RHOA RECAP: Season 10 Episode 13

RHOA RECAP: Season 10 Episode 13


By Joanne Rosa

The Atlanta beauties are off to Barcelona without Kenya and Kim. If there is one place Cynthia can go to forget about her worries with Will, it’s Barcelona. Cynthia has a “50 Cynt” bucket list for the group to complete.

Once everyone settled in, Kandi announced that NeNe would go on tour with XSCAPE. She will open the concerts with her comedy. Unofficial Atlanta housewives Eva, Shamea, and Marlo are on the trip as well. Eva was telling everyone her back story (she has a daughter, her boyfriend is running for mayor of Atlanta, she was a model), when Shamea comes out of left field with this question: “Is your boyfriend ok with you dating women?”

Shamea claims she saw on a blog that Eva dated Missy Elliot. Eva said she doesn’t date women, she never dated women, but she had sexual experiences with women.

Things could have gotten messy, but Eva handled all the questions like a lady. Speaking of messy, Eva apologized for how messy things got at Kandi’s Essence cover party. Eva didn’t intend for things to go down like that, but that’s how it goes in the ATL.

Porsha tried to chime into the conversation with Cynthia and Eva, but Cynt quickly shit her down. Porsha has a past of saying things about Cynthia’s ex husband, Peter, while they were still married. Plus, let’s not forget the lies she spread about Kandi last season. Basically, Porsha’s word cannot be completely trusted because most of what she claims is actually something she heard, not what she experienced or saw with her own eyes. Still, Porsha is taking offense to Cynthia being on defense. Cynthia and Eva are cool, but Porsha still has to to earn her way back into Cynthia’s good graces.

Cynthia’s daughter Noel is going to college, so Cynthia didn’t spring for the five star luxury hotel. Instead, she rented a villa that didn’t meet the group’s expectations. Of course, Kandi ended up getting the best room in the house, leaving hosts Cynthia and NeNe with the average rooms. NeNe tried to convince Kandi and Shamea to change rooms for the more “mature” women of the group (AKA NeNe and Cynthia). That was a hard no. Kandi even went further to say that NeNe only wants to bring up age when it is to her advantage, otherwise she boasts about how she is a spring chicken and better than the younger women.

Prior to all of that drama, NeNe was talking about Kim the entire ride from the airport to Barcelona. It didn’t take long for Shereé to call Kim and spill the tea. Shamea and Porsha were there too, but Shereé essentially orchestrated the whole thing.


During dinner, Marlo called Kandi out about being “dry” ever since she offered her etiquette classes. They went at it for a bit, but were eventually distracted by the amount of phones going off at the table. Kim sent everyone on the trip a text about NeNe. “NeNe is sick and disgusting. And I’m not just speaking on the fact that she made fun of a SERIOUS health issue I had… but I’m also speaking on the fact she lives in a ****ing roach nest.” She attached a video to the text with Brielle in NeNe’s bathroom with roaches in it. NeNe warned that she goes from zero to 100 real quick, and she went off, and their relationship will never be the same.