By Joanne Rosa

Here’s the breakdown on the latest episode of RHONY!

Bethenny & Carole’s Fractured Friendship

We don’t talk about friendship breakups enough. We’ve all either been dumped by a friend before, or dumped a friend. Neither situation is easy, and it hurts like hell. That’s where Carole and Bethenny are right now.

Tensions started over the summer when Bethenny was helping with hurricane relief for Puerto Rico and Carole was training for the NYC marathon. In tonight’s episode, they both admitted that their busy lives didn’t allow their friendship to flourish as it used to. Sure, a friendship can be strained when you’re apart for so long, but we’re talking about one summer here. This isn’t the main reason why they’re at odds with each other.

Fast forward to the fall, it becomes a bit more obvious that there’s some friction in their friendship. Remember when they argued in the Hamptons because Bethenny said Carole didn’t answer her calls and messages after the marathon, and Carole said she didn’t receive any good wishes from her? That got hostile real quick. It was eventually resolved when Carole pulled out the receipts, and saw that Bethenny not only texted her, but Carole actually replied. Still, this isn’t what’s really making a mess of their friendship.

At Dorinda’s Berkshires house in last week’s episode, Bethenny and Carole started an argument that neither of them could finish. It quickly escalated to the point where neither of them were really hearing each other. That drama continued tonight, and it didn’t get resolved. The topic brought up again and again was Carole’s on-again off-again (now off-again) boy toy Adam Kenworthy, and it all started over the summer while neither of them were in close contact.

Bethenny and Carole continuously brought up when Bethenny asked Adam to photograph her team’s hurricane relief efforts pro bono. Adam declined the offer, claiming he couldn’t afford to miss paid work. This didn’t sit well with Bethenny, and she concluded that he was an “operator.” Carole understood Adam’s situation. Over the summer, Bethenny mentioned her exchange with Adam to Carole. Bethenny could tell she “hit a trigger.” That being so, Bethenny claims she dropped the Adam conversation with Carole, but it still bugged her that Carole “didn’t mind” that Adam did what he did. What bugged Carole was the fact that someone she considered a close friend was talking behind her back so much.

When two people hold onto negative feelings for too long, it comes out eventually. For Bethenny and Carole, it came out during Dorinda’s murder mystery party at the Berkshires with all of the housewives to hear. The fact that their enmity erupted in front of everyone has a lot to do with how everything went down. Bethenny was splitting hairs with everything Carole said, while Carole was overly defensive. She even lashed out at the Countess! One thing’s clear: they both felt dazed and betrayed. It’s not that there is one person that’s right here, but that feelings were hurt and they need to discuss how to move forward. Rumor has it, they don’t move forward; they move on from each other.

After leaving the tabs-and a few more drinks-Bethenny and Carole tried talking out their issues behind closed doors (and with cameras). Both of them confessed that they didn’t want to fight anymore, but in the same breath Bethenny said Carole is more into herself these days. Sure, Carole got a haircut, changed her wardrobe, and started hanging out with Tinsley more, but she believes she’s the same person. Dorinda and Luann told Carole a few days prior to the Bethenny blowup that they believe she’s become more outspoken. Eh, people change, you know? After their closed door conversation, they both could agree on a few thing: they’re exhausted, they’re calmer, and they don’t want to fight anymore.

At Bethenny’s annual holiday party back in Manhattan, they didn’t argue, but Carole was oddly quiet and left early because she felt uncomfortable. Bethenny questioned the remaining housewives if they thought Carole looked sad. Bethenny believes Carole is sad and lonely over her breakup with Adam. The only thing Carole is sad about is that Bethenny is talking behind her back again.

Ramona V. Bethenny (Again)

This is the frenemy war that keeps on giving. Ramona and Bethenny have been at odds for many seasons now, and things aren’t getting better. Bethenny believes Ramona thrives off of drama (true), and Ramona believes Bethenny is a mean girl (also true). At Luann’s blood drive, Sonja asked Carole if she was OK, because the women were wondering if she was sad. Carole asked Ramona about it, knowing full well that she would include every little detail about what transpired. Of course, Ramona spilled that Bethenny was the one who brought Carole’s sadness and loneliness into question.

Completing a full gossip circle, Sonja told Bethenny about Ramona spilling the tea to Carole. Bethenny addressed it head on by calling Ramona. Bethenny began the call by saying she doesn’t have that many girlfriends, but Ramona cut her off and told her to get to the point; she did. Bethenny feels like Ramona has contributed emotional damage to her friendship with Carole. Bethenny was truly calm over the phone, and it seemed like she just wanted to address what she heard. Ramona on the other hand, was sharp and impatient.

Bethenny accused Ramona of getting enjoyment out of her and Carole’s arguments, which Ramona fiercely denied. Bethenny believes Ramona doesn’t support women, and she threw that accusation right back at her. When Ramona mentioned she was going to start a skincare line with infomercials, Bethenny wasn’t exactly nice about it. OK, she was kind of snobby. Alright, she was just plain rude, but that’s Bethenny and Ramona for ya. Nothing in their “friendship” has changed for years. Ramona bitched out Bethenny and hung up on her.

The gag is, Ramona wasn’t the only one bashing Bethenny at the blood drive.

Countess Luann’s Breaking Point

Kudos to Countess for moving on from Tom after he did her so dirty like that. That’s some real royal etiquette right there. Luann isn’t actually dealing with what happened, she’s just suppressing it like Bethenny and Carole. See, Countess couldn’t care less about Carole saying “no one cares what you think,” because she knows she’s fabulous. She quickly moved on from that, and the fact that Carole outed Bethenny for allegedly calling Countess a loser. She doesn’t like to let bad vibes linger, but she doesn’t always deal with them head on.

It became obvious that Countess was still dealing with Tom’s betrayal. Bethenny mentioned Tom’s new “busted up banged up girlfriend” when Countess had no idea he was seeing anyone. Ramona tried to brush it off and say that he has a new girlfriend every night. Bethenny played along, but Luann was clearly still hurt by what Tom did. She left shortly after that.

Countess simply wants a fresh start, but it’s not as easy as getting a penthouse on the upper west side. Two days after sealing her stay at the UWS penthouse, Countess Luann de Lesseps was arrested in Palm Beach, FL. She was charged with disorderly intoxication, battery on an officer, resisting arrest with violence, and threatening a public servant. In court, Luann was told, “I don’t know if you have a drinking problem, but stop drinking.”

Episode Fun Fact

At the party, Sonja asked Tinsley if she could stay at her place for two days. The irony of it all! Tinsley was very hesitant to say yes, but she did. Sonja didn’t notice the doubt in Tinsley’s voice, but we did!

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