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After Show: Delightfully Tacky


What to wear?

Wendy dishes about her super model look from today’s show and picks out something to wear for her appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”.

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Nancy Fuller Farmhouse Recipes!


Farmhouse Rules.

Food Network Chef Nancy Fuller heats things up in our kitchen and tells us about her new cookbook, “Farmhouse Rules: Simple, Seasonal Meals for the Whole Family.”

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Christie Brinkley and Nancy Fuller


Christie Brinkley: Visit to purchase your copy of “Timeless Beauty.”

Nancy Fuller: Visit to purchase your copy of “Farmhouse Rules.”

Lorraine Bracco is Living Life “To the Fullest”


60 and Fabulous.

Lorraine Bracco reveals what inspired her to write her new book, “To the Fullest.”

Then, Lorraine tells us about her modeling career before she became an actress.

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After Show: Full Moon

Guy Candy!

It’s a full moon and Wendy’s feeling sassy and can’t stop thinking about our Guy Candy, Henry!

Find out what Wendy looks for in her Guy Candy!

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Wendy Show Remix: Sinfully Delicious

Wendy debuted her La Lopez wig and the blogosphere exploded.

Benjamin Bratt showed off his guns and Kevin Nealon showed off his new body!

Wendy and Jennifer Love talked love, men and wine.

Marlee Matlin gave Wendy her best “how you doin’?” and Valerie Harper made 70 look good!

Take a look and our favorite moments from the past week!

Sage the Gemini Slams Jordin Sparks


Hot Topics.

Sage the Gemini slammed Jordin Sparks in a secret audio recording.

“Entourage” star Jeremy Piven can’t get over his ex-girlfriend and now her current boyfriend is putting him on blast.

Plus, Jessica Simpson posted a photo of her daughter, with a sexually suggestive song lyric, on Instagram. Is it funny or inappropriate?

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After Show: Meet the Parents



Wendy dishes about Action Bronson and Ellie Lee’s debuts on today’s show.

Then, should you introduce your parents to your boyfriend’s parents after a few years of dating, or wait until the wedding?

Plus, if you’re getting a mommy makeover should you tell your family and friends first, or wait for them to see the big reveal?

Find out Wendy’s advice in an Ask Wendy edition of the After Show.

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Miley & Liam’s Prenup


Inside Scoop.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are back together and already talking marriage.

Miley is worth over $200 million and says she’ll get married with or without a prenup.

Do prenups take the romance out of marriage? Should Miley demand Liam sign one before they take a walk down the aisle?

Then, Peter Facinelli and Jaimie Alexander called off their engagement. Are their rising careers to blame?

Entertainment journalist Ellie Lee gives us the inside scoop.

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Fave 5 with Action Bronson


Fave 5.

What’s Action Bronson’s favorite health food? His favorite pre-show ritual?

Find out what the “F*ck, That’s Delicious” host revealed when we played a game of Fave 5.

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