By Joanne Rosa

There’s nothing like a well decorated space during the holidays. Have you seen our studio?!

It’s all fun and games until it actually comes time to decorate, and you can’t figure out how they did that one thing you saw in the magazine or on TV. Luckily, our art department with Michael Lee Scott and Chris Siretz have the best hacks to make decorating this year easy, fun, and fabulous!

HACK: Wall Decor That Won’t Mark the Wall

There’s nothing worse than taking a decoration down, only to find out that it damaged the wall. The fireplace in our guest entrance wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for this hack!

Supplies Needed


– Double stick tape
– Painters Tape
– Wall Decor


Put double stick tape on the decor you want to hang.

Stick painters tape on the wall where the decor will be hung.

When it’s time to take down the decorations, your wall will be pristine!

DIY: Custom Ornament

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 2.00.52 PM

Whether you’re tired of the ornaments you have, or want to put your own spin on your tree, making these custom ornaments will be the easiest thing you do this year!

Supplies Needed


– Fabric (Something with a little stretch is always good. Michael Lee and Chris used velvet, satin, and fur in the past)
– Styrofoam ball (Any size your heart desires!)
– Floral wire
– Scissors
– Pliers (Optional)


Cut off twice the amount of fabric needed to cover the styrofoam ball.

Pull the fabric over the styrofoam ball as tight as you can and hold it together.

Grab the floral wire, and have a helper twist it around the fabric (they can use either their hands or pliers to do this).

There will probably be a lot of wire on your ornament. Don’t get rid of it! This can be used to secure the ornament to the tree.

Take the scissors and cut off the extra fabric.

HACK: Ornament Clusters

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 2.51.57 PM

One is fine, two is company, but three is a party. There will be no square inch of the tree left empty with this ornament hack.

Supplies Needed


– Three ornaments of the same size (random colors)
– Floral Wire

Grab three ornaments and secure the ornament caps with hot glue.

Take one piece of floral wire and string the ornaments.

Pinch the floral wire so all the ornaments come together, and twist the floral wire a few times.

Put on the tree with our tree ornament hack below!

HACK: Don’t Hang Ornaments on the Tree


The key here is to make the ornaments look like they are coming at you, instead of drooping and weighing down the tree. This works best with artificial trees, but can also be used with real trees that have strong branches.

Supplies Needed
– Strong ornament (like the cluster or custom ornament above)
– Floral wire


Fasten the floral wire onto the ornament securely (if necessary, feel free to use a hot glue gun). Tuck the ornament into the tree as far as you can go.

Twist the floral wire around a strong branch (like the stripe on a candy cane).

DIY: Giant Holiday Bow


Create the most beautiful bow for your gifts under the tree in under a minute!

Supplies Needed


– Scissors
– Floral Wire
– Wide Paper Ribbon (paper ribbon works better than wire ribbon)
– Double Stick Tape (


Take your ribbon (don’t cut it yet) and loosely wrap in a loop once. Pinch the center of the looped ribbon. This will be how large the bow is, so adjust accordingly. Repeat the looping until you reach the desired size (Chris recommends 4 loops for something small). Once you’ve reached the desired amount of loops, cut the ribbon (keep the “tail ends” on the same side).

Fold the center of the loop in half. At the half point, cut the edges on a small diagonal (this will help you get the bow tight and looking right for the next step).

Take the floral wire, pull through the folded ribbon loop, pinch together as tight as possible, and twist.

Grab double stick tape and place on top of package/gift. Then, take each bow loop and tug at them to separate. Find the center of the bow, and press onto double stick tape.

Once in place, “fluff” the bow out to make it bigger, add height, and get rid of any creases or folds. Lastly, cut the tail ends of the bow to make it look fierce.

Tell Us: What are your personal decorating hacks?