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Doin’ Just Fine, Alone With Her Wigs

Doin’ Just Fine, Alone With Her Wigs

To borrow Wendy Williams’ trademark greeting: “Wendy, how you doin?’ ” If it’s a Sunday, the answer is: fantastic. Ms. Williams, 46, treats her day of rest from “The Wendy Williams Show” as just that, preferably ensconced in her she-cave in the suburbs of Essex County, N.J. Her husband, Kevin Hunter, 38, and son, Kevin Hunter Jr., 9, know better than to attempt to pry the gossip and advice queen away from a day of bad television and great wigs.



Wendy Williams is expanding her already impressive empire to the world of television, with the launch of The Wendy Williams Show in national syndication on July 13, 2009, after a successful six-week preview the previous year. A mother and wife with a tremendously successful career as a radio personality and author, Williams first made a name for herself by using her “big mouth” on the radio where she has spent 23 years, 16 of them spent on the air in New York City, winning over legions of fans.

Her number one radio show, The Wendy Williams Experience, which airs on WBLS in New York, is home to over 12 million listeners nationwide. She is the author of two New York Times best sellers, Wendy’s Got The Heat by Simon & Schuster and The Wendy Williams Experience by Dutton Books, as well as several novels. Her latest book, Ritz Harper Goes to Hollywood (Simon & Schuster), the third installment in her series of Ritz Harper novels, was released in May 2009.

Her previous television work included a television show on VH1 called Wendy Williams is on Fire. In addition to many industry honors, Williams received the Thurgood Marshall Prestige Award in 2008. The accolade honors individuals who embody the leadership, commitment and legacy for the late Justice Thurgood Marshall. Wendy Williams grew up in Ocean Township, New Jersey and currently lives in Northern New Jersey with her husband Kevin Hunter and their 9-year-old son. Williams attended Northeastern University in Boston, MA, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in communications with a minor in journalism.

After Show: Aunt P.O.D.


Wendy has one more day until vacation and can’t wait to be sitting on the beach with her Kevins.

Find out what the Hunters like to do on vacation, and why Wendy doesn’t leave the hotel.

Then, Wendy tells us about her Aunt Pod, who used to watch her when her parents went on vacation.

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