By Joanne Rosa

Porsha was helping gather donations for her family’s charity HOSEA in an effort to help the people affected by Hurricane Harvey, when Shamea called. Remember, Shamea and Porsha haven’t spoken much since Porsha claimed to have medical issues and told Shamea she can’t attend her destination wedding. That didn’t stop Shamea from calling to extend a helping hand for Texas. They all play nice when they want to, don’t they?

Shereé was talking with her prison boo Tyrone when she decided to bring up NeNe, and how she called Tyrone a con artist. Tyrone was taken aback, and basically was like, NeNe better not run her mouth and go down that road, because he has steaming hot tea to spill on her marriage with Greg. Tyrone lead on that NeNe pursued him while she was with her husband Greg, including invitations to see her taping of “The Apprentice.” Tyrone honey, please don’t hold back on account of the millions of people listening in on your phone call with Shereé.

Porsha, Cynthia, and their sisters volunteered to take the trip down to Texas. While the four women were packing up bags, Shamea showed up. She was sulking to take the trip over to Texas to help Porsha. Porsha is glad Shamea came, but they definitely aren’t good friends again. They’re just putting their differences aside to help the people of Houston. Right in the middle of the five ladies talking, Kenya decided to surprise everyone.

Porsha and Shamea took some time for the two of them to talk through their differences. Shamea apologized if she didn’t seem sympathetic to Porsha’s “condition.” Porsha didn’t technically apologize for anything, but the two made up somehow. They’re back to twerkin’ and workin’ it.

Kenya reached out to Habitat for Humanity to build walls and knock them down and stuff. She was in some type of mood. Kenya was not here for anyone, but her family and the people in need. She could care less about these women.

At Porsha’s event, the turnout of people exceeded expectations, which is great, except for the fact that they started running out of food. They only had enough for 400 people, and well over 400 showed up. Luckily, one of the caterers was able to pull together more grub and bring it over to Porsha’s event.

After the event, all of the housewives and friends/family involved went to dinner. Kenya was running late, but Porsha’s sister Laura spoke up in the mean time. Laura confessed “we” (AKA she and Porsha) were disappointed Cynthia and others didn’t come to the event. Cynthia was like wait, I did go to another event of yours on the first day and helped with that. Porsha agreed that she did help then, but that the event that she missed was the reason Porsha invited everyone down in the first place. Cynthia doesn’t think this is a matter of friendship or competition.

Shamea shifted the conversation and focused on Kenya, who was not as warm and fuzzy as she would have liked. Well, in walked Kenya, and Shamea brought up her attitude at Habitat for Humanity almost immediately after she sat down. Shamea called Kenya “dismissive,” and Kenya suggested she not to take it personally, and let it go. Porsha chimed in, but Kenya shut her mouth down real quick. That’s when Cynthia pointed out that Kenya was in her zone, and that maybe things were taken the wrong way. Shamea went back to berating Kenya, and Kenya was done with it. She left the table and fled to the bathroom, where she sounded off on these girls to a producer.

“I’m done with this. I didn’t come here to constantly be dragged in the mud. I don’t give a ****. I don’t give a **** about any of them bitches. Every time I do something positive it turns into some bullsh**! I wasn’t rude to nobody at that event. **** these mother****ing hoes. The whole table is ****ing stupid as sh**! That’s why Marc don’t wanna be a part of this… because every time you turn around and trash his ****ing wife. I’m sick of it.”

Porsha went to the bathroom to talk to Kenya, who showed away the cameras behind her and flipped them off. This prompted Porsha to leave the bathroom. Kenya left the restaurant, and Cynthia followed her out. Kenya briefly rolled down her car window to tell her she isn’t feeling well and is going back to the hotel. Then Kenya said goodbye, and rolled the window up.

Tell Us: Who do you think was in the wrong at dinner: Shamea or Kenya?