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Lena Dunham Angered by Kanye West’s “Famous” Music Video


Hot Talk.

Lena Dunham says Kanye West’s “Famous” music video is vile in light of the Bill Cosby and Stanford rape scandal. Is she right or is it just art?

Then, a safety PSA for the L.A. Metro is causing controversy. Is it too graphic?

Plus, parents in New Mexico are under fire for forcing their 16-year-old son to live in a tent after he allegedly stole from them. Does the punishment fit the crime?

CNN’s Don Lemon, “Entertainment Tonight’s” Sharon Carpenter and actress Jenny Mollen Biggs join Wendy to debate the biggest headlines of the week.

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Hot Talk


Hot Talk: Special thanks to CNN’s Don Lemon, Sharon Carpenter and author Jenny Mollen Biggs.

Vince Camuto


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After Show: 4th of July!



Wendy dishes about her 4th of July weekend plans and her interview with Patti Stanger.

Then, what does Wendy miss most about being on the radio? What does she like to listen to when she’s driving?

Find out what Wendy reveals when she answers your Ask Wendy questions!

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Patti Stanger: Million Dollar Matchmaker!


Girl Chat.

Patti Stanger tells us about her new reality show on We TV, “Million Dollar Matchmaker” and how the show will be different from her previous show on Bravo.

Then, Patti weighs in on the latest celebrity relationship news.

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have only been dating for a few weeks and they’ve already met each other’s parents. Are they moving too fast?

Should Dorinda Medley care what her “Real Housewives” co-stars think about her boyfriend?

Are Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes the perfect match? Patti Stanger says it like she means it!

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Patti Stanger


Patti Stanger: “Million Dollar Matchmaker” premieres July 8th at 10/9c on WEtv.

Karen Kane


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Tina Knowles Claps Back at the Beyoncé Haters


Hot Topics.

Beyoncé’s mom, Ms. Tina, clapped back at the haters on social media who were trashing Queen B. for leaving the BET Awards early.

Should Beyoncé have stayed to accept her award?

Then, “Black Twitter” dragged Justin Timberlake for his Tweet praising “Grey’s Anatomy’s” Jesse Williams’ speech about race.

Plus, “Dance Mom” Abby Lee Miller plead guilty to fraud charges and is facing time behind bars.

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Jesse T. Usher


Independence Day.

“Independence Day: Resurgence” star Jesse T. Usher tells us about his hit Summer blockbuster and how he met Will Smith for the first time!

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Jesse T. Usher in the Chevy Malibu Hot Seat



What is the craziest rumor Jesse T. Usher has ever heard about himself?

What’s the most embarrassing song on his iPod? If he could be invisible for one day, what would he do?

Find out What he reveals when we put him in the Chevy Hot Seat!

The all-new 2016 Chevy Malibu – it’s the car you never expected. Visit for more details.

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