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After Show: Full Moon

Guy Candy!

It’s a full moon and Wendy’s feeling sassy and can’t stop thinking about our Guy Candy, Henry!

Find out what Wendy looks for in her Guy Candy!

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Wendy Show Remix: Sinfully Delicious

Wendy debuted her La Lopez wig and the blogosphere exploded.

Benjamin Bratt showed off his guns and Kevin Nealon showed off his new body!

Wendy and Jennifer Love talked love, men and wine.

Marlee Matlin gave Wendy her best “how you doin’?” and Valerie Harper made 70 look good!

Take a look and our favorite moments from the past week!

Mariah & Nick’s Custody Battle


Hot Topics.

Mariah and Nick aren’t fighting over custody of their kids, but over their dogs. Mariah wants to keep all eight of them, but Nick wants to take two.

Then, Kris Jenner was spotted out with a much younger guy. Are Kris and Bruce moving on too soon?

Plus, Tori had a meltdown on the season premiere of “True Tori” and confessed to living paycheck to paycheck. Find out what Wendy thinks Tori needs to do to fix her financial troubles.

And Wendy tells us what Teresa Giudice’s average day in prison will look like.

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Hot Talk Polls


Wendy and her panel are dishing on the hottest stories of the week and we want to hear from you!

Take our “Wendy Watcher” polls and tell us what you think about these “Hot Talk” issues.

After Show: The Cross Roads



Wendy tells us why her heart skipped a beat during today’s Halloween costume segment.

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Nicolle Wallace’s “View”


Girl Talk.

Nicolle Wallace tells us about her new gig on “The View” and all about her experience working for George W. Bush and Sarah Palin.

Plus, Nicolle weighs in on Monnica Lewinsky and the prospect of Hillary Clinton running for president.

Then, Wendy quizzes Nicolle to test her pop culture IQ.

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Hot Halloween Costumes!


How You Booin’?

Halloween is next weekend and it’s time to get your costume!

Celebrity stylist Jene Luciani shows us some of this year’s hottest costumes from Spirit Halloween.

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Nicolle Wallace and Jene Luciani


Nicolle Wallace: You can watch “The View” weekdays. Check your local listings.

Jene Luciani: For more style and costume ideas follow Jene on Twitter

Issa London


What Wendy’s Wearing:

• Coral, papaya and peach printed stretch-jacquard dress by Issa London

• Caramel fishnet tights by Nude Barre

• Gold “Kirby” earrings by Chico’s

• Gold cuff by Robert Lee Morris Soho

• Wendy’s own black patent leather belt by YSL

• Wendy’s own silver and gold watch by Rolex

• Wendy’s own tri-color bangle set by Cartier

• Wendy’s own diamond bracelets

• Wendy’s own diamond necklace

• Black on black crystal cat eyeglasses by Divalicious Jewelry

• Black patent leatehr “BB” pumps by Manolo Blahnik

• Black Taylor Swift “Champion Sneaky Cat” print shoe by Keds

Tell Us: What do you think about Wendy’s look?

Teresa Giudice’s Crisis Manager Quits


Hot Topics.

Teresa Giudice’s legal drama continues. Her legal crisis manager quit after Teresa reportedly went behind her back to request that she be sent to the real life “Orange is the New Black” prison.

Then, Leah Remini co-hosted “Dancing with the Stars” and was a hit. Does Erin Andrews have anything to be worried about?

Plus, Tori Spelling stoops to a new level in order to get attention and Monica Lewinsky confesses that she was “in love” with President Clinton.

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