By Joanne Rosa

The San Francisco trip continues, and the drama between NeNe and Porsha is only heating up.

NeNe told Porsha she needs some discipline for what she did to Kandi. Porsha promptly replied “f*** you”, and Kenya muttered under her breath that everyone believes Porsha needs discipline for what she did to Kandi. NeNe told Porsha she shouldn’t even be here, and to remember who started this show. “You wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for a bitch like me.” Marlo went to cover NeNe mouth so she would stop running it, but that didn’t stop her.

NeNe walked away to the elevator, and Porsha started crying at the table with Shereé. Porsha was upset that every woman at that table, aside from Shereé, left with NeNe. In Porsha’s mind, they’re all trying to take her down. Porsha feels that NeNe isn’t acting like the big sister she always used to act like. Porsha claims she never spoke ill of NeNe on Dish Nation. “The only thing I said on Dish was that I was hurt [by her].”


Kandi is glad she’s not the only one that has a problem with Porsha. NeNe wants everyone to stop treating Porsha like a little sister when “she’s almost 40 years old” (she’s 36). “She needs to stop acting like she’s 21.” Essentially, Porsha needs to own up to her actions and what she did.

Kenya chimed in to say that Porsha never believes she does anything wrong. She had some good friendships before, and Kenya believes she is burning them one by one. Cynthia wants to know what Porsha has done for her friends in these friendships.

After the big blow up the night before, Porsha and NeNe decided to play it like Cardi B (if I see you and I don’t speak that means I don’t… with you).

Unfortunately, Kenya has to leave early to bury her Grandma; the only woman she has ever known as her mother. While the ladies were in the trolley, Kenya shared the video she created for her Grandma. At that moment, Porsha started to tear up, and she walked away from everyone. Apparently, her uncle passed away recently. Cynthia walked over to Porsha and gave her some big sister advice about forgiving, forgetting, and moving on.

NeNe told Kandi, Kenya, and Cynthia how surprised she is that Shereé is dating Tyrone (the incarcerated one). According to NeNe, he was a con artist when she met him. She claims something was off with him, then she found out that he was being arrested for trying to con a company out of four million dollars.

Marlo came up with the bright idea of throwing Kenya a party since she’s been feeling so down, and she has to leave the trip early. The gag is, they are throwing her a ghetto fabulous wedding. Marc won’t be there, but they have a cutout mystery guy in his place instead. This could go well, or it good go terribly.

Luckily, Kenya decided to go along with it because it made her smile for a little while.

While everyone was grabbing cake, Porsha grabbed Kandi and pulled her aside to say sorry (again) for what she did last season (you know, the whole spreading rumors about a sex dungeon, rape, and drugs). “I know it’s a situation where you were hurt.

Kandi kept it together, and told Porsha that she just wants to have a good time with her friends. At least Porsha is showing some accountability in her life.

Shereé decided the perfect way to end the trip is to take a ride out to Napa. It’s quite a ride to get out there. A drive, and an hour train ride. There must have been some truth serum in their beverages, because there was no filter on that train. Kandi told Porsha it’s good that she started to become vegan because she was looking chunky. Kenya shared exactly how her husband likes her (thin, toned, curvy, no makeup, and no complaints). Shereé disclosed that her incarcerated boy toy went in for security and wire fraud.

After the girls finished stomping the grapes for the wine, they sat down in a glamorous wine cellar and enjoyed a bottle of John Legend’s wine. Kenya left to get a red eye back to the east coast, so Kandi felt it was a safe place to speak about Kenya’s hubby Marc. They went to Brooklyn and did a drive by of his restaurant. Not too much was said about Kenya while she was gone thanks to Cynthia. She defended her like a true best friend. Marlo kept pushing Cynthia about Kenya. Marlo said that Cynthia can’t be that good of a friend if she hasn’t met Kenya’s husband. That ticked Cynthia off and her tone changed. Once Marlo asked how many people at the table believe Kenya actually got married, Cynthia left. She didn’t want to be apart of that conversation, and she doesn’t want to be around the Kenya haters.

Cynthia doesn’t understand Kenya’s marriage, and she doesn’t understand why she wasn’t invited to the wedding. She was hurt by it. And now, the cat is out of the bag.