By Joanne Rosa

A lot went down on RHONY last week, and now the ladies have to deal with the fallout. Here’s how it all goes down.

Countess Luann Deals with the Aftermath of Her Arrest

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Two weeks after the Countess’ arrest, the housewives gossiped about what went down. Tinsley was actually in Palm Beach just a few blocks from where Luann was arrested. She reached out to Luann after she heard about what happened and invited her over to have a drink. Probably not the best idea, but we’ll give Tinsley credit and let this blonde moment pass. Luann actually went to the same jail Tinsley went to when she was arrested! Of course, Tom was also down in Palm Beach during Luann’s arrest. While everyone traded stories, Luann checked herself into rehab for alcohol.

Ramona claims Luann told her she was self-medicating to get through the trauma in her life. Tinsley dished that Luann stayed in the same hotel on the night of her arrest that she stayed in for her wedding brunch. Plus, Palm Beach is the kind of small town place where everything is close together. Luann took a risk and tried to prove that she was fine, but it clearly backfired. Dorinda was in Central Park when she received a phone call from Luann in rehab. Long conversation short, Luann believes rehab was the right place for her. She can hardly believe what happened, but her memories and emotions about her failed marriage to Tom came flooding back into her life when she arrived in Palm Beach. Luann admitted she would drink rather than deal with her emotions. She knew she needed help, and she didn’t ask for it until she hit an emotional brick wall on the night of her arrest. More than anything, Luann is upset she disappointed her children, and especially her mother. “This is rock bottom… you can’t get worse than getting arrested… but I’m thankful for it in a crazy way because it made me look at myself in ways that I never have.”

From the looks of Luann’s cabaret show #CountessAndFriends, she is back to Countess status and looks better than ever!

Sonja Crashes Tinsley’s Place

Tinsley & Sonja

Tinsley was more than happy to host Sonja while her house undergoes renovation. After all of the arguing between them about Tinsley’s time living at Sonja’s place, Tinsley felt she owed Sonja. The house rules are there are no rules. Even better than that, Tinsley rented a penthouse suite in the hotel for Sonja, so she’s not actually crashing with Tinsley at all! The cherry on top was when Tinsley gifted Sonja a Louis Vuitton overnight bag. I mean, really? While Sonja unloaded her bag and sifted through the slippers and robes, Tinsley apologized yet again for how things went down during her stay with Sonja. We’re pretty sure that’s all water under the bridge now.

Bethenny Launches Jeans Line & Brawls

Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny threw a launch party at Magic Hour Club for her new jeans line (available September 10, 2018).

Sonja and Tinsley arrived on time, and Dorinda hobbled in later with her bad foot. Bethenny didn’t waste anytime addressing the beef between her and Dorinda. She actually almost started crying. The beef is that Dorinda was able to get Bethenny a one of a kind nutcracker from FAO Schwartz, but Dorinda feels Bethenny didn’t give her the gratitude she deserved. So, Dorinda admitted that she was sensitive about it before and she’s over it now. Bethenny admitted she probably didn’t thank her enough at the party when she received the gift. In the same breath Bethenny brought up how Dorinda didn’t act appropriately the morning of their flight to Puerto Rico (when Dorinda drunkenly lashed out at some of Bethenny’s relief team). There’s no doubt that Bethenny will bring things up from the past when she needs something to lean on. In this case, there was no need to bring in support. Dorinda essentially forgave Bethenny! Anyway, as quickly as their conversation escalated, it ended, and all was forgiven with a hug and a cheers to the New Year.

Bethenny and Dorinda Real Housewives of New York City

The day after the launch party, Bethenny dragged her hungover self to meet Carole for lunch. Bethenny cut the smalltalk short and asked Carole if she was upset with her. Carole claimed she wasn’t upset and she didn’t feel like their friendship shifted at all. Bethenny actually stayed quiet for the most part and let Carole say her peace. Maybe it was a good thing that Bethenny came hungover. Bethenny accepted the fact that she shouldn’t have spoken poorly of Adam to Carole, even if that’s what she truly believed.

Even with all of this out in the open, Bethenny still loves Carole and wants to keep her as a friend. Bethenny claims she sent Carole a picture of them together over the holidays and three sentences telling her how much she missed her, and that Carole was acting cold towards her. Carole’s response was, “wow that’s a lot.” At lunch, Carole sang a different tune. She said Bethenny wrote much more than three sentences about their friendship, including laying into Ramona. Carole had just gotten off of her flight, and believed the conversation was too much to discuss over text, and she’d rather wait until after the holidays to chat. Meanwhile, Bethenny continued to text Carole despite her request to hold off until the new year.

Bethenny was beside herself at lunch. She just wanted Carole to forgive and forget, like how her conversation with Dorinda went. Carole wanted Bethenny to understand why she was distant over the holidays. Carole feels like there’s a lot of talk going on about her from Bethenny’s mouth, but more often than not it’s being said to other people. Finally, they came to a point where they could see each other, and they hugged it out.

Episode Fun Fact

Ramona’s new skincare line is a go after dermatologist Dr. Amy Lewis gave it the seal of approval.

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