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2017 Fall Fashion Trends

Refinery 29's Annie Georgia Greenberg shows us the hottest fall trends. Trend #1: Vinyl This high-gloss look is all about impact. It’s super ‘90s and badass. We’re seeing lots of trench coat silhouettes this season but in this shiny...

How to Keep Your “End of Summer” Glow

By Joanne Rosa We’re not mad that the fall weather is finally here, but we’re a little annoyed that our summer glow is fading away. You can’t keep that summer glow forever, but you can try to extend it for as long as possible, and...

Friend Flake

What should you do if your friend bailed on you at the last minute on a trip to NYC? Should you ask her to pay up for the hotel room or let it go?

Selena Gomez Gets a Kidney Transplant

Selena Gomez revealed that she received a kidney transplant earlier this summer. Her best friend was the donor. Then, Mel B's divorce is still going on. Michael Yo, comedian and host of Sirius/XM “Hit’s 1 in Hollywood" gives us the...

Michael Yo and CeCe Peniston

Michael Yo: For the latest on Michael Yo, you can follow him on Instagram. CeCe Peniston: Congratulations to CeCe Peniston on 25 Years of "Finally".

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