By Joanne Rosa

Previously on RHONY, it seemed like everyone kissed and made up so to speak, but we’ll see if their forgiveness will stand the test of time.

With the holidays so close, Dorinda invited everyone to her place at the Berkshires and no expense was spared with tinsel and mistletoe. Dorinda was going for an old world meets new world meets kitsch theme, and everyone was impressed.

First to arrive was Ramona and Carole. Dorinda invited them for a couple of days to spend some time together. During dinner, Carole addressed the fact that she hasn’t seen much of Bethenny lately. The awkwardness Bethenny felt with Carole last week is something Carole expressed she senses as well. In Carole’s words, they’re experiencing a disconnect, and felt Bethenny was aggressive with her. Dorinda boasted about how special Carole and Bethenny’s relationship is while also hinting that something between them isn’t as it used to be. Once Carole brought up Bethenny’s charity, Dorinda spilled the tea. She told Carole that Bethenny was upset Adam (Carole’s then boy toy) wouldn’t take photos for the charity pro bono. Carole was surprised Bethenny would hold a grudge against her over something like that. Even more surprising, she’s finding it difficult to believe Bethenny wasn’t open and honest with her. With an opening like this, it’s very possible the curse of the Berkshires will continue.

As soon as Bethenny arrives, she immediately assigned Dorinda a mission to help her find a discontinued life size F.A.O. Schwartz Nutcracker. Bethenny wants to be better than Santa Clause. While Dorinda made some phone calls, Carole greeted Bethenny while she unpacked. Carole wants to have a conversation with Bethenny, and plans to do so. Since Bethenny is acting like everything is perfectly fine and bought Carole a Christmas gift, Carole is planning to do the same.

Luann, Tinsley, and Sonja all arrived together bearing wine. No matter what time it is, single Luann is always down for a bottle of wine. Since everyone arrived and wine was flowing, Dorinda thought it best to tell the ladies of the newly founded rules of engagement.

1. Len (Dorinda’s housekeeper) works for no one but Dorinda
2. Do not touch, take, or wear Dorinda’s personal items while in the house
3. Respect the home

Sonja took notes from her realtor and photographed any damage to her bedroom that was there prior to her arrival.

It’s finally time for Dorinda’s Prohibition theme murder mystery party. To mix up the hen party, Dorinda invited three guys to play a role in the party. Just as Bethenny predicted, everyone was talking their roles seriously. It’s no surprise that everyone’s character closely resembles who they are in real life. One of the lovely gentlemen that arrived at the party was unexpectedly MURDERED! Then, the second man was also MURDERED, and the butler that was awful at promptly serving drinks turned out to be the POPO! Just as soon as the butler cop explained how he’ll solve the murder, Dorinda fessed up to being the murderer, and won a $180 bottle of champagne. She was over the murder mystery party and wanted to get on with dinner (and popping that bottle).

Almost immediately after Ramona ran her mouth about how she is losing her mind, Bethenny called her out for lying to Carole about calling her a puppet. Ramona admitted that Bethenny didn’t say the word puppet, but what Bethenny did say wasn’t exactly a compliment. Since there was booze in everyone’s bloodstream, Dorinda decided to address Carole and Bethenny in front of the whole table and ask if the two of them had tension. Bethenny claimed she didn’t feel tense. Carole admitted she felt like their vibe was different, and Bethenny agreed. Carole asked if there was a reason for it. Bethenny stuttered saying she didn’t think so. Carole said that’s fine; they can talk about it later. This wasn’t good enough for Dorinda. She insisted the two of them put everything out on the table. It’s her house, and she wanted dinner and a show!

Carole made the first move by repeating to Bethenny the information Dorinda told her at last night’s dinner. Bethenny denied wanting more financial support from Carole, and said she spoke with Dorinda about her disappointment with Adam. In the same breath, Bethenny denied reaching out to Adam via phone or email. Carole said when she spoke with Adam, he actually wanted to do the photos. Bethenny cut her off to express how freaked out she was by Carole. “Does the truth freak you out?” Carole replied.

Bethenny nitpicked every word Carole said, while Carole just wanted to get to the bottom of why they were so tense with each other, not whether something happened on a Saturday or Sunday. To Bethenny, those little details made a big difference. Carole continued to say she felt Bethenny was more defensive and aggressive with her than usual. When Bethenny told Carole that wasn’t the case, Carole pulled a “honey” on her. “Don’t call me honey,” Bethenny snapped. Carole protested that she always calls Bethenny honey, and to stop talking so much so she can get some words in.

The rest of the housewives were awkwardly downing their drinks while Bethenny and Carole argued. They were like children sitting at the dinner table while the parents argued.

RHONY left us hanging with Bethenny and Carole agreeing neither of them feel the other loved them, and teased next week’s episode. It looks like Carole spills some of Bethenny’s secrets when she’s is pushed to the edge.

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