By Joanne Rosa

If there isn’t a party at the end of a RHOA episode, was there really an episode at all? This time, it’s Shereé’s turn to host.

Porsha figured out by now that the one consistent thing in her life is her family. She and Lauren are starting a new business venture together. They want to open up their own hair salon. There are a ton of salons in Atlanta, and she thinks it will do well because her name will be on it. They want the salon open in three months, but realistically it won’t be open for nine months or more.

Lauren showed her true feelings about the salon. Basically, Lauren thinks she does a lot for the salon and gets paid what a little sister gets paid, instead of a reasonable wage. Lauren feels under appreciated, and said she will leave Porsha and just go out on the street with her daughter if Porsha continues her ways.

Meanwhile, Shereé is throwing a 70s themed birthday party for her mom Thelma’s 70th birthday! Shereé’s party planner Tiffany is getting everything in order except, she isn’t doing a great job.

Shereé has a list of complaints and Tiffany is late to help set up. Shereé is keeping it as cool as she can, and we’ll vouch that Shereé is being nice, but that isn’t enough for Tiffany. After being late, she sends Shereé a text saying that due to the unfortunate tension between them, the situation at hand is no longer in line with her business practice. She decided to no longer attend the party, and gave Shereé the address to pick up table linens.

Thelma’s 70s theme 70th birthday party went on, and she was workin’ her 70s look. Shereé pulled it all together in time, without any additional help from Tiffany.

Cynthia is still living her best single life by going on dates. This time, it’s with a tall cup of chocolate milk named Will. Cynthia decided that’s she’s never seriously dated, so she’s just gonna be a dater for a while! Although, she is slightly concerned with how smooth Will is. To keep herself in check, she is going to assume that Will is sleeping with other women.

NeNe’s Mama bear ways haven’t changed, and we respect it. She’s been a Mom since she was 21. Their son Brent has come a long way, but he’s grown now. Cynthia stopped by NeNe’s for some girl chat. NeNe confided in her about when her hubby Greg went to the hospital.

NeNe is usually the one that is away from the house, so she didn’t sleep well when she had to be alone. Greg is still in the hospital, and NeNe is scared out of her mind at the mere thought of living life without Greg by her side.

We love Kandi’s ability to hustle. She has XSCAPE, Kandi Factory, and the OLG restaurant. Now, she’s in the process of finding a new personal assistant. Everyone was talkin about Porsha. Remember, last week she claimed she couldn’t afford tickets in first class to Africa, and that she has a medical condition where she needs to keep her feet elevated. Well, Kandi said she got her plane ticket for $5,000. That’s less than what Porsha claimed the first class ticket cost!

While Kenya is normally all about her little yorkie King, she was not pleased with him today. He peed on her wedding dress! Shady doggy was trying to send a message.

Kenya and Marc see each other every weekend, and they’re in the process of meshing their lives together.

There’s not too much going on in Atlanta this week. Listen, Kim Zolciak is dropping in next week to stir the pot. You’re gonna want some snacks for this, darling!

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