LISTEN to “Finesse” by Bruno Mars and Cardi B

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Bruno Mars and Cardi B; do we really need to explain this? What’s not to love about this duo?! These two icons collaborated to bestow “Finesse” upon us. They are dripping in finesse, and this duo totally makes sense! The year 2018 is off to a fantastic start by bringing back 90’s vibes in the best way. Thank you Bruno and Cardi!

You can download or stream “Finesse” now!

READ “January Survival Guide” and “A Robe for Every Occasion”

If Wendy asked her studio audience to clap if they liked the month of January, the clapation would be below zero. We get that January is the most underwhelming month of the year. In true Wendy fashion, we will find any excuse to celebrate ourselves, life, or really anything.

Wendy’s January Survival Guide is here to get you through it!

It’s no secret that Wendy loves a good robe and we’re so excited that robes are now socially acceptable at home, on the streets, and before you hit the sheets.

For our loyal Wendy Watchers, we picked out the perfect robe for every occasion.

TASTE 2018 Food Trends

Celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels stopped by to reveal the hottest food trends for 2018. Zoodles (veggie noodles) are out, and veggie rice is in. Turmeric (still healthy) is out, and beets are in! Jillian tells us why these 2018 food trends are good for us, and all of the ways we can eat them.

WATCH Bravo’s “To Rome for Love”

Some of us can’t even get it together to go to the bar to find love. Five gorgeous black women from America are looking for love, so Bravo sent them to Rome for five weeks! The states just weren’t working for them, but they are prepared to leave their old baggage at home, and try to open their heart to a man.

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Since we can’t go to Rome, we are vicariously living through these lovely ladies as love guru Diann Valentine guides them to their dream man. We watched the premiere episode last week (it airs right after our favorite show RHOA), and we are here for the love stories and the drama. The thing is, these women don’t really know each other, and they are all a different brew of tea. We assure you, tea will be spilled.

If you missed the premiere last week, watch it now on Bravo. Episode two is on Sunday, January 14th at 9|8c.