R. Kelly’s Got Nothing!

R. Kelly's Birthday Celebration

R. Kelly returned home to two empty homes in Atlanta over the weekend.

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Wendy reported Friday that his homes were robbed of everything, and allegedly by a former friend of his.

The suspect Alfonso walker is allegedly on the run.

Azalea Banks V. Remy Ma


Azealia Banks picked a fight with the wrong person over the weekend. She came for Remy Ma! Azealia is known for picking social media fights with countless celebs, but this time she went for Remy. Azealia lashed out at Remy saying the hottest music she released since getting out of prison are “Nicki Minaj love letters,” she’s nothing but a reality TV star, and that she’s not important to female rap.

Remy went all the way off. She posted at least 10 screenshots from texts Azealia allegedly sent to her.

The texts appear to show Azalea dissing Nicki Minaj, asking for a advice on if she should join “LHH,” and talking about how she wants to get vaginal rejuvenation.

Remy then posted a video to Instagram Live. “Stop it, stop it. Go on with your life and leave me alone. Let me and my husband do my black love thing, Let me get my checks from Mona… when I feel like, I listen and I chill because I feel like it. The day that I wake up and I’m like ‘oh, I don’t feel like it,’ I’m gonna violate you.”

Late last night, Azealia shot back. “You gotta get some clothes that fit” was one of the few things she sad to Remy.

Chris Bosh’s Mom is Suspect in Drug Trafficking

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Basketball star Chris Bosh’s mom is the suspect of a drug trafficking raid. On Friday morning, cops raided Frieda Bosh’s home, which is owned by Chris. They seized a large amount of drug paraphernalia and believe crack cocaine was being trafficked there. They don’t think Chris is involved, and no one has been arrested at this time.

Draya Michele Slammed Over Homework Comment

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Reality star Draya Michele is getting slammed on Twitter for being a bad mom. Her 13 year old son Kniko had a homework assignment where he had to practice reciting a four minute speech five times a night, and then get a form signed by his parent once it was completed. After a few nights of signing his homework, Draya refused to do it anymore. The next day, Kniko texted his mom saying he lost points because she didn’t sign. Afterwards, Draya tweeted, “I’m all for helping my child with his homework, but at this point, she has him harassing me. Over Thanksgiving break I had to sign 18x and now it’s still everyday. Tell your teacher I’m done with this. It’s not my damn homework. But it feels like it.”

Internet trolls shamed Draya for what she did, and she later deleted her tweet.

Chris Brown’s Wild Birthday Gift to Daughter

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Chris Brown brought his three year old daughter a monkey for her birthday. Chris brought Royalty a baby marmoset. It is legal to own a marmoset, but animal experts strongly advise against it. Many of Chris’ fans agreed that it was a ridiculous and dangerous gift to buy a young girl.