RHOA RECAP: Season 10 Episode 15

RHOA RECAP: Season 10 Episode 15


By Joanne Rosa

We are still in Barcelona, but the Atlanta housewives are done with the Airbnb Villa. NeNe booked luxury suites for every lady. More importantly, Porsha left Barcelona early. She felt like she was in a negative place, and saw it best to go back to Atlanta. At least the ladies have a better living situation now!

Kandi used to date someone in jail, so she knows that photos can be snuck into prison (although she claims not to know from personal experience). Kandi suggested they create a photo shoot for Shereé to send to her man Tyrone. As soon as Tyrone’s name was brought up, NeNe became extremely defensive. She basically was like, “don’t talk about me dating Tyrone,” but no one brought up NeNe dating Tyrone. No one knew NeNe dated him, or if she ever actually did. Everyone sat back and let NeNe rant.

Anyway, Shereé was styled by Marlo and then the photo shoot commenced. The look might have looked good on Marlo, but Shereé wasn’t feeling it. She let the girls take their photos.

Six years ago, Shereé and NeNe had a conversation about something Tyrone said. The convo didn’t last long, and Shereé felt like nothing was resolved from that exchange. They weren’t friends for a while, and didn’t see each other until two years ago in Jamaica. That was when they agreed that a lot of things were said, but they still had a mutual respect for one another. Shereé isn’t really sure where she stands with NeNe since Kandi told her about what NeNe said.

Side note, 50 Cynt said she would be a housewife to Kandi any day. That’s all.

Moving onto other things, NeNe is still refusing to talk about Tyrone, and revealed the real reason she should be annoyed with Shereé. The gag is, Shereé knew about the cockroach video Kim’s daughter Brielle took before it made its public debut. NeNe hasn’t brought it up with Shereé just yet, but we know that train is comin’.

Cynthia had a vaginal rejuvenation, but now she wants a spiritual one. Especially with everything going on politically in Barcelona, Cynthia decided to take the ladies an hour and a half outside of Barcelona to Costa Brava for a spiritual cleansing. Each woman had a candle, and every candle had a name underneath it. Each person had to say something nice about the person they had. It got a little awkward when Eva had to say something nice about Shamea since they got off on the wrong foot, but it turned out fine. We would have liked to see some drama though.

It looks like the drama will unfold next time when Kandi tells Kim what’s what!