WENDY REWIND: Janet Mock Recalls Her Interview With Morgan Freeman

WENDY REWIND: Janet Mock Recalls Her Interview With Morgan Freeman


1. André Leon Talley is Sexually Fluid

Wendy asked André Leon Talley if he’s ever had a great love in his life, and he promptly answered no.


However, he dished that he had some passionate romances with viscountesses in Europe. One “wore only pearls to bed” with André several times. Wendy asked if André was heterosexual, and he revealed he’s fluid in his sexuality. André is always honest when he’s on the purple couch!

2. David Arquette’s Big Announcement

Actor David Arquette told us about his new Netflix documentary, “Survivors Guide to Prison” and what it’s like co-parenting with Courteney Cox. Even more juicy than that, he made a big announcement on The Wendy Show this week. David is returning to professional wrestling.

3. Wining & Dining for Dollars & Checks

If you recently lost your job and your former co-worker is an escort and is trying to get you to become one too, what should you do? Our co-host always sees her friend carrying around bundles of cash, and she could use more of that in her life since she lost her job. Wendy answers her question in Ask Wendy.

4. Janet Mock gets Real about Morgan Freeman Interview

Janet Mock told Wendy how she felt when Morgan Freeman made inappropriate comments towards her during an interview.

5. Don Lemon Sounds Off on Hot Topics

CNN’s Don Lemon weighs in on the latest Hot Topics. Find out Don’s take on Kim Kardashian visiting the White House and “Roseanne” being canceled after her racist Twitter rant.

Audience Reaction of the Week

Morgan Freeman is under investigation for sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior. Sixteen people-eight alleged victims and eight witnesses-have come forward to CNN. Entertainment Tonight dug up and released some old interviews of Morgan making inappropriate comments during film junkets. In an interview with Janet Mock, he questioned how women managed to do “that” all the damn time. Janet assumed he was talking about her hair, but he wasn’t. “You gotta dress that’s halfway between your legs and your, hips. And you sit down right across from me.”

Morgan issued two statements. One said, “I apologize to anyone who felt uncomfortable or disrespected-that was never my intent.” The other said, “I admit that I am someone who feels a need to try to make women-and men-feel appreciated and at ease around me. As a part of that, I would often try to joke with and compliment women… Clearly I was not always coming across the way I intended… But I also want to be clear: I did not assault women.”

In Janet Mock‘s interview with Wendy this week, she compared her interaction with Morgan Freeman to being scolded by her grandfather. This was our co-host’s reaction to finding out America’s unofficial Grandpa is under investigation for sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior.