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After Show: Drivers Beware!


Warning. Warning.

It’s Friday and Wendy’s exhausted after a long week of shows and now, for the first time in a long time, she’s driving herself home!

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After Show: Thankful


Thank You.

Wendy tells us why she’s so thankful for all that she has and why there’s nothing she wants this holiday season.

Then, Wendy shows us an old school picture of the Silver Fox and her co-executive producer, Suzanne!

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After Show: Cast of Characters



Wendy gives Joanie a chance to respond to the haters and tells us how the cast of After Show characters get recognized on the streets on NYC!

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After Show: Thanksgiving Drama


Ask Wendy.

What should you do if you don’t like your daughter’s boyfriend, but she insists on bringing him over for Thanksgiving?

Find out Wendy’s advice when she answers some viewer Ask Wendy questions!

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After Show: Audience Calls!


Hello, It’s Wendy!

Wendy introduces us to her audience department and helps them call some viewers to reconfirm their reservations.

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After Show: Wendy’s Kitchen!



Wendy tells us about Joanie’s extensive audio career and gets to the bottom of why her “kitchen” wasn’t working.

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After Show: A Trip to the Store



Wendy takes her new shopping cart for a spin around the block!

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After Show: Bling!


Special Delivery.

The holidays are right around the corner, but Wendy isn’t putting up a tree this season. Find out why.

Then, Wendy gets a special delivery from her Art Department!

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After Show: Vegan Bacon



Wendy gives Brendan a taste of vegan bacon. Does it taste just like the real thing?

Then, find out what work Wendy did around the house this weekend and why she insists a 21-year-old girl should never be thinking about marriage.

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After Show: A New Friend!



Wendy dishes about today’s show and tells us what she thought about Bill Engvall taking a seat on the Hot Talk panel.

Then, Wendy tells us what she’s making for dinner and how she’s celebrating a good week of shows!

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