By Joanne Rosa

Porsha is ready to head into acting (outside of RHOA), and she landed a role in the stage play “Two Can Play at That Game” with Vivica Fox. Acting is definitely a strong skill for Porsha. So, good for you girl.

Meanwhile, Shereé and Kim got together to dish about the other housewives in Atlanta. Kim admitted that the accusations Porsha made against Kandi were pretty harsh. That being said, Kim has been holding onto some steamy tea that she decided to spill. “Let me tell you about Kandi. On my kids’ lives… I wouldn’t let her lick my (bleep)… I’m not saying that to be mean I’m telling you the (bleeping) truth!” OK, we know this is about to circle back around at some point.

Shereé spilled some secrets of her own to Kim. Basically, if her jailbird Tyrone makes it out of prison in one piece, she plans to be with him. Get your man Shereé! So while all of this is going on, Kim and Shereé are simultaneously waiting for NeNe to arrive so they can order their food. Kim gives her a call when it’s past the time of waiting around. NeNe answered and said “Oh you didn’t get the memo? … I will not be coming. I just think there need to be a bigger conversation… there’s been elephants in the room.” Kim and Shereé are looking hella confused by NeNe’s comments. Basically, at NeNe’s white party, Shereé brought Kim as her plus one when Kim wasn’t invited. Then, Kim ended up starting drama with Kenya, and disrespected NeNe’s home.

Cynthia decided to run a “back to school” drive to help provide school supplies to children whose parents cannot afford them. Sweet. Cynthia starts talking about her man and how she is trying to not be exclusive and keep dating, but that she really likes him. It’s becoming more difficult by the week to continue dating other men. Speak of the devil, Will comes by Cynthia’s charity drive and drops a bomb on her: I’m going to Brazil this week. Umm, excuse you? Brazil is like Fantasy Island for every man (gay or straight). Yes honey. Plus, Kenya felt it necessary to point out that prostitution is legal there. OK you know what? This man claims he is going to Brazil for work and to see the Jesus statue that’s there. We are watching you Will. If you mess with Cynthia, you’ll be hearing from us! Just sayin’.

Shereé’s son Kairo won best son of the week award. He came home from college with a bag of groceries and charcoal to cook his Mama dinner. While all that cooking was going on, Shereé got a call from her jailbird Tyrone. He had good news to share: the government was allegedly withholding evidence in an effort to put Tyrone in prison. Tyrone was sentenced to 10 years for wire and security fraud. Shereé isn’t getting herself excited until she hears something more definitive. She is excited to have Tyrone’s name cleared, especially in respect to NeNe, who believes they have beef. Shereé is the one who has beef with NeNe for what she said about her jailbird Tyrone.

Meanwhile, NeNe sought out spiritual help to cleanse the negative energy and drama from her life. NeNe invited all of the women to what she calls “the elephant room.” Everyone is invited, including Kim and Porsha, who refused to give up her phone when everyone else did. NeNe started telling every one why she summoned them, when the lights flickered on and off. That’s a sign that things are about to go down.

The goal is to hash out any issues or secrets that need to be shared. But the spiritual advisor/medium told them that she will be sharing anyone secrets. So the medium starts reading people and basically tells them what is up and down with each of them. Of course, she and Kim get into it. Kenya was tired of Kim’s comments and essentially told her to simmer down, or GTFO. To which, Kandi asked when they were actually going to address any of the elephants in the room.

The medium then asked Kim is she can wash her, to cleanse her of negativity. Kim said no, because she doesn’t feel connected to the medium. At this point, everyone is pretty much like what in the hell did we sign up for? The medium walks away and the ladies used it as an opportunity to address the “elephants” in the room. It was all addressed, but nothing was resolved. NeNe and Shereé’s problems, NeNe and Kim’s issues, the Kenya and Kim drama, the NeNe and Porsha drama, and even the Kandi and Porsha tea! Everything was brought to the surface, but not one item was dealt with.

While everyone left the room, NeNe and Kim sat down on a couch together to talk out their elephant. They hashed out what happened at the party and beyond, including when Kim saw NeNe park in a handicap space. NeNe feels that Kim isn’t herself, and Kim feels that NeNe hasn’t been acting like herself. Especially at the party, when Kim asked NeNe if she was on pills at her party. The two of them are not on the same page, and it’s evident the two of them aren’t rectifying their friendship anytime soon.

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