By Joanne Rosa

Ronnie’s baby mama Jen finally arrived. As expected, he’s nervous for her arrival because of all the cheatation with French Fry that was posted all over Instagram. When Jen arrived, Ron gave her a tour of the house, just like he did for French Fry. The housemates think it’s kind of strange to see Ron with someone aside from Sammi, but they didn’t hesitate to introduce her to the Sammi doll (yes, she’s resurrected).

This is the first legit guest in the Miami house and everyone is making it awkward AF. The awkwardness got worse before it got better. Jenni asked if the two of them want to get married. Listen, Jenny asked Ron last week if there were any questions off limits, and he said all questions were good to go. After agreeing that they would take things one step at a time, shots were fired at Mike during dessert, and it wasn’t Ron! After Vinny made a joke at Mike’s eating habits, Mike requested that he be called by his government name. Ron’s baby Mama Jen called him the incarceration.

The family can throw shots, but as an outsider, ya went too far girl. Mike’s response was simple, “pass the french fries.” Jen was clueless of course, but everyone else heard it loud and clear.

Going to a strip club as a pregnant woman might sound odd, but Jen was down to give it a try. Vinny on the other hand wasn’t as comfortable as he was hoping to be. Vinny has always been single at the Jersey Shore, so he was struggling. He wanted to save a stripper he thought was too beautiful to be stripping in Miami. Vinny picked her up while she was wearing a bodysuit and moved her away from the pole. Not a good look, but Vinny and his doll of a girlfriend Elicea are broken up now anyway. Ron is smitten with the fact that boobs and ass are everywhere he looks, but he kind of forgot to look over at his pregnant girlfriend Jen once in a while. She started to feel the effects of the smokey strip club and wanted to leave. Of course Ron wasn’t happy to go. She’s carrying your damn baby, so stop acting like one. STAHP RAHN.

Men really don’t think more than one step past their actions. This is why they always get into situations. Jenny jokingly called out Vinny for picking up a stripper, so Vinny decided to call his girlfriend Elicea and tell her about it. Wrong. Decision. Vinny. Of course she was pissed. Last week, Ronnie accidentally created the I.F.F. (I’m F***ed Foundation), and now Vinny has joined.

As much as the women at the house like Jen, they know that Ron will mess it up somehow. Jen told the ladies Ron takes care of her at home and knows he will be a great Dad. Jen then asked the women if Ron has been good on the trip. Radio silence. Silence from all three women is not the preferred response a pregnant woman wants to hear. The rest of the car ride home was awkward.

While the guys decided to go to the same club where Ron originally met French Fry, he decided it would be best to take Jen out to a nice restaurant instead. During dinner, Jen started asking innocent (or maybe not so innocent) questions to Ron. It started with her wanting to go into the Jacuzzi later, and she asked if it was used before. Ron nervously answered that it was when he brought all of the girls back “for the house.” Jen asked if he was in the Jacuzzi with them, and he said yes. When she asked what he did in the Jacuzzi, his response was simply sitting in the Jacuzzi. Jen told Ron to do what he want, and that he should be with her because he loves her. Ron has consistently said that he has doubts about his relationship with Jen, and has trouble handling adult responsibilities.

JWoww and Snooki sat at home talking over the awkward tension with Jen, fearing that they will accidentally slip up if she talks to them again. Meanwhile, the guys are having the time of their lives at the club. Well, at least Pauly is. He’s the only single one in the house. Mike has been a good boyfriend so far, but Vinny is struggling yet again. He swears that being a horny man is nothing like being a horny woman. Really, Vinny?

Vinny, just stop looking at the women in the club like they are meat on the menu of your Keto diet.

Jen’s trip was short, but it was good for us to see how she and Ron interact with one another outside of their social media feuds. There might not be a lot of talking, but their body language says a lot. Jen requested that Ron not bring anymore girls home, but we will see what happens.

Not long after baby mama Jen left, Jenny gave him the real talk he’s needed to hear for quite sometime. Ron admitted he realized how much he loves Jen during that visit, but he also admitted that he doesn’t want to be with someone when there is so much temptation around him. Hello, Ron? Everyone has temptation around them, including Jwoww. “I’m you,” she told Ron. “I can be a big hoe too motherf***er, but I choose not to be because I found someone I love… own your f***ing sh*t bro… you can be Ron the good guy with the really good girl!” “I don’t know what the one is!” Ron exclaimed. “I’m having a kid with somebody that I barely know. So I can’t say who the one is.” Jen called Ron out for his previous comments on how he’d rather pay child support than alimony. Ron pretty much ignores that statement, and Deena asks if Jen knows about the bathroom incident with French Fry. Of course, Jen doesn’t know. Ron’s excuse is that he didn’t want to embarrass her on TV. He would rather she freak out off camera.

“She’s already gonna be embarrassed. She’s gonna be more embarrassed at the fact that you’re doing the same things that you did last time in Miami. Not telling someone and dragging it out. Put that sh*t to bed!” Jenny speaks the truth. She’s saying what everyone in the house is thinking. “I have a daughter. She is three years old, and I will make sure every f***ing guy in her life puts her so above that no man is worth her time. That’s gonna be you in three months when your daughter is here. You do not want what you are in her life. So become the man that your daughter aspires to have.”

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It’s crazy to think this entire conversation about Jen happened down in Miami, and Jen and Ron had a public fight social media before their baby girl Ariana was born.

Next time on the “Jersey Shore Family Reunion,” Vinny crosses the line by getting a woman’s phone number, and the Jersey Shore crew tries to find a girl for Pauly.

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