The Latest on Meghan Markle’s Fairy Tale Wedding

The Latest on Meghan Markle’s Fairy Tale Wedding


By Joanne Rosa

If Prince Harry was going to settle down with anyone, we couldn’t pick a better match than Meghan Markle.

Meghan will be known as the Duchess of Sussex. Even if she won’t be a technical princess, Meghan will always be America’s princess.

The girl from LA that was swept away by British royalty. This is our modern day Cinderella, people. The best part about this royal engagement is that the wedding is just around the corner. The wedding is set for May 19, 2018, and will take place at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

In the mean time, Meghan must be baptized into the Church of England, Prince Harry’s Communications Secretary Jason Knauf confirmed. Our new BFF Knauf also confirmed that Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding will reflect who they are as a couple.

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We all know that Meghan was once married before, but royal correspondent Victoria Arbiter told ET that “It won’t be an issue if Meghan’s dress is white.”

This much we assumed, but we’re really wondering who the dress designer will be. Arbiter explained that the designer that’s chosen for the wedding dress will “strengthen ties with the region that she chooses to represent with her gown.” The British obviously want her to pick a British designer. An American designer would be a nod to her roots. Arbiter speculated that Meghan might go with something more fashionable.

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As for the wedding guest list, that’s still up in the air. Remember, this is a royal wedding, not Rihanna’s Diamond Ball. However, this hasn’t stopped some of Meghan’s estranged relatives from vowing to be in town even if they’re left off of the guest list. Oh yes. The 26 year-old Domino’s Pizza manager Thomas ‘TJ’ Dooley III (AKA Meghan’s nephew) told The Sun, “I’d probably come to the UK for the wedding – even if I’m not invited. I am thrilled.” One family we really hope to see there is the Obamas. Over the years, Prince Harry has remained a close friend to the former president and has worked side-by-side with his wife, Michelle.

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After every wedding is the inevitable honeymoon. Here’s the one thing we’re having trouble wrapping our heads around. People reported the couple might be honeymooning in America. The couple could be participating in Walk of America, which is a three month 1,200 mile hike from May to July. We are vicariously living through Meghan Markle. So, we require her to have a big, royal, blown out honeymoon. Let’s set the bar high!