WENDY REWIND: The Story So Good, Wendy Couldn’t Wait to Tell It!

WENDY REWIND: The Story So Good, Wendy Couldn’t Wait to Tell It!


1. Co-Host Asks Wendy About Sister’s Betrayal

This was a lot to ask on a Monday, but Wendy is here to answer the hard questions. A co-host told Wendy she found out through a friend that her husband slept with another woman on their wedding night. That’s not even the worst part. The woman he slept with was the bride’s sister! The co-host asked Wendy how she should handle this ultimate betrayal.

2. Met Gala Fashion & Beauty Recap

We are still riding off of those Met Gala looks from Monday night. The theme was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, but some missed the mark. Wendy’s Style Squad dished about the Met Gala fashion hits and misses. Wendy’s hairstylist Robyn discussed hair in her Met Gala Hair Review!

3. Chase Chrisley Set the Record Straight on Brielle Biermann

Savannah, Chase and Todd Chrisley came to the show to tell us about the new season of “Chrisley Knows Best,” But you never know what tea will be spilled when you sit on the purple couch! Chase set the record straight about his relationship with Brielle Biermann, and Todd gave his two-cents on Brielle’s social media habits.

Behind the scenes, the Chrisley family revealed their phone secrets with Wendy Show‘s Phone Hack! Find out if Savannah and Chase have their dad blocked on Instagram and the last thing Todd googled.

4. To Strip or Not to Strip

To strip or not to strip? That is the question! A co-host’s friend is making good money as a stripper, and is considering taking it up to help pay for college. Auntie Wendy weighed in during Ask Wendy.

5. Vanessa Trump’s Gang Member Romance

This Vanessa Trump story was so juicy, Wendy couldn’t contain her excitement! Don Jr.’s ex, Vanessa Trump had a five year romance with a gang member. The supposed gang member Valentin Rivera spoke to “Page Six TV” about their love affair saying Vanessa was his first love. If that wasn’t enough, Vanessa allegedly drove Valentin to his gang meetings and helped him deliver marijuana.

Audience Reaction of the Week

During Hot Topics on Friday, Wendy spoke on rapper Juelz Santana’s big problem. He was placed on house arrest last week after being indicted on weapons charges, but wants permission to tour so he can support his family. Juelz has a five year-old daughter, and seven and 14 year-old boys. Back in March, Julez was arrested for bringing a loaded gun into Newark airport. When security was going through his bags, they allegedly found the gun and oxycodone pills. Julez ran out of the airport leaving behind his bags, his wallet, and his ID! A few days later, Julez turned himself. Julez was indicted on two weapons charges and faces up to 20 years in prison. Anyway, Wendy pointed out Juelz’s girlfriend Kimbella Vanderhee. When this picture of Kimbella was shown, a co-host was in shock over her curves. Shady cameramen for the win!

Here’s Kimbella’s photo.

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Here’s the audience reaction!