American Music Awards

2017 American Music Awards - Show

The American Music Awards were on last night. Christina Aguilera did a Whitney Houston tribute in honor of the 25th anniversary of “The Bodyguard” and reaction was mixed. People thought Pink was throwing shade by the look on her face, but Pink clapped back saying:

2017 American Music Awards - Show

Later in the show, Pink performed off the side of a hotel, and Diana Ross received the lifetime achievement award.

2017 American Music Awards - Show

She brought the house down with her performance, and her eight year old grandson stole the show!

Jennifer Hudson and Fiancé Split

2016 March of Dimes Celebration of Babies

Jennifer Hudson and her fiancé David Otunga have broken up after almost 10 years. Jennifer got a restraining order against David and police are investigating him for domestic battery. Jen claims his behavior was increasingly threatening. He allegedly left a gun on the kitchen counter to intimidate her. David reportedly suspected Jen was secretly dating her producer Mali Music, which she denies.

David reportedly called their son and told him to record what was happening in the studio. David claims he was just angry at the moment that she had David Jr. at the studio until 12:30am on a school night. When she got home, he allegedly pushed her in front of their son, although David denies this happened. Jennifer got an “order of protection” to remove David from home.

Now they’re fighting over custody of their eight year old son David Jr.

David claims he’s the primary caregiver while Jen “pursues her career all over the world.” Jen says she’s “solely responsible for making major decisions” for their son. David alleges Jennifer is using “order of protection” to get full custody of their son.


DeWayne Rogers | Monami Entertainment | Bravo

DeWayne Rogers | Monami Entertainment | Bravo

XSCAPE was on last night, and the ladies met with producer Jermaine Dupri to confront him about giving their music to producers who are making an unauthorized movie on them. XSCAPE was Jermaine’s first group, and he owns the rights to all their music. The ladies are angry he gave away their music instead of calling them to make their own movie. When everything was said and done, Jermaine agreed to pull the music to save for them to use.

Meek Mill Out of Solitary Confinement

Good news for Meek Mill! Meek was freed from solitary confinement and moved to another prison in Pennsylvania. He’s now in general population and has his own cell.

Tyrese Gets Joint Custody of Daughter

Friday was not a win for me, it is a win for our daughter, Shayla. Who unfortunately has been exposed to tension, private and public embarrassment and growing up and feeling torn between 2 parents who are no longer married…… It is a win because she gets to spend equal time with both of her parents in joint legal custody while she continues to grow in a happy and healthy environment – this has always been and will continue to be my priority. I hope all of the fathers feel encouraged by this cause if was the real “Fathers” out there who reached out and kept me encouraged along the way and for that I can’t thank you enough… – For 10 years I have been the best father I could be, all while quietly being on the receiving end of constant toxic false accusations by the mother of my child. And of course all the while being thrusted into unexpected social media storms all while trying to fight for my career and stay afloat financially. Today I am proud that the courts have put an end to Norma’s toxic nonsense, declaring that NONE of her accusations for the last 10 years against me are credible. I did not break any laws; I did not harass anyone; and most important I never engaged in violent or abusive behavior. The physical and emotional violence that Norma publicly accused of were all false and ruled to have no merit, no evidence, and was unsubstantiated in a court of law. I am forever indebted to my attorney Terry Ross who brought my truth to light in supporting me, my wife Samantha and my daughter Shayla and my team who wanted nothing more than for this 10 year nightmare of false claims and accusations to end……. God delivered on his promise that if I stand on my truth and don’t bend he will show up for me – Today is the first day of the rest of my life with MY FAMILY, my FRIENDS, my fans and supporters and my business associates and of course my immediate TEAM – God bless you….. broken but I will heal from this go there now please!!!!! Google #ParentingAlianation and #PathologicalEnmeshment

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Tyrese’s hearing went well. The judge awarded him joint custody of his daughter Shayla on Friday. The judge also denied his ex Norma a permanent restraining order. TMZ caught him with his daughter. Tyrese apologized to the Smiths again and blamed it on the drugs, but he didn’t apologize to The Rock.