RHOA RECAP: Season 10 Episode 5

RHOA RECAP: Season 10 Episode 5


By Joanne Rosa

The drama between Kim and Kenya continues.

Kenya talking about Kim’s daughter put her over the edge. But, Kenya has the receipts (or at least Bravo did). They pulled out a tweet from Kim back in May.

Twitter-KimZolciak: ChrissyTeigen

Kim doesn’t really care about what she said in the past, present, or what she will inevitably say in the future. She has three things that she cares about. “Don’t mess with my man, my money, or my kids.”

Kim left the party that she wasn’t even invited to, and Kenya stayed. Shereé, Kim, and Kim’s hubby Kroy decided to make their way over to Porsha’s place to spill the tea, champagne, and Hennessy. Kim told Porsha what went down, including that Kenya brought up something about her injured son. Look, we played back the fight, and Kenya mentioned nothing about her son. Just sayin’.

Back at NeNe’s party, Kenya brought up the fact that Kim’s daughter Brielle spoke about Kenya on social media.

In Kenya’s mind, the whole Zolciak-Biermann family is coming for her. Kenya posted this on Instagram the next day.

Cynthia came to Kenya’s defense. She recalled Kenya sat quiet while Kim was bashing her.

Kandi has enough going on in her life, and she doesn’t want any extra drama this season. Shereé invited her to the all girls trip in San Francisco. Kandi was apprehensive about going not only because she doesn’t get along with all of Shereé’s girls (AKA Porsha), but she’s also busy with her multiple businesses. To everyone’s surprise, she ended up coming anyway!

Cynthia and Noelle are on another level of mother daughter relationship. They’re basically Mommy daughter relationship goals. Noelle spoke with her Mother about how she decided to separate from her boyfriend so that she can live her own life in college. For the moment, Cynthia has her own man scene to think about. Her man Will is ready to take Cynthia for a ride on the water; on his “sizable” boat. Listen, when there’s a will, there’s a way. And we’re pretty sure Cynthia wants to have her way with him.

Greg is doing better and the doctors changed some of his prescriptions, and took him off of some as well. He’s not out of the woods yet, but he’s feeling more like himself every day. Even so, NeNe is still worried about him. Then again, she had no idea Greg was on so many prescriptions. Either way, Greg believes he feels well enough for NeNe to go off to San Francisco.

Kenya is having a difficult time being away from her husband Marc, especially since her Grandma passed away. Kenya has never known a mother’s love, only her Grandma’s love. Remember, Kenya’s mom was going to giver her up for adoption, but her father’s mom decided to take her in. Marc was able to meet her Grandma, and she feels she passed away because she felt he would be able to take care of her.

Today I lost the only woman in the world who has ever loved me unconditionally. My grandmother who raised me from 3 days old passed away. Thank you Jehovah for sending me your Angel who taught me everything I know about love, compassion, strength, kindness, selflessness, forgiveness, family, education, brains over beauty, inner beauty, strength, respect for your elders, being true to myself….she has helped mold me into the woman I am. She truly was my best friend. She finally lost her battle with Alzheimer's disease but her heart and spirit never failed her. Thank you Jehovah for allowing my last moment with her last month to be her having met my loving husband. I truly believe she waited until she knew that I finally found someone to love and cherish me the way she did. She could not rest until she knew I would be taken care of by someone who deserved me. She didn't recognize me at first but when I introduced them but she lit up with so much joy that my heart became overwhelmed. She approved and it was the happiest day of my life. Thank you momma for being the best woman I have ever met in my life. Thank you for approving of me and thank you for letting the world know how proud you are of me. I thank you for my life. I owe the world to you. I know you will never leave my side in life or after. I am eternally grateful to you. Thank you for loving me. #unconditionallove #God #gonebutneverforgotten #family #myangel

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After a slightly awkward meet up at the airport of basically nobody talking to each other, Kandi, Porsha, Shereé, Cynthia, Kenya, and NeNe took off together to go to San Fran. It’s cold over there, but it’s about to get colder. The girls start drilling Shereé about the last time she had sex. Well, after a while, they wore Shereé down and she confessed that she was in a relationship with a man who’s incarcerated. Once the floodgates open, she spilled all the tea!

NeNe, who didn’t receive a plus one for the San Fran trip, invited Marlo so she could have her back in case anything goes down. While some were surprised to see Marlo, Kenya was not. “She would come to the opening of an envelope!” The bone digger Shereé started digging up some old bones, and it involved NeNe and Porsha. Looks like NeNe could use Marlo’s help after all.

NeNe didn’t want to talk about any of it, because the last time that happened Porsha told her that the door on their relationship was closed. If it wasn’t before, it definitely is now. Porsha feels that NeNe is angry with her, and Porsha wants to know why.

They start going back and forth like “So you are upset?” “No, you’re upset.” “But you’re angry?” No I’m not but you are.” So that’s how they’re conversing. NeNe says to Porsha at one point, “You’re the one that’s in anger management.” Porsha quickly clapped back, “But you need to be.” That’s when things took a turn for the worst. “We are all responsible for our actions,” Porsha continued.

NeNe was shocked those words came out of her mouth. They continued to argue while NeNe’s bun continued to fall out throughout the whole thing. Basically, Porsha is upset about what NeNe said on WWHL. In Porsha’s mind, it’s like NeNe told the producers to fire her. Technically, she didn’t say fire, she said to get rid of her because she’s “declassing the show.”

On the other hand, Porsha has spoken ill of NeNe on her radio show as well.

NeNe took a stand and started screaming at Porsha. She repeatedly screamed, “I’m the only one that had your back bitch!” Then she yelled that Porsha needs some discipline for what she did to Kandi, and that everyone here thinks it.

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