HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: February 5, 2018

HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: February 5, 2018


Super Bowl Recap

The Super Bowl game kept viewers at the edge of their seats all night. It came down to the last second! The Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots 41-33.

Philly fans destroyed the town in “celebration” of their win.

Kevin Hart was drunk and tried to get on stage during Justin Timberlake’s halftime show.

A majority of viewers didn’t like Justin’s performance. There were significant audio problems throughout the show, and many believe there should have had other artists perform with Justin.

Meanwhile, #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay was trending all day on Sunday. Joe Jackson said he doesn’t forgive Justin for the nipplegate incident. Joe believes if Justin was a gentleman, he would have invited Janet to perform with him!

Justin got a lot of heat for projecting a video of Prince during his show. Prince fans, including Sheila E, said Prince would have hated it.

P!nk, who had the flu, did a great job singing the national anthem. Immediately before grabbing the mic to sing, P!nk spit something out of her mouth. She confirmed later on Twitter that it was just a throat lozenge.

Kylie Jenner Gave Birth!

Kylie Jenner gave birth on February 1, to a baby girl. She posted that she kept off social media during her pregnancy because she wanted to keep her pregnancy private and stress free. She also released an 1- minute video documenting her pregnancy. In the video, viewers were able to see Chicago West for the first time.

Congratulations Kylie!

Mel B on Thin Ice

Mel B may be losing her job on “America’s Got Talent.” AGT producers reportedly think Mel has become a lot to deal with, especially during the time she was going through her divorce. Producers reportedly want to replace her with Queen Latifah.

Tell Us: Would you watch AGT if they replaced Mel B with Queen Latifah?

Spice Girls Reunion!

The Spice Girls are reuniting! They posted this picture all together on Friday. Sources say the ladies stand to make $12 million each with a new deal that includes TV projects that involve their own talent search show, endorsement deals, a greatest hits album, and potentially more. Victoria Beckham was allegedly told she will not need to sing! It’s been six years since the ladies performed together. The last time was at the 2012 Olympics.

Raven Symone’s Shade

Raven Symone is throwing shade at the Hip-Hop community. Raven reposted a pic of Hip-Hop icons at last week’s Grammy brunch, including Jay-Z, T.I. and Puffy. The post claims the men profited by pushing stereotypes of drug dealers, murderers, pimps and they disrespect black women. T.I. clapped back, calling her judgmental. Trey Songz called her a clown. Raven deleted the post because the comments she received were too much for her younger fans. She says she still believes in what she said.

Sherri Shepherd Profiling Incident

Sherri Shepherd claims she was racially profiled while shopping with her friend last week. Sherri says a store clerk refused to let Sherri and her friend use the bathroom. When Sherri questioned why, the clerk allegedly verbally attacked her. Staples apologized to Sherri on social media and said they are looking into the incident.