HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: February 8th, 2018

HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: February 8th, 2018


“Celebrity Big Brother” Premiere

“Celebrity Big Brother” started last night and Omarossa was the star of the show! Viewers at home met the contestants before they entered the house. Omarossa described herself as “a reality TV legend… most famous for the first season of ‘The Apprentice…'” She claimed to be the Queen of the board room, and soon to be Queen of the “Big Brother” house. In last night’s first challenge, Omarosa won a random challenge that conveniently kept her safe for the week.

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Quincy Jones’ Big Mouth

Quincy Jones can’t stop talking. Last week, he gave a lengthy interview to GQ magazine that had people talking.

He claims he bought drugs from Malcolm X, and called Tupac’s mom Afeni Shakur a “pain in the ass.”

This week, Quincy did another lengthy interview with Vulture. He claims he used to date Ivanka Trump 12 years ago. This would mean Quincy was 72, and she was 24. He said she was “fine,” but said he cannot stand her father.

Quincy also made many claims about Michael Jackson. Quincy claims that MJ used to steal music, including his hit “Billie Jean,” that MJ was lying about plastic surgery being about a skin disease, and that MJ wouldn’t give the songwriter of “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” 10% of profits.

Quincy went onto accuse Marlon Brando of having sexual relations with Richard Pryor and Marvin Gaye. Richard Pryor’s widow spoke out and confirmed he had sex with men while high. Richard also confirmed this through his autobiography. When Vulture asked Quincy about Bill Cosby, he said he couldn’t talk about it in public.

Quincy says T-Pain’s remake of MJ’s “PYT” was his biggest mistake. T-Pain responded, saying he knew the song was bad when he made it, but his former managers made him do it, and it seems like Quincy is “pissed off at the whole world.”

Ramona Singer’s Ex Dumps Woman He Left Ramona For!

Ramona Singer is likely a very happy woman these days. Back in 2014, Ramona’s 64 year-old husband Mario left Ramona for a 36 year-old Kasey. Mario’s been dating and living with Kasey ever since in Florida. Well, he reportedly just dumped and evicted her after suspecting her of cheating. It’s rumored that he installed a hidden camera to catch her. Mario reportedly told Kasey he’d never marry her or give her children. Cops were called twice recently when she wouldn’t leave.

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Ramona is getting last laugh while enjoying her time in Morocco at Richard Branson’s estate!

Suge Knight’s Fiancé is Heading to the Big House!

Suge Knight’s in prison, and his fiancé is joining him! Suge is locked up awaiting trial for murder after running over two people, and killing one of them. Last year, his fiancee Toi-Lin Kelly got five years probation for selling footage of the incident to the media. She violated her probation by helping Suge illegally contact the media from jail. Suge can’t speak to anyone but his lawyers. Toi-Lin used other inmates’ phone codes and reimbursed the inmates by putting money in their accounts. She was sentenced to three years in prison. Too-Lin has an eight year-old son, who is now without both his parents. Last week, two of Suge’s lawyers were arrested for allegedly bribing witnesses. They were released later released, and no charges have been filed.

Football Mom Gets Backlash Over Reaction

The mother of a top high school football recruit ruined what should have been the best day of his life. When Jacob Copeland announced on live TV he’d be attending the University of Florida over Alabama and Tennessee, his mom got up and walked away disgusted. Jacob said afterwards “I couldn’t go with my mom, I wanted to go with my heart.” Later, his mom came back to hug him, and Jacob broke down. He tweeted, “What my mama did today was hilarious. If you knew her personality that’s her job. Put on a show.”

Good luck Jacob!