By Joanne Rosa

NeNe was finally able to bring Greg home from the hospital. Greg has an irregular heartbeat, and NeNe cannot shake the fear of losing him. They haven’t agreed on a permanent solution yet, but they’re talking about a pacemaker.


Greg is still a dreamboat husband though. He gave NeNe his blessing to have an all white gays and girls party. The theme will be “never forget,” as in never forget you came to NeNe’s house party! No, Porsha is not invited. In fact, Porsha texted NeNe the other day to request a sit down to find out why NeNe is so angry with her. NeNe did not appreciate the word “angry” being thrown around. So no, they didn’t hash it out.


Shereé is still working on herself and meeting with her life coach. She feels ashamed about the abuse she went through. She has to talk to her kids about what happened, and promised her life coach she would do it within the next two weeks.


Kandi is overjoyed about the fact that she will appear on the cover of Essence magazine (the confidence issue). The whole family left together, but without a personal assistant, DonJuan (GM of Kandi Koated) is left to do everything on his own. So far, he doesn’t have a hotel booked for their stay. Luckily, everything worked out as far as we know.

Porsha hasn’t spoken to Lauren since their big blow up in last week’s episode. Since then, Lauren moved out, and it’s awkward now that they’re meeting face-to-face for the first time. Lauren held everything on her shoulders because she was afraid to stress Porsha out. Once Porsha found that out, she understood where her sister was coming from.


Kenya is on great terms with Shereé. She wants to team up with Shereé for a PSA about domestic violence. Remember, they’re both survivors of domestic abuse. Shereé is all about the idea, but the National Coalition of Domestic Violence got to Shereé first, so she’s not sure she can do both. In the meantime, Shereé decided she is going to invite Kim Zolciak to NeNe’s party. The gag is, NeNe doesn’t know she’s coming. There’s no saying how NeNe will react when she sees Kim, and you already know how Kenya and Kim will probably react when they see each other.


Cynthia is into Will, and Will is into Cynthia. However, he’s not into the gossip blogs that are writing about him (hey Will!). Anyway, he’s willing to overlook it because he is all about Cynthia. As a matter of fact, he’s ready to check out Lake Bailey! Will basically invited himself over. Cynthia didn’t mind though. She promised to make him dinner at her place one night.

Get it Cynthia!


It’s time for NeNe’s Girls and Gays Never Forget All White Party Seafood Soiree. Yes honey, the name is long but the party looks good.


NeNe was shocked to see Kim, but she wasn’t mad at it. Everyone was sitting together, including Kenya and Kim. It’s been nearly a year since they last saw each other, and it didn’t go too well. Marlo congratulates Kenya on her marriage and asked when she is going to meet him like the rest of the girls. Shereé spoke up and announced that no one here has met Kenya’s husband. That’s when Kim chimes in and said that no one will ever meet him because he isn’t real. Kim knows those are fighting words. Kenya asked her what her problem was and to worry about her own husband. Kim was like my husband is real. Kenya was quick with it and exclaimed, is he as real as your hair?

In Kenya’s mind, Kim is obsessed with her. Kenya told her to worry about the daughter she pimps out for John Legend tickets. “See who’s d*** she’ll suck for John Legend tickets!”


When you come for a Mama’s child, the Mama will come for you. Kim went for Kenya, and the rest will be continued next week.

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