HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: January 25, 2018

HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: January 25, 2018


Kylie Jenner Spotted!

Kylie has finally been spotted for the first time in months! TMZ caught her walking in a construction site. Kylie also appeared in a Calvin Klein ad released earlier this week, shielding her belly behind a blanket.

According to E! Kylie is nervous about giving birth.

Kylie is allegedly due in February.

R. Kelly Movement

There’s a grassroots movement to get R. Kelly removed from the music industry forever. Two Atlanta area women are pissed that R. Kelly has a career despite decades of troubling accusations. Now, they’ve started a movement called “Mute R. Kelly.” They’ve canceled R. Kelly’s concerts in eight cities so far, and they’re trying to get his NYC concerts canceled this weekend. The “Mute R. Kelly” organizers say he’s a pariah we all know about yet continue to dance to his music at clubs, weddings, and family reunions.

Mo’Nique Continues to Lash Out

Mo’Nique is still lashing out. Yesterday on her podcast-with her husband by her side-she spoke about why she calls her husband “daddy,” and then she went after Oprah! She calls her husband Daddy because she feels he is raising her. “This man is teaching me to have empathy and love.

Then, she had this to say about Oprah. “See, everybody talking about Oprah Winfrey for president. And we are right on behind her. Black women are saying, ‘yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!’ But let me ask y’all a question, when ever did she rally behind us? What award show did she get up on the stage and say #MeToo?”

Jesse Williams’ Baby Mama Drama

Jesse Williams’ ex-wife is going after him for violating their custody agreement. Jesse and Aryn agreed to wait six months before introducing their kids to a new relationship. Aryn claims Jesse already introduced them to his new girlfriend, and even went on vacation with them! Aryn claims they call her “Mama C.” Last we heard Minka Kelly and Jesse broke up, so we’re not sure who “Mama C” could be. That’s not all; Aryn says Jesse purposely made her look bad to their daughter Sadie. Her school has a strict birthday policy where they pick one day a month to celebrate all the kids together, but Jesse showed up on Sadie’s birthday, with cupcakes. Sadie was upset and crying that Aryn wasn’t there.

Pamela Anderson’s Cougar Ways

Pamela Anderson has a young boyfriend, and it’s serious! Fifty-year-old Pamela is dating 32-year-old soccer player, Adil Rami.

They met last May and are supposedly inseparable. They’ve reportedly already gone shopping for an engagement ring, and she’s already moved to France with him. Pamela apparently has no plans on returning to America. Her sons Brandon (21) and Dylan (20) visit frequently. Pamela even took her dog with her to France.

Lisa Rinna’s New Look!

Lisa Rinna sported a new look the other day. Lisa, who’s had the same hairstyle for 19 years, went on WWHL wearing a long wig.

Fans said she looked younger and better than ever!

Tell Us: Should she keep the new look if everyone likes it better?