Show: Trouble Having a Baby


Ask Wendy.

Wendy dishes about today’s show and how the Silver Fox has changed since becoming an internet star.

Then, how should you tell your boyfriend of many years that you’re unable to carry a baby?

Wendy offers her advice during an Ask Wendy edition of the After Show.

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After Show: Yessss!


Wear this, not that.

A member of our studio audience caught Wendy’s eye and she offered him some advice with his girlfriend.

Then, Brendan and Wendy make some big summer time plans!

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After Show: Turbanalicious!



What should you do if you live with your boyfriend and sister and they don’t get along?

Find out Wendy’s advice when she answers some “After Show” viewer Ask Wendy questions!

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After Show: Tattoos!



Wendy loved Whitney Cummings’ tattoos and tells us what tattoo she wants to get with her Kevins.

Then, Wendy reveals her gift suggestion for Valentine’s Day and what’s on the menu for this week’s snowstorm.

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