HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: January 26, 2018

HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: January 26, 2018


Oprah Isn’t Running for President!

It’s official. Oprah is not running for president. She told InStyle magazine that she always felt very secure and confident in knowing what she could and could not do. Oprah went on to say she doesn’t have the DNA for the job, and being president is not something that interests her.

Flavor FLAV Floored!

Flavor Flav got beat up! Fifty-eight year-old Flav was at a Las Vegas casino when some man accused Flav of disrespecting his mother. He attacked Flav and TMZ got the video. Flav said he fell to the ground because he pulled a groin muscle. Casino security called the cops, who took the man into custody. The man was cited for battery and released.

Bella Thorne’s Wild Side!

Bella Thorne is letting her wild ways affect her career. Bella was at Sundance promoting her new film “Assassination Nation.” Hours before the premiere, Bella and her entire entourage were allegedly kicked out of their hotel because someone was smoking pot. The next day, Bella reportedly called in sick for most of her press interviews.

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In other Bella news, she is dating 30 year old musician Mod Sun, and just outed him on Instagram! She posted a picture with the caption, “When your boyfriend still has a dating app on his phone.”

Nas’ Date Night

Looks like Nas has moved on from Nicki Minaj. He was spotted on a date with actress Tasha Smith. They are age appropriate for each other since she’s 46 and he’s 44. She’s from Camden, NJ, and Nas is from Queens. Plus, they both had bitter divorces. They might be a match made in heaven!

Jill Scott’s Ex is Comin’ for Her Money!

ill Scott’s ex-husband Mike wants her money. Back in September, Jill split with mike after 15 months of marriage.
At the time, Jill allegedly got a restraining order and said the marriage was “unsafe.” Now, Mike allegedly wants the prenup thrown out, and everything to be split 50/50, plus $500,000 for “pain and suffering.” Mike claims he was pressured into signing the prenup. He didn’t have a lawyer, and felt coerced to sign. Because of that, he claims the prenup isn’t valid. Mike has called Jill an “evil woman” who’s playing dirty. He claims out
of nowhere, Jill changed the locks and packed his stuff in boxes in the garage.

SPEIDI Comeback?!

Spencer and Heidi are trying to make a comeback! They launced their new podcast this week called “Make Spidey Famous Again.” They’ve been married for eight years. On the podcst, Heidi talked about being blacklisted from “Mommy and Me” groups. They have a three-month old son gunner and Heidi says every time she approaches a “Mommy and Me” group, they tell her i’ts full! Heidi doesn’t think they want to be around a washed up reality star!

Taryn Manning’s Stylist Drama!

“Orange is the New Black” star Taryn Manning is pissed at her stylist for dressing her in a cheap gown! Taryn assumed the dress she wore to the SAG awards was couture or a high end gown. Turns out, it was an off the rack, $200 dress you can find at any department store. Taryn believes the stylist should have told her she was wearing an inexpensive dress because she wanted to be wearing a gown fit for a star. She also said the designer, Adrian Arpel, has gotten a lot of press and she should thank her.

Beckham Forces Fashion

Victoria Beckham is using her sons girlfriend to promote her clothing line. Friend to the show Chloe Grace Moritz, who dates Brooklyn Beckham, has recently been spotted in several looks from Victoria’s clothing line.