H&M’s Racist Sweatshirt

Lebron James, the Weeknd, and Sean “Diddy” Combs are just a few of the people slamming H&M for their racist ad. This photo of a young black boy wearing a sweatshirt that says “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” has now been pulled from the H&M website. The Weeknd, who had two collections with them, reacted on Twitter.

Lebron posted an edited picture of the boy with a different caption:

H&M apologized, saying they removed the picture and will not be selling the sweatshirt in the United States and they will investigate to prevent this type of mistake from happening again.

“American Idol” Return

“American Idol” returns in March, but Katy Perry says she can’t be a mean judge like Simon Cowell simply because she is a woman. “I’m blunt, but I can’t be mean because I’m a woman,” Perry said in a TCA Q&A on Monday.

Tell Us: Do you agree with Katy Perry’s statement?

Blac Chyna V. Kardashians

Blac Chyna says the Kardashians are trying to ruin her life! To refresh your memory, Blac is suing Rob, Kris, and Kim for allegedly sabotaging her reality show with Rob. The Kardashians aren’t going down without a fight. They claim the show ended because Rob and Blac’s relationship ended! In new court documents, Blac’s lawyer Lisa Bloom says, “The unwritten rule no one told her when she began her relationship with Kardashian is that the entire family will come after you if you leave, using their fame, wealth, and power to take you down.” Blac believes the Kardashians want to destroy her career so she would not compete with them commercially or on social media. The Kardashians want the judge to throwout the case.

DJ Khaled Counts His Blessings (and His Points)

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DJ Khaled is counting his calories for the New Year and getting paid for it! Khaled just signed on to be Weight Watchers’ new social media ambassador. He already posted his first weigh in! Khaled started at 293 lbs, and now weighs 272 lbs. He is already posting photos of himself exercising while carrying out his daily meetings. A Weight Watchers spokesman declined to answer how much Khaled’s paycheck is.

Mary J. Blige’s Divorce Drama Continues

Mary J. Blige was at the Globes, but her ex Kendu is still trying to get his hands on her money. Remember, Kendu claimed Mary trashed him in the press, which caused him to be “unemployable.” Kendu now claims the stress of the divorce has taken a toll and caused him to be hospitalized! He allegedly has physical and emotional distress, and wants his spousal support to be raised from $30k to $65k a month.

Mary and Kendu go to trial in March.