Omarosa Jobless!

48th NAACP Image Awards - Arrivals

Omarosa is out of a job! According to the White House, Omarosa is resigning from her role as “Director of Communication for the Office of Public Liaison” in January to “pursue other opportunities.” But according to several sources, she was fired. Sources say the Chief of Staff John Kelly was reportedly tired of Omarosa’s drama. She reportedly agreed she would leave in January. Allegedly, Omarosa wanted to know if Trump signed off on it, and asked to see him. She reportedly tried to enter the residence of the White House, but was stopped by secret service. Then, Kelly allegedly told the secret service to remove her from the building.

Omarossa denied everything on GMA this morning.

Sexual Harassment Scandal

More sexual assault allegations are coming out about three men.

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First, sixty year-old Russell Simmons is being accused of rape by three more women. A singer, a music journalist, and a former Def Jam music executive, all claim Russell violently raped them. A fourth woman claims Russell groped her in Miami in 2014. Russell Simmons “vehemently denies” all the allegations and says all of his sexual relations have been consensual.

Courting Justice With Tavis Smiley

The second is Tavis Smiley. Tavis’ talk show was suspended after multiple misconduct allegations. PBS hired an outside law firm to conduct an investigation. PBS claims Tavis engaged in sexual relationships with multiple subordinates. They also claim he created a verbally abusive and threatening environment. Back in February, his former producer claimed he picked up a woman at an airport, and brought her on the reporting trip, calling her his “eff buddy.” Tavis lashed out in a Facebook video, calling the investigation unfair.

Vanity Fair/Gucci Party at Cannes Film Festival Honoring Martin Scorsese

Salma Hayek is the latest celebrity to speak out against Harvey Weinstein. She claims he threatened to kill her and forced her to film a sex scene with another woman. The allegations against Weinstein are getting worse than before. He allegedly showed up at all hours of night at her hotel and asked her to shower with him. He allegedly dragged her out of the Venice Film Festival to hang out with him and prostitutes. He allegedly told Salma, “I will kill you, don’t think I can’t.”

When Salma refused Harvey’s advances, he allegedly told her he was giving “Frieda” to another actress. That’s when Salma hired lawyers. He made a list of demands in order to let her keep the role. He allegedly showed up on set and told her no one would want to see her in an unsexy role, and to get rid of her unibrow. Harvey apparently agreed to let her finish the film, but only if she did sex scene with another woman. Allegedly, on the day the scene was supposed to be shot, Salma had a nervous breakdown, and was medicated to calm down.

Weinstein responded over night, saying he does not recall pressuring Salma to do gratuitous sex scene and wasn’t there day of filming. All sexual allegations are not accurate and others who witnessed the events have a different account of what happened.

Nick Cannon’s Song for Mariah Carey

20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

Nick Cannon is still pining over his ex-wife Mariah. He just released the video for his song “Dream Girl,” which is reportedly about Mariah. In the video, there’s a dog version of Nick with a turban, and a dog version of diva Mariah. Some of the lyrics are, “I ain’t over my ex yet… still think about her… paparazzi always ask me why I left her.”

Clooney Twins Fly in Style

MPTF Celebrates 95th Anniversary With "Hollywood's Night Under The Stars" - Inside

George and Amal Clooney know how to fly the right way with their six month old twins! They gave out noise cancelling headphones to passengers before their flight took off with a note “apologizing ahead of time.” The headphones had George’s “Casamigos Tequila” logo on them.

John Stamos Daddy News!

mothers2mothers And The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation Benefit Dinner At Ron Burkle's Green Acres Estate

Uncle Jesse is going to be a Dad! Forty year-old John Stamos announced he and his fiance, thirty-one year-old Caitlin are having a baby. Caitlin told John she wanted a baby before getting married. John thought he was too old to have a baby. This will be the first baby for both.