WENDY REWIND: Cardi B Is Who They Tryna Be!

WENDY REWIND: Cardi B Is Who They Tryna Be!


By Joanne Rosa

1. Co-Host’s Sex Diet

Leave it to our Wendy Watchers to surprise us when we didn’t think there were any surprises left. Our co-host is trying to lose weight, and her husband had a plan to make it happen. If your man suggested you have sex every night for three months to lose weight and he was the only one who lost weight, how would you tell him you want to have less sex? Find out how Wendy answers our co-host’s sex diet question!

2. Wendy Gets in Touch With Her Wild Side!

The National Wildlife Federation’s Dave Mizejewski shows Wendy some wild animals from around the world. From adorable lemurs to snakes that look like your ex (you know who you are).

Live footage of your ex’s appearance on the Wendy Show

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Wendy gets in touch with her wild side!

3. Meghan & Harry’s Royal Wedding

People are already starting to camp out to see the royal wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Naughtygossip.com’s Rob Shuter gives us the inside scoop on all the royal wedding drama that Meghan’s family is causing. Plus, find out how the royal family gave Meghan Markle a wardrobe upgrade, and how her life will change once the couple says “I do” on Saturday.

4. Let’s Talk About Big Booties!

Big butts have taken over Hollywood. Millions of women are getting in on this new plastic surgery trend, but some are going to dangerous lengths to get the perfect booty.

Sean Cummings, Dr. Miami, and Jenelle Salazar Butler join Wendy at the Hot Talk table to breakdown the big booty craze.

5. We Recreated Cadri’s Floral Jacket & So Can You!

In a new edition of “Wendy, What’s Good?” we find out what was so special about Wendy’s ottoman that she interrupted Hot Topics for.

Yanny or Laurel? Wendy gets to the bottom of the Yanny or Laurel debate by asking Wendy staffers.

Plus, Wendy answers a viewer’s follow-up question about recreating Cardi B’s floral Moschino jacket.

Want to create your own? Follow our Art Director Michael Lee’s instructions.

Audience Reaction of the Week

During Hot Topics, Wendy dished on why fashion designer Tom Ford is furious at Amal Clooney over Met Gala dress drama. That being so, Wendy couldn’t help but point out how good looking Tom Ford is, and her co-host agreed!