By Joanne Rosa

It’s no secret that Wendy loves a good robe and we’re so excited that robes are now socially acceptable at home, on the streets, and before you hit the sheets.

For our loyal Wendy Watchers, we picked out the perfect robe for every occasion.

The “Moisturizing with the Girls” Robe

Top Shop | Dark Floral Print Robe

Moisturizing is necessary, especially after you’ve been through this thing we call life darling! So whether you’re at home with a face mask, or treating yourselves with a day spa experience, this robe from Top Shop is what you need. It works for any season too!

The “I Just Showered and Don’t Want to Get Dressed” Robe

Barefoot Dreams | COZYCHIC® Heathered Adult Robe

You all know exactly what we are talking about. That moment when you just want to lay on your bed in your towel and air dry. Barefoot Dreams‘ robe is made of polyester microfiber, so you’ll be dry in no time while also feeling cozy in case you want to take a nap. We don’t judge (but we will if you’re supposed to be at work).

The “I Don’t Want to Work Today” Robe

Baboon | Kahlo Jacket

Speaking of work, We all have those days where you just can’t seem to get out of bed but you have to. Babaton has this perfect little jacket/robe that is a closet staple. Dress it up for work, and feel like you’re right at home while you slave away at your desk. No one will give it a second thought!

The “Luxuriating and Watching Lifetime” Robe

ASOS | Premium Towelling Embroidered Slogan Bath Robe

Oh yes, Wendy’s favorite weekend activity. Whether the weather is frightfully cold or borderline inferno temperatures, ASOS‘ robe lets everyone around know what your intentions are for the weekend: Lounging, snacking, and binge watching your favorite show.

The “I Haven’t Even Finished My Makeup Yet” Robe

Victoria’s Secret | Sleepover Knit Robe

Is there anything worse than being rushed to get ready? Honestly, you all need to calm down. So we miss a reservation? So our car has to wait five, or 30-minutes, outside? Mother, father, do not even dare try to rush the process of perfection. When you’re still applying your makeup Victoria’s Secret has you covered. The model is wearing some strange periwinkle-magenta color, but we recommend getting the robe in black so you’re makeup is (kind of) hidden when you naturally smear the $100 foundation on your robe instead of your face.

The “I’m Single as of 12 Hours Ago” Robe

Pottery Barn | Faux Fur Robe

So you’re single, and you’re like, “Now what?” You’re probably somewhere in-between “Thank God that’s over” and “I might have a nervous breakdown.” Pottery Barn‘s faux fur robe is everything your life needs right now. This is the time when you need to feel like the fabulous diva that you are, and also be able to stroke the furry robe collar and rock back and forth. This robe will get you through the breakup and launch you like a cannon into singledom!

The “Oh! I Wasn’t Expecting Company!” Robe

Free People | Let’s Dance Kimono

There’s nothing better than walking around the house in your underwear doing whatever you damn well please. On the other hand, there is nothing worse than doing that and hearing your doorbell ring. Unexpected guests are the surprise you never want on a Sunday morning. However, it happens. Free People‘s Kimono is just what you need to cover up your situation and look cute doing it. Wear it open with a pair of leggings and a tank top, or add a belt if you need to conceal your entire being.

“When You Have to Let Him Know He Has a Dime” Robe

Adore Me | Chloe

There comes a time in a person’s life when they need to bring it all to the bedroom. When that time comes, you’re gonna want this sexy lace robe from Adore Me. Wear it with your favorite negligee, or nothing at all. It won’t take much to let him know that you are everything and he should bow down and kiss your feet.

“Be My Guest” Robe

Ritz-Carlton | Terry Robe

Sometimes, we actually invite people into our home. Give your guest this unisex Ritz-Carlton robe to make them feel like they are at a hotel. This not only makes your guest feel good, but it gives you permission to walk around in your robe all day. Best. Idea. Ever. Thanks Wendy!

The “I Want to Stay in But I Guess I’ll Go Out” Robe

HSN | Wendy Williams Crushed Velvet Smoking Jacket

Sometimes we have to suck it up and actually leave our house. That doesn’t mean we have to be uncomfortable in the clothes we wear! Wendy’s smoking jacket from her HSN line is everything. This jacket can take you anywhere! It’s timeless, it doesn’t wrinkle, and it can be worn for more than just going out. The Hugh Hefner of it all!

Tell Us: When is your favorite occasion to wear a robe?