By Joanne Rosa

Jenni broke the news to Angelina that she has to leave the house in last week’s episode, and she went out with a bang this week.

Angelina has showed the house that she has changed as a person, but they want to end the the season with the people they finished the original Jersey Shore with, as a family. That’s completely understandable. Did Angelina see it that way? Yup. She didn’t pull a Teresa Giudice and flip the table. Since she took it so well, they went out that night to celebrate Angelina and they did so in true meatball style-with a bottle in hand. After Angelina was good and drunk from the club, the cabs came to bring everyone home. The girls never expected what happened next.

The ladies were in the car together when someone passed gas. It wasn’t a normal toot, it was a strong, crippling toot that sent the girls into a frenzy.

Undaunted by the gas, Angelina admitted it was her. Everyone in the car was freaking out from the smell, including the cab driver! Angelina disclosed that she sharted (when one farts and goes number two at the same time).

Everyone got home and was beside themselves about Angelina’s accident. Yet a few minutes after getting home, Angelina claimed she actually didn’t shart, it was just period sh*t. Excuse me? No one knows what that is girl. She attempted to backpedal out of the situation by showing everyone her panties. Here’s the thing Angelina girl, first you said it was a shart, then you said it was a period sh*t, and now you are trying to show everyone your underwear. We’re grossed out.

As expected, Angelina became embarrassed by the incident and woke Nicole up so she wouldn’t cry by herself. Nicole was like, you’re literally crying over a shart, go to sleep. She did, and the next morning Angelina claimed she didn’t remember that much from the night.

Apparently, the Jersey Shore fam live a difficult life, and they need a vacation from their Miami vacation. Luckily when you’re in Florida, you can just go to the Bahamas for the weekend. They took a short cruise down to Bimini and immediately hit up a yacht for the day to catch some sun rays and sting rays.

It’s become obvious that Mike has replaced his drug addiction with food. The man eats five course meals every few hours. He might not have the abs he had years ago, but it’s actually impressive to see that Mike isn’t obese from the amount of calories he devours each day. He ate nonstop on the yacht, and he ordered entrees, cheese plates, and dessert when they got back to the hotel knowing full well that everyone was going to get dressed to go out to eat.

Mike engulfed his food, passed out, and ended up making everyone late to dinner. Jenni gave him the business for holding the group up. It’s no surprise that Mike had a stomach ache after he woke up from his nap, but that’s what you get for scarfing down plates on plates of rich, heavy food!

Aside from Mike’s messy meal situation, he shared with the group that he’s planning to propose to his girlfriend Lauren when she visits Miami!

The whole time everyone is vacationing from their vacation, Vinny’s mom was incessantly calling the Miami house from Staten Island. She was getting worried sick when in all likelihood, Vinny probably didn’t talk to her for a couple of days. For Vinny’s Mom, the amount of time spent not talking to her son passes in dog years. She thought it was only appropriate to fly herself down to Miami and make sure he’s OK. She packed a suitcase with prosciutto, mozzarella, and other fine Italian foods and headed to Miami with Uncle Nino.

Nothing could make Vinny, or the other Jersey Shore fam members happier than a clean house and a homemade Italian dinner.

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