Wendy Rewind: Epic Clap Backs & Mom Moments

Wendy Rewind: Epic Clap Backs & Mom Moments


If it’s been a busy week and you missed Hot Topics, don’t sweat it. We got you covered.

Here’s a look back at some of the must-see moments from the week!

5. Brooke Burke-Charvet and Wendy Get Real About Motherhood

It’s such a bittersweet moment when your baby goes off to college, right?! If you don’t know that feeling, just watch Brooke and Wendy break it down.

4. Daymond John’s Tips for Success

The way Daymond John explains what successful people do versus what unsuccessful people do will have you completely reanalyzing your life. This Shark’s words of wisdom will get you places!

3. First EVER Eyebrow Cam!

Come through Dan Levy! Dan’s iconic eyebrows were one of the first things we noticed when he sat down with Wendy.

2. Oprah Isn’t Running for President

Noprah! Oprah isn’t running for president. She told InStyle magazine that it’s not in her DNA to be Commander-in-Cheif. Thoughts? Wendy has a few that she shared in Hot Topics!

1. Megyn Kelly V. Jane Fonda

Does it get any juicer than Megyn Kelly versus Jane Fonda? It does when Megan decides to clap back! Wendy shared all of the details on their ongoing feud in Hot Topics earlier this week.