HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: January 31st, 2018

HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: January 31st, 2018


Jimmy Kimmel’s Stormy Daniels Interrogation

The State of the Union was on last night and Melania arrived on her own. This breaks a long standing tradition of the first lady and the president riding together to the capitol. She wore a cream Dior pant suit, D&G blouse, and Louboutin shoes. After the president spoke, Stormy Daniels appeared on Jimmy Kimmel. Jimmy tried to get Stormy to admit she slept with the president!

Omarosa’s Big Deal

Now we know why former White House staffer Omarosa is doing “Celebrity Big Brother.” When she left the White House, she reportedly got deals from all over the world to do reality TV. Ultimately, she went with CBS, who reportedly offered her $1.3 million to do “Big Brother,” plus her own talk show!

Tell Us: Would you watch Omarosa’s talk show?

DMX Goes Back to Jail

DMX was sent back to jail. He was out on probation awaiting sentencing for tax evasion. The judge said he broke parole by leaving rehab and failing a drug test. He tested positive for cocaine, opiates, and Oxycodone. He also failed to meet with a drug counselors during his tour. The judge became suspicious of DMX after TMZ posted a video of him at a bar last week. DMX claims he relapsed last month after his one year-old son was hospitalized with a fever. DMX will remain in jail until his sentencing on March 28. He faces up to five years in prison. Meanwhile, his attorney asked the judge to move up his sentencing by one day so he could go to a Mets game.

Fetty Wap’s Baby Mama Drama

Fetty Wap has baby mama drama. Fetty has six kids by six different women, and one on the way. Babies #2, #3, #4, and #5 are less than two years apart. “Love and Hip Hop” star Alexis Skyy gave birth to baby #6 just three weeks ago, but Fetty seems to have moved on to someone else. Alexis blasted Fetty on social media, saying he needs to give her money for the baby before he leaves town. She called out his alleged new woman, Corri, saying, “Hey, can you wake my baby daddy up and tell him I said he has a few hours… if not, tell him I’ll see his ass in court and I hope you use a condom, sweets.” Masika, baby mama #3, lashed out at Alexis saying, “When you warned a bitch how something was gonna go down and it goes down exactly as you warned them.”

Matt Lauer Interview With Hoda Kotb?!

Matt Lauer allegedly wants to do an exclusive sit down interview and wants only one person to ask him the questions: Hoda Kotb! Matt feels Hoda will go easy on him if she does the interview. Sources also say Matt wants to move to Hollywood and become a big time movie producer. He supposedly wants to fund documentaries.

Porsha Williams V. Kandi Burruss

Porsha and Kandi are still at war. On Sunday night’s episode, Porsha thought Kandi was making amends when she was invited to her Essence cover party, but realized that wasn’t the case when Kandi was rude to her. Porsha clapped back on “Dish Nation” the other day.

“I accepted the invitation because you know, if you’re trying to get in a better place with somebody and they invite you somewhere… I felt like I needed to go to show my support as an effort towards doing better in our relationship… [Kandi] is so petty. It was just, like, beyond pathetic, beyond classless, I thought it was ridiculous… plus I didn’t know she was gonna send out the invitation begrudgingly… Baby, you not the only one getting blessed honey… check your attitude.”

Martin Lawrence’s Comeback?!

Martin may be coming back! Martin Lawrence’s fiancee Roberta recently posted, “Got word from my fiancee that my favorite show may be coming back.” It’s not known if the original cast will return, or if Martin will recast the entire show. Tommy Ford, who played Martin’s best friend Tommy, passed away just last year. Tisha Campbell filed a lawsuit in 1996 against Martin and producers for sexual harassment and verbal and physical abuse.

Woman Attempts to Bring WHAT on the Airplane?!


A woman just tried to bring a peacock on a plane claiming it was an “emotional support animal.” The peacock was trying to fly from Newark to Los Angeles, but was denied. Airlines are having issues with emotional support animals and are cracking down on rules. Some animals that have been brought on planes include turkeys, sugar gliders, snakes, spiders, pigs, and kangaroos.