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After Show: New Shoes!

Wendy dishes about her new HSN shoe line and tells us what other pieces she's adding to her collection.

After Show: Ask Wendy

Wendy dishes about her interview with Martha Stewart and answers viewer Ask Wendy questions.

After Show: PhD or Baby?

What should you do if you want to get your PhD, but your husband wants to start a family? Wendy shares her advice in an Ask Wendy edition of the After Show.

After Show: Dream Guest

Pamela Anderson has always been one of Wendy's dream guests to have on the show and today it finally happened. Wendy tells us what it was like meeting Pam after all these years and how she and her makeup artist fanned out.

After Show: Versace Versace Versace

Wendy tells us about the fashion emergency she had before today's show and how her Versace dress saved the day. Then, Wendy shows us the special gift she received from André Leon Talley.

1 2 3 492