By Joanne Rosa

Last week on “Jersey Shore,” we left of with Snooki losing her wedding ring after dumping the Sammi doll in the pool and having a play fight with Vinny.

Snooki called her Dad hysterical over her lost ring. We will save you the suspense; Deena and Vinny found the ring. Unfortunately, Snooki is taking this as a sign that she should leave. JWoww was fast asleep and missed the whole thing. The Situation told her about everything in the morning. JWoww didn’t take her rings in fear of losing them.

JWoww spoke with The Situation about her struggle with medication after she and Rodger lost a baby. This was in season 7 before they all left for Italy. Jenni was taking downers and uppers just to handle life.

Snooki was suffering from serious mom guilt in the morning when she woke up. Soon after FaceTiming her kids, she realized they were totally fine and that Dad was taking good care of them.

Once in a while the guidos like doing something other than going out, so they tried rock climbing. It wouldn’t be fun without a wage. Deena and Snooki competed, and the loser had to unclog the toilet at home (thanks Ron). Snooki lost and she was ready to accept her loss. The thing is, Snooki didn’t realize how bad the toilet was. Not to get too graphic, but she compared it to soup. With a glass of wine and dry heaving, she attempted to tackle the toilet with no luck. JWoww called a plumber. Let’s hope for the sake of air quality that he gets there first thing in the morning.

At last, Ron’s prego girlfriend called the house. This is the most awkward conversation the house has ever heard. Maybe they’re just used to Ron’s interactions with Sam. Speaking of Sam, as soon as Ron hung up with his girlfriend, he said to the resurrected Sammi doll, “and that’s how a regular relationship works.” Boy, why do you keep bringing Sam up? Ron is absolutely still in love with her; at least that’s what Paul thinks.

Speaking of awkward scenarios, Snooki and Vinny aren’t getting along too well. Snooki says things to Ronnie like, “STFU” and, “I don’t like you” to Vinny, and it’s obvious she is somewhat serious. Remember, Snooki slept with Vinny in Italy during the 24 hours she was broken up with Jionni. That isn’t going to stop everyone from having a good time. After a few shots and drinks, Vinny decided to get the Italian flag painted across his chest. Ron decided to join in and get “who wrote the note” written across his chest. Remember the infamous note JWoww and Snooki secretly wrote to Sammi to tell her about all of Ron’s cheatations?

After a few more drinks, Vinny wanted to make nice with Snooki. Too much alcohol in his system made him think it was a good idea to dry hump her in the air while she was sitting down. She jumped across three people to get away from him. He wasn’t trying to be creepy, but it was definitely weird.

Fast forward to after the club, Vinny went into Snooki’s space without a shirt on while she was trying to do a video confessional. She threw a Gatorade bottle at him, bugged out, and told him to respect her and her marriage. Vinny said ok, tell me what the boundaries are. Snooki was like look; there aren’t any ground rules. She’s a friend to everyone. JWoww stepped in to try and better communicate what Vinny was trying to say. Vinny reminded Snooki that every time he gets within two feet from her, she says she cannot be next to him. Snooki was like, “um yeah, I can’t. You need to know the boundaries.” JWoww chimed in again, telling Snooki to establish what the boundaries are.

Snooki stormed off and JWoww followed after her. Vinny is definitely a trigger for Snooki, but she needs to be clear on what she needs from him. JWoww tried to tell Snooki that she needs to set rules if she is feeling this way, and Snooki told her to eff off. As JWoww was walking away, Snooki called her an idiot. JWoww walked back in like an angry mom. “Don’t disrespect me while I’m walking away from you because I am a really good friend. So when I’m walking the — away and saying we’re — done, don’t —ing call me an idiot!” As they continued to argue, The Situation continued to stress eat. He’s just happy to not be involved in the drama.

Snooki felt JWoww wasn’t being a good friend because she wasn’t siding with her, but the truth is she was just trying to help her. JWoww told Snooki to act like an adult, and they both stormed off.

Tune in next week to see the Snooki and JWoww drama unfold, and it looks like Ronnie gets uncomfortably close to cheating on his pregnant girlfriend while he’s in Miami. It all goes down on Jerzdays (AKA Thursdays) at 8|7c on MTV.