By Joanne Rosa

Maybe you’re not in the office, and maybe it doesn’t feel like work, but believe me you, you’re still at work. You must act accordingly at your office holiday party. There’s a fine line between having fun and being “that girl”.

Here are our tips on how to handle yourself at your holiday office gathering.

Eat Before You Go

OK, this is potentially the best advice we can give you, as it covers many bases for keeping it together at the office holiday party. Have a meal before you go out to the office party so you can line your stomach with food in preparation for the potential intoxication that’s about to ensue. Furthermore, eating before you go will help you eat right, and not over indulge when the food comes out at the party.

Shaun T said if you go hungry, you’ll end up eating everything in sight. On the other hand, if the food isn’t good, then you’ll be walking into the party with a full stomach.

Dress Appropriately

Listen, just because you see the word “party” doesn’t mean this is your chance to show co-workers that you are a low key Instagram model. Wear something you are comfortable in, that you won’t be self-conscious in, or have a potential wardrobe malfunction.

The Booze of It All

Listen, drinking will happen, and that’s OK. What’s not OK is when you are a sloppy, drunk mess in front of all your co-workers. What’s not OK is when you’re co-workers are so drunk and sloppy that they say or do something they’ll probably regret later. Drunk people are (usually) not all that fun to be around.

Shaun T suggests having two mocktails at the start of the party. While everyone else is drinking you’ll be a few drinks behind and hopefully won’t wake up with a hangover in the morning.

Tell Us: How do you handle yourself at office parties?