By Joanne Rosa

After what started out as an awkward plane ride last week, Bethenny and Dorinda put their problems aside and moved on so they could help with the real problems. At this point it’s been several months since Hurricane Maria slammed Puerto Rico and left the country devastated. After seeing all of the damage, Dorinda doesn’t believe the media did a good job making the destruction and distress known to the public.

Clueless as to what is going on in Puerto Rico, Ramona picked up Sonja from her Upper East Side home in a stretch limo (it was gifted to her). Sonja was worried about going below 50th Street, but she felt safe in the limo (despite how “embarrassing” it was). Being trapped in the backseat was the perfect opportunity for Ramona and Sonja to talk out their lingering resentment towards one another since Dorinda’s explosive dispute with Sonja. Ramona recognized Sonja was upset after the feud with Dorinda and why. Taking Bethenny’s advice, Sonja focused on one issue at a time, which actually helped get her points across. Sonja considers Ramona a best friend. At the very least, Sonja wished Ramona had held her hand, patted her on the back, or did something to console her after being attacked. Ramona said her actions were simply her first reaction, and she didn’t mean to disappoint her as a friend. Who knew a limo ride through Queens to Great Neck, NY and the anticipation of shopping was all it would take to get these two to finally makeup!


Somewhere in SoHo, Luann met with her cabaret director Ben. Luann has given this cabaret idea a lot of thought, but she has no idea where to start. Liza Minnelli was apparently impressed with Luann’s performance on Broadway. Now that Luann left Tom, she is ready to take on the cabaret with no distractions. In her mind, the cabaret could actually become a form of therapy for her. After Luann sang her own version of Happy Birthday, Ben was happy to hear she had a good voice. This is something Ben can work with! Countess Luann’s cabaret #CountessAndFriends has been a major success!

Back in San Juan, Bethenny and Dorinda learned the difference between hearing someone has no power and actually seeing it for themselves. It’s scary on many levels. With three million people in Puerto Rico, Bethenny believes her efforts could help a great deal of people. The biggest letdown of the trip was how many times they heard the Puerto Ricans say the money Bethenny and Dorinda gave to them was the first time anyone gave them anything since the hurricane. Remember how many fundraisers and relief programs there were? Something’s not adding up. Just sayin’!


Tinsley is back from Chicago, Bethenny and Dorinda are back from Puerto Rico, and Sonja and Ramona are back from Great Neck. As expected, a RHONY dinner is in order. Everyone is there except for Dorinda, who needed to decompress from her trip. Once again, Sonja was put at the end of the table. At least this time she had Bethenny next to her. Carole and Tinsley were in their own world at the opposite end of the table, not even giving Sonja eye contact. Bethenny pointed out that Tinsley was “at the bottom” when she came back to New York City. Carole interjected to correct that Tinsley was emotionally unstable. “What’d you think I meant, the bottom of the universe?!” Oh yes. It’s about to go down.


When Tinsley tried to defend herself, Bethenny told her to stop screaming. Carole chimed in to correct Bethenny yet again. “We’ve all screamed before, honey. You’re a screamer.” While Luann attempted to give Countess etiquette lessons to Tinsley, Carole and Bethenny were bickering with one another across the table. “I just told her to calm down Bethenny. I told her to talk quieter. Did you not hear me? Why are you on me? Get off my jock.” Shocked that Carole would speak to her in such a way, Bethenny emphasized her love for Carole and that she considers her a good friend before ripping into her. “You have a pattern of whether it’s me, or Heather, or Tinsley you don’t say your own thing. You just chime into what the other person is saying.” Bethenny is convinced Carole doesn’t really have her own voice. Leave it to the Countess to point out that Sonja and Tinsley’s issues have nothing to do with the bickering between Bethenny and Carole at dinner. They clearly have repressed issues with each other.


Moving past dinner, Carole has other things on her mind, like writing a piece for Cosmopolitan. One recent boozy night together led Cosmo’s Editor-In-Chief Michele and Carole to become good friends. Michele wanted Carole to write a think piece about what’s on her mind lately, and Carole thought the obvious choice was to sound off on was sexual harassment. With the #MeToo movement operating at full speed, so many women (too many) are coming out with their own sexual harassment stories. Carole thought it best to discuss how she literally ran towards confidence.

Going to Puerto Rico might have gotten rid of the dark cloud that follows her. She told Bethenny over lunch that she’s taken on a new perspective about where her life is, and it has positive undertones. Bethenny explained it turned out to be a good thing that Dorinda missed dinner with everyone the other night. That would’ve been too much yelling for Dorinda so soon after her new outlook on life. The conversation veered off of the party and headed straight for Carole’s ex-boy toy Adam. Apparently, Bethenny asked Adam to document her Puerto Rico relief effort journey through his photography. When Adam found out Bethenny expected him to do it pro bono like the rest of the team, he declined her offer. Adam said he cannot afford to not work for a week, and it rubbed Bethenny the wrong way. Carole thought it was completely understandable. When Bethenny told Carole she thought Adam seemed like an operator, that rubbed Carole the wrong way. Carole is salty Bethenny didn’t invite her to Puerto Rico since she is the one that used to report in the field during her journalism days. Yup. Adam and Puerto Rico are the reason Bethenny and Carole have the most awkward and passive aggressive friendship on the show.


Carole co-hosted an event with Vanessa Noel to celebrate their friend Duff’s new book. Even though the RHONY ladies don’t know Duff, they were invited because Carole is co-hosting. Luann and Ramona arrive first, and Ramona doesn’t even finish her first drink before she says something she shouldn’t have to Carole. Ramona said she couldn’t believe Bethenny called Carole a puppet. Carole didn’t believe it, and figured Ramona must have misheard. Even with Ramona insisting Bethenny used the word puppet, Carole said Bethenny knows her well enough to not say something like that. Ramona backpedaled and said maybe Bethenny didn’t use those exact words. Right, because the two sound so much alike.

Once Bethenny arrived, Carole confronted her almost immediately. Bethenny denied it saying she wouldn’t use the word puppet. She might have described Carole with every word that described puppet except the word puppet. Bethenny called out Ramona for trying to stir the pot, to which Ramona replied “puppet” was her interpretation of what Bethenny said. We don’t want to be in a world where Ramona is actually interpreting things that matter.

After too many trips gone bad at The Berkshires, Dorinda had an idea to turn things around with a 1920’s prohibition themed murder mystery dinner! The ladies weren’t excited about it at first, but after opening up their surprise envelopes with their characters they had a change of heart. So much so, that Tinsley asked Sonja to step aside with her to resolve their tension. Tinsley wants to move forward and stop dwelling on the past. “If I’ve ever made you feel like I wasn’t grateful for living with you, I’m sorry. I was always grateful. I will always be grateful… if you have an issue with me or something, just come to me.” Sonja smiled, nodded, accepted her apology, and sealed it with a hug.

Later on that night, Dorinda spilled the tea on Countess Luann’s ex-husband Tom. Apparently, Tom is planning a New Year’s Eve party on his boat in Palm Beach, FL. This is the same boat where Tom had his engagement party with Luann. Dorinda took it upon herself to let Tom know how disgraceful the news was, and let him know to never bring one of his tramps to her table again. In true Countess fashion, Luann was embarrassed by the confrontation and thankful she wasn’t there.


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