WENDY REWIND: Wendy’s Wild Side & Crazy Dates

WENDY REWIND: Wendy’s Wild Side & Crazy Dates


By Joanne Rosa

We couldn’t be happier that it’s Friday, but we know you’ve been so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that you might have missed The Wendy Show this week.

We got you covered. Here are the Hot 5 Moments of the Week!

5. Wendy’s Super Bowl Review

Wendy was never really into the Super Bowl, but when it came down to the fourth quarter, Wendy couldn’t help but start cheering on the Philadelphia Eagles! Remember, Wendy used to work in Philly during her radio days, so it only made sense that she was rooting for her former home team. Wendy also had some thoughts on Justin Timberlake’s halftime performance.

4. Wendy’s Wild Side

Animal Planet’s Dave Salmoni introduced Wendy to some wild animals. They might be wild animals, but they aren’t wilder than the conversations Wendy’s had with guests on the purple couch.

3. Robin Thede’s Crazy First Date

The first lady of late night Robin Thede dished about her BET show “The Rundown with Robin Thede” and told Wendy about a crazy first date she once had. This guy was a sweaty mess when they met at a restaurant in New York City, but it gets so much worse from there! Robin’s interview didn’t stop after she left the purple couch. We caught her behind the scenes to play favorites!

2. After Show: Control Room

The Wendy Show isn’t over when Wendy says goodbye. The After Show gives you a whole other side of Wendy! This week, Wendy took us behind the scenes to the control room.

1. Ask Wendy: What’s a THOT?

Our viewers come from all across the globe, and are all ages. One of our older viewers loves watching Wendy every morning, but she had no idea what a THOT is. She came to the show to Ask Wendy herself!