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Wendy’s Photo Challenge

Can you FEEL IT?

Starting Monday, July 29 through Friday, August 30, 2013 enter “Wendy’s Photo Challenge” for your chance to win an autographed copy of Wendy’s book, “Ask Wendy” and our official Summer Bling travel mug!

Each day, upload a photo based off of that day’s daily photo challenge to Instagram.

Make sure you tag it with the hashtag #feelitwendysept16.

A winner will be chosen each weekday, Monday through Friday, based on creativity, quality and appropriateness.

Be sure to follow @WendyShow on Instagram and upload your photo each weekday between 12:00 AM EST and 8:00 PM EST.

If you’re the winner, we’ll notify you in the comment section of your photo and ask you to email us your name, Instagram handle, phone number, address, date of birth and original picture!

Help spread the word!

Tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter about Wendy’s Photo Challenge and be sure to watch an all new season of “The Wendy Williams Show” starting Monday, September 16th!

Can you FEEL IT?

Download the dance remix version of “The Wendy Williams Show’s” theme song on iTunes today and watch the music video on YouTube.

Read the official rules.

Contestant understands and agrees that (1) his/her action of submitting/uploading/emailing the Photo and is an irrevocable grant to Sponsor’s of permission to use the Photo, and to use applicant’s name in the televising, advertising and other exploitation of the Series in every media(whether now known or hereinafter devised) (including, but not limited to the Internet, video streams, podcasts and transmission to mobile devices), in any manner, at any time, in any part of the world; (2) you have the written consent, release, and/or permission of each and every identifiable individual person (including, but not limited to the legal guardian(s) of any minors depicted) in the Photo(s) to use the likeness of each and every such identifiable individual person to enable inclusion and use of the Photo(s) in the Series, the Website or otherwise; (3) if anyone other than yourself is in the Photo, to include his/her name and if a minor, the minor’s date of birth and your legal relationship (i.e. Mother, guardian), and provide a daytime telephone number where you may be reached; and (4) our partners may rebroadcast your Photo and submitted information and if you do not have the right to submit them for such use, it may subject you to liability.

Throw Back Thursday!


Fan Out!

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Tell Us about Your Celebrity Encounters!

Do you have a story about meeting one of your favorite celebrities?

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Did something funny or unbelievable happen when you met a celeb?

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Remember, all submissions MUST include of photo of you with the celeb.

Ask Wendy: Titles Are Important


Dating Advice.

Should you take your fiancé’s last name?

What should you do if the guy you’ve been dating for 6 months doesn’t introduce you as his boyfriend?

Should you get breast implants even if your boyfriend is against it?

Is it a good idea to continue dating a guy who sent you a nude photo after your first date?

Find out what Wendy said during Ask Wendy!

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Wayne Brady and Ian Drew


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A Beauty Shot!


Disney Side.

This week, the Wendy Art Department created a beauty shot for some H-2-0 Spa products, provided by our friends at Disney.

A beauty shot is a still image that creatively displays products or goods so our audience can get a better look at what Wendy is giving away that day. We began our photo shoot with some basic scoop lights and tracing paper.

Say cheese!


Before we could set up the shot, we needed to create a backdrop for the warmly scented spa products.

Looks like some palm leaves hanging over sunny, beachy sand right?

Well, the entire image is actually one, flat piece of paper that was created in Photoshop.

A little shadowing will make all the difference.


It may not be fancy, but our photo shoot was all set up.

Using the scoop lights set in different angles, while being diffused through the tracing paper, the “beach scene” warmed up and began to glow.

With a few arrangements and adjustments, the shoot began and soon enough we had our final product!


That’s a wrap! The photo shoot was a success and here is the final product!

All of the arrangements, tweaks and twists made for a beauty shot that would have you saying “How YOU Spa’n?”

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Thanksgiving with Wendy!


Gobble. Gobble.

The “Wendy” Art Department got involved with Wendy’s Thanksgiving Watch and Win this year, and the prize was a meal with Wendy herself!

We dressed our set to look like the interior of a fancy dining room. It all began with Photoshopping a rich, warm wall as the backdrop.

This piece of mahogany wood is actually a picture of a door that has been tweaked to look more like paneling.


Along the bottom of the wall you can see the photoshopped door that has become very elegant paneling for our dining room.

The crown molding and chair rail was also photoshopped from more of that mahogany door.

We printed out the images on our large printer, and mounted them on 8 feet tall foam core.


Often, the smallest details will help make the final result pop.

In this case, we decided to show off a bit and make our own electrically powered, wall sconces from two, straw baskets.

We stripped the woven straw and wrapped the frame in gold sequins. We made sure there was a hole in the back for an ordinary lightbulb to slide through.

We then made holes in the foam core walls that allowed us to mount and power our fixtures.


Good food, good meat, good golly, let’s eat!

The painting, the molding and the paneling are all 2-dimensional.

Our wall sconces add a touch of elegance, along with our home-made curtains.

A simple table dressing, and a champagne toast made our “smoke and mirror” turkey day look like a gourmet feast!

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Dog House!


Doggy Fashion Show!

Can you spot the difference?

For Wendy’s Halloween Dog Fashion Show, we came up with an idea to have an abandoned dog catcher truck as our background.

The original stock image (top), needed a little sprucing up, so we photoshopped a few extra elements, and an extra Dog Catcher sign (bottom), to make sure both studio and home audiences could clearly see the theme.


We pride ourselves on making 2-dimensional flats, appear 3-D.

With that in mind, to work along with our flat Dog Catcher truck, we added 3-dimensional elements such as a weathered net for our ghastly, dog catcher, as well as some patches of dry hay and spooky grass.


With all of the elements combined, our haunted dog catcher truck sure added to the Halloween fun.

I guess we now know who really let the dogs out.

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Meet the “Wendy” Art Department


Behind the Scenes.

Greetings from the basement of “The Wendy Williams Show.”

We are the Art Department, and we are responsible for every game, prop, gift and holiday set piece that is seen on the show.

Michael Lee has been the Art Director since Season 3, and Chris joined the show as the Art Assistant in Season 5.

Michael Lee has been a fine artist for over 30 years, specializing in Trompe L’oeil, which is a technique in which an artist makes a 2-dimensional painting appear 3-dimensional. Those painting skills have now been digitally transferred and much of the 2-dimensional work done for the show, is made to look 3-dimensional with programs like Photoshop.

Michael Lee is no stranger to the entertainment business. He was a Broadway performer for many years, as well as being the Creative Director of Rosie O’Donnell’s “R Family Cruises.” Chris started as an intern in the beginning of Season 3, and worked closely with the Art Department during that time. Chris gained an art background throughout his college career studying graphic design and ultimately earning a degree in Theatre.

We love to brag about having the best job in the biz, but even the best of jobs come with their fair share of challenges. We have to always find creative, yet affordable ways to produce high quality products. Foam core has become our go-to supply, mainly because it is inexpensive but versatile. We have 3 printers that range in size from 9 inches wide to 44 inches wide, and we use those printers, along with the foam core, to make large backdrops, game pieces, and props. Making things, as opposed to buying them, is a good way to cut cost, but more importantly it allows for us to create one of a kind pieces which help set us apart from other shows.

The basement is filled with good vibes and positivity. We keep our workspace fun and cheery, which helps to keep the creative juices flowing. Our host is one we believe in, and one we love working for. Just as all of the staff here at “Wendy,” we aim to make each show better than the last.

We hope you enjoy this behind the scenes look into the Art Department. If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the comment section of each post and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Hot Animals with David Mizejewski!


David Mizejewski from the National Wildlife Federation shows Wendy some wild animals who live in hot climates!

If you have a name suggestion for the baby kangaroo, visit our Facebook page!
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