By Joanne Rosa

The ladies of ATL are back where they belong, but someone else is here too. More on that later.

Shereé is putting the finishing touches on her basement (wine cellar, theatre, sauna, the works). Porsha stopped by, and they speculated about Cynthia’s feelings on Kenya’s marriage. Then, the convo took a turn when headlines in ATL detailed Shereé’s relationship with Tyrone (the guy that’s incarcerated). Some outlets reported the two were actually married! Shereé cleared it up; she is absolutely not married.

Cynthia invited Kandi and Kenya to her Lake House. Cynthia confronted Kenya about how hurt she was that she wasn’t invited to the wedding and that she found out about it online and hasn’t met her husband.

Porsha had to bring in the big guns to find love. She wants someone that is supportive, confident, successful, and she is down with the swirl of any flavor. Porsha then gave the experts a tour. That’s when they realized how Porsha is probably scaring off all of these men. She has a girl’s room, a boy’s room, and an outdoor playground, but no children.

Remember how we said someone else is in Atlanta? Well, it’s Cynthia’s ex, Peter. Oh yes. They have some unfinished business to discuss, about “Bar 2.” The first one is in Charlotte, and this one is expected to be up and running in four months. Cynthia has a 25% investment in it, so she wants to be involved.

After Cynthia and Peter took a look around, Peter attempted to get a feel of how their new dynamic is as divorced business partners. How does he begin? He tells her how beautiful she is, then asks where her boyfriend is. Cynthia tells Peter she doesn’t have a boyfriend, but she met someone. “Tell him I said hello,” Peter said to Cynthia. Look, it’s very obvious they still care about one another. Do we think things will spark up again? Eh, probably not, but anything is possible!

A few episodes ago, Shereé promised her life coach that she would talk to her children about the abuse she went through while married to their father. Once Shereé said it out loud, all three children fell silent. Shereé was worried about the image her children had of their father. Meanwhile, she was hurting herself by keeping it all in. She continued her discussion by educating the kids on how a woman should be loved. The convo went well, and Shereé didn’t shed a single tear. Her strength is so inspiring it’s making us cry.

Cynthia finally went on that boat date with Will. It started with a car coming to pick Cynthia up, arranged by none other than Will. Cynthia loves that Will is smart and successful, but she’s really into the fact (and it’s a fact honey) that he’s hotter than Atlanta in August. Kandi and Todd joined them on the boat. Kandi did some research, and she is a little skeptical about Will. Todd was a little apprehensive about coming because he is friends with Peter. Together, Kandi and Todd unhinged Will. Todd brought up Peter, and Kandi grilled Will about the dating shows he was allegedly on. In Kandi’s eyes, Todd went through it all with Kandi’s family, but he stood the test of time. Now, it’s Will’s turn!

Porsha got her hair, nails and makeup done. All of this for a blind date set up by her new matchmakers. She walked in, and was not impressed with the man that was waiting for her. She promised him she would stay for 30 minutes, and no more because her Mom is staying at her house (lie). We hear you Porsha. He wasn’t our cup of tea either.

Shereé met with her life coach and told him she had that convo with the kids about Bob and the abuse. In the middle of their session, Shereé received a phone call from Tyrone. She told her life coach she loves him, and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks.