HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: February 7th, 2018

HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: February 7th, 2018


Remy Ma Fires Vince

Remy Ma has fired Tamar’s husband Vince, as her manager. She just hired him as her manager last fall. Remy reportedly felt Vince was preoccupied with his relationship drama with Tamar. Back in November, she said Vince was doing a great job and added Papoose was “looking over his shoulder.” Remy recently signed a multi-million dollar deal at Columbia Records. Vince called the Hot Topics bureau and denied the report.

Remy’s upcoming album “7 Winters & 6 Summers” will be released later this year.

Kylie Jenner Reveals Baby Name

stormi webster 👼🏽

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Kylie and Travis named their baby girl, Stormi Webster. Travis’ real name is Jaques Webster. They decided on the name before the baby was born. Hopefully, new dad Travis changes his ways. He just pled guilty to disorderly conduct for allegedly inciting a riot at his Arkansas concert last year. Remember, Travis was arrested after encouraging people to rush the stage and people were injured.

Tell Us: What do you think of Kylie and Travis naming their baby girl Stormi?

Melania Trump Not Here to Hold Hands

Did Melania refuse to hold her husbands hand again? Remember, last year Melania swatted the president’s hand away during their trip to Israel. The next day, Melania avoided holding his hand again. On Monday, people thought she did it again as they were leaving the White House.

Tell Us: Do you think Melania is purposely avoiding holding President Trump’s hand?

Shereé Whitfield’s Jail Bird is the “Best Relationship”

RHOA’s Shereé Whitfield says dating a man in prison is the best relationship she’s ever had! She said she knows Tyrone Gilliam better than any man in her entire life because they have nothing else to do but talk. Apparently, not having a physical relationship has made them closer. She shared that they are cute and romantic because he sends her love letter emails. Tyrone Gilliam was sentenced in 2013 to 10 years in jail for wire fraud. He stole and laundered more than five million dollars.

Tyrone is scheduled to be released on October 9, 2022.

“Hot Felon” Jeremy Meeks’ Wife is Winning With a Billionaire!

Hot Felon Jeremy Meeks left his wife Melissa for a billionaire. Well now she’s got her own billionaire! Melissa is rumored to be dating billionaire Donald Friese! Donald used to date Brandi Glanville from “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” but the two recently split. Melissa and Donald were spotted in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Good luck Melissa; we’re rooting for you!

Gladys Knight’s New Look!

The internet is buzzing over Gladys Knight’s new look! People are saying 73 year-old Gladys looks noticeably younger.

While some believe she got a face lift, others believe she’s just applying her makeup better.